Sunday, April 18, 2010

Project 365-14

I'm exhausted... a busy weekend... going to have a post on Women of Joy later in the week... but gotta show how this past week has gone... let's take a gander.

April 11 - Sunday - 10 miles baby!!!.... It was a beautiful day & I hit the pavement.  Knowing 13.1 is coming up soon, I got in 10 miles for my trek.... I was STIFF as anything at the end of the night...

April 12 - Monday - Small Group is just dizzying.... It was such a beautiful day & most of the girls couldnt make it for our group night, so the ones that did show, we headed over to the swing set & just talked... sometimes, just talking is a good thing....

April 13 Tuesday - Easter Candy 80% off.... Got a bag of M&M's for like 40 cents... the BIG bag of M&M's... I just love the cute little animal designs ... my favorite, of course, the lamb!

April 14 Wednesday - POP QUIZ... not really - but I loved that the kids in the youth were given a questionaire & they had to write on Sponge Bob place mats... they just looked so cute

April 15 Thursday - Tax Day = Homemade Nachos.... I love Nachos & the way to celebrate surviving it through Tax Day at work? By making some homemade nachos.  They were yummy - except I burnt my tongue on the first bite... ouchie!

April 16 Friday - Dont we look like Women of Joy?.... Oh yes we do!  Again, more will come on the weekend, but here I am with my cousins on both sides of me & some of the ladies from their church that I met during the conference.  Yes, the conference was fantastic...

April 17 Saturday - STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN... all I need to say!  I was up high so I couldnt rush the stage, (I know, I was disappointed too) but had a perfect view to look down.  Michael W. Smith performed too & was A-MAZ-ING... Such a wonderful night of worship...

My camera has been clicking away... & I have learned its NOT a good camera for the inside of dark conferences... sigh... but I wont let it steal away my JOY...but now, I'm exhausted..ready for this joy filled woman to get some rest... but not before I come & see how your Project 365's are going!

Happy Clickin' friends!


  1. Hey RJ,
    You are so cute!!! I love the M & M's and .40 ~~ that rocks!!

    Get some rest girly ~~ looking forward to hearing more about your weekend.

    Have a Blessed week,

  2. what a great week you had! Glad you enjoyed your women's conference too and still kinda jealous you saw both SCC & MWS! (hehe)

  3. ten go girl!! fav!

    what a wonderful way to end the week!!!

  4. those are some cute M&Ms ... even better when you can get them for 40 cents a bag... amazing!

  5. I'm thrilled for you that you've stuck with the running. I know that stiff feeling well!

    I saw SCC & MWS together in concert a year or so ago. Amazing. And yes, it was so beautifully worshipful. They each had a son there too.

    You are one active lady!

  6. what a fun week! congrats on the 10 miles, that is awesome! those nachos look so yummy! and what a fun concert!

  7. oh my gosh those homemade nachos look delicious! I want some right now!

  8. You go with your 10 miles...that is GREAT! And nachos is a fam fav here! What a fun weekend!

  9. You mean you drove 10 miles, right? :) Great job!!
    Those nachos look super yummy!!
    I think you usually look joyful, but maybe an extra glow, epecially on STC day!

  10. Amazing joy-filled week and
    amazing joy-filled woman!

  11. mmmm, nachos and M&Ms!

    {My word verification was "bughat" lol made me laugh}

  12. Awesome to hit 10 miles! I walked home from a friend's house about a mile away and realized that I need to walk more often. Sure, it was mostly up hill, but it shouldn't have left me that close to out of breath!

  13. SO impressed with your 10 miles.

    LOVE the M&M's.

    SCC ... he ROCKS!

  14. YOU are amazing! :) Beautiful photos too!

  15. I remember seeing MWS at Carowinds a million years ago. David Meese opened for him & I was in heaven LOL.

    I might have to look for those M&Ms for my hubby - he loves sheep right now.

    Now, after reading someone else's blog I decided I wanted pancakes. But not I think nachos would be good. I'm just SLIGHTLY suggestable LOL.

  16. Love the t-shirt!

    The nachos look yummy! I would need to run 10 just to eat them. :)

    Congrats on the 10 miles.

    Love the swing set picture - fun.

    SpongeBob - he's popular at my house.

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

  17. Yay for your ten miles, yummy nachos, and Women of Faith!

    I want one of those pedometers! Where did you get yours? Do you recommend it?

    Can't wait to hear about the conference!


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