Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I've mentioned before how Bruno loves his "Piggy" ...

My little boy cant sleep without him. He wrestles with him & tosses him & then lays him down & licks him "Clean" (dont know how clean it is after years of this process) & then he sucks on the head or the nose of this stuff animal until he falls asleep.  You just say the word "Piggy" & Bruno knows exactly what you're talking about...

Well, I woke up one morning & saw THIS....

I gasped when I saw it - Bruno has had this thing since he was a puppy & while its worn & stuffing has come out, Bruno is pretty good about not tearing it up.  And none of the other dogs even come near it.  They'll sniff it & turn their nose up at it & walk away... again, can only imagine what they smell with YEARS of Bruno spit on it...

The stuffing is all out - the nose is shredded & look at the hand - its even tore off...

But then it was time for bed & Bruno was looking for his Piggy.  I hadnt had time to pull out the needle & thread & to see if I can save this thing.  My poor, sad, heart broken Bruno literally sat up on the bed for hours & whined & cried... It made me so sad for him... I literally had to hide the remains of Piggy until I can fix him because Bruno would sniff up high & know it was up on the chest...

I will fix it & give it back to him...& pray he doesnt tear him up again...

And then I thought, WOW... how many times does God give us things that we love - things to take care of.. Blessings...& we tear it to shreds - mess it up - make some big mistakes with these things he has given us...

& we hand it over to God & sit & whine & complain that its messed up... forgetting it was by our own hands...

But God is so gracious to "fix" things & give us new blessings... & He gives them to us that the probability that we're going to mess it up again...

But He's prepared to give us new blessings all over again... all because He loves us...

I've gotta go now... gotta make sure my Bruno knows I love him enough to take care of the needs I can provide for him...


  1. What a wonderful post! Praying blessings on the mending process!

  2. Great post! You come up with some of the best analogies! Love it.

  3. What a great post and excellent reminder. Something we all need to remember and often forget.

  4. Awww...poor Bruno! I feel his pain, as my Chicky's blankie is down to scraps. She won't even travel with it any more, but she still sleeps with it every night she's home.

    I'm sure Bruno was a much happier baby tonight at bedtime, eh?

  5. Poor little guy! They can be sooo human at times.

  6. Oh I love how our little furry babies have little babies of their own! Dozer was the same way, it was so fun.

    Give Bruno loves from me!

  7. First of all, I love how your puppy has his very own "lovey". That is just adorable!

    Great lesson, once again! Thank God for His unending patience with us!

  8. Aww...poor little Bruno! My Bella acts the same way when she's lost her favorite ball...she goes into a panic mode! I really loved the lesson you shared, as well...PRICELESS!

  9. Oh that sweet spoiled puppy ~~ wait, we are spoiled to huh? Heavenly Father doesn't have to bless us the way He does, but He does. He loves us beyond ourselves!! HALLELUJAH!!

    Great post ~~ love you girl,

  10. awww poor little guy!

    i love how you can turn this into a spiritual lesson. i never would have looked at this way.

    thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm picturing him all sad "crying" :-( but I know you'll make things right with your superb craft skills!

  12. What a sweet post! I love the lesson found in your story, so true!


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