Thursday, June 05, 2014


“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;
 they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

05.29.14 Library clean

Our library got out of control during Christmas when I used it to store gifts to wrap & wrapping paper & everything involved with that.  Then it just became the room to throw everything else in too...
& it was a mess.
I got it all cleaned up - nothing on the floor, dusted the shelves, my reading chair all cleaned up next to the window.  It's my beautiful room again.
Now, if I could only find time to spend in there.

05.30.14 Veggie Option

We went to O'Charley's & I usually get sides & a side salad (They have the BEST apple cider vinaigrette dressing - EVER) ... but I happened to look & they had a new black bean burger.
OH.MY.GOSH! It was delish.
Avocado on it, with pico de gallo, cheese, tomato, on a wheat bun.
Ricky wanted to go back the next day so he could get one himself.
I told the waitress I wanted to hug her when I saw a vegetarian option.

05.31.14 Peach Green Tea & a good book

I hardly get a lot of time where I can sit down for awhile & just enjoy a book...
have actually been missing that (remember my first picture)
So I am VERY thankful that I had the time to do it on Saturday
... a good book & a good drink helps...
I would have stayed in my book room, but add on a beautiful day & I have to sit outside

06.01.14 Handmade Postcard

I got this in the mail... a handmade post card from a fellow blog friend.
I love it.  First of all, because its a fun surprise in the mail.... something that doesn't happen often anymore... & second, she actually drew & painted it.  I could frame it & have an original piece of art in my house now too.  

06.02.14 Windy Day

I was going out at lunch to meet Ricky, but parking became an issue & I couldn't meet up with him.
So I ended up going somewhere else & had a 'car lunch'... I thought it was going to be a hot & humid day...
& it turned out to be a cloudy day & the wind was blowing the whole time 
so with windows down, it was just such a wonderful lunch.

06.03.14 Hair Day

Yes, you'll probably see this same "Thankful" every 6 weeks,
but I am truly thankful every time I come out with straight hair, that smells like a scent from heaven
... glad I got this picture. I went home & worked out & the sweat frizzed it right up.

06.04.14 Missed Spills

I never like to keep my camera around anywhere that things can spill on it. I'm actually very paranoid about my cameras.  & I'm linking up tomorrow for a cool Friday post (come back & check it out) so I had my camera with me & sit it down for just a second.... & wouldn't you know, I spill my sparkling water.
But luckily, the can went the other direction & spilled away from the camera.
And I jerked my camera up so no damage was done.
If it got wet, I would have cried like a baby
... for days....weeks...

What are you thankful for this week?


So I'm joining an awesome lady in a link up on Finding Beauty tomorrow
... so look through some of your pictures that you've taken this week
 - on your phone - on your camera

& come back tomorrow & link up with us
See what others find Beautiful this week! :)


Carly Blogs Here said...

I learned the hard way never to leave any liquids next to my laptop-- last year a few days before my wedding I spilled an entire cup of ice water all over my laptop keyboard! I love handmade cards and things & that postcard is so creative! Also, I'm so jealous of your bookshelf!

Cathy said...

Such a pretty handmade card! Glad your camera didn't get wet. Looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow.

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

That postcard is so pretty!!! Your hair looks gorgeous in that last picture! Oh I would have cried for you. I am such a klutz I have to literally say things out loud like "Amanda move the liquid away from the electronics....this isn't going to end well".

RockinMom said...

Ohhhh I saw the picture of your library and instantly smiled. {Book love}.
I am also super paranoid about liquids around my camera.

MakeMeUpMia said...

How pretty is that postcard?! I love snail mail ;) Love your hair too!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Nothing like a fresh haircut and blowout! If I had unlimited money, I'd get that done three times a week (at least) - it just makes you feel like a million bucks! And I want to try this Dasani sparkling water, how have I never seen these before?!

Your Beauty Fix said...

Love black bean burgers! I wish I could make them at home :)

Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I just totally am picturing the spill in slow motion! haha

Heather said...

I LOVE snail mail and that postcard is gorgeous! What a beautiful surprise. :)