Thursday, September 30, 2010

The "Knots"

My dad sent me this to me... & I loved it...

The "nots" of this world are hard... so may it bless you today as well

Dear God,

Please untie the "knots" that are in my mind,
my heart & my life.
Remove the have nots, the can nots & the do nots that I have in my mind.

Erase the will nots, may nots, might nots that may find a home in my heart.

Release me from the could nots, would nots & should nots that obstruct my life.

And most of all, Dear God, I ask that you remove from my mind, my heart & my life all the "AM NOTS" that I have allowed to hold me back, especially the thought that I am not good enough.


I especially love that last part...

I was listening to a message by Pastor Steven Furtick & he said "Who told you that you werent worthy?  Who told you you couldnt do something?" ... He went onto to stress that whoever told you you were NOT worthy, its a lie...

You are completely worthy... of so many things that God has entrusted you with...

So for one day at least, lets try & get rid of the "nots" in our lives...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reaction to Blood

(I had the privilege of giving a communion message on Sunday... someone suggested I post it here for others as here ya go)

Do you have a child that is a daredevil?  A grandchild that has no fear?  Are you like that?  Me - No, I'm afraid of most things... but my husband doesnt a lot of fear in him.  He was also the child who grew up with bruises, gashes, cuts on him constantly. 

One of the stories I hear from him is about a big "dirt clod" battle (never heard of dirt clod?  me either...) - but he fell down a hill & hit his face on a metal peg causing him to bleed pretty well.  So he ran home to have his mom tell him to "Go to Sylvia"... Ricky's mother is a fantastic woman... she just couldnt deal with blood.  I met Sylvia a few years back & she told me stories of always seeing a "Bloody Ricky" quite often at her door.  She would fix him up, make sure he's OK & send him home.

Two different reactions to blood....

So I asked some people through the week how they reacted to blood.  Got the normal responses:  I get faint... The smell gets to me... I call 911 .... A nurse told me that she finds the area that is bleeding, apply pressure, resolve to stop the bleeding & then proceed to call for help (Such a precise way to handle it)... & the best is from a 5 yr old who just said, "I yell for mommy"

Lots of reactions, but they basically come down to two things - running away or going to the situation...

Then you look & the Bible mentions "blood" over 400 times... so does God want us to get a reaction?

I mean, we see the Nile was turned into blood by Moses's staff...we see that people put blood on their doors in trust during the Passover... we see animal sacrifices yearly for the atoment of sins ... we see a woman who bled for 12 years reaching out for healing... any reactions?

But then we also see Jesus bleeding from his brow like sweat.... we see Jesus refer to blood during the last meal he had with his disciples - "This is my blood of the new covenant shed for the forgivness of sins".... we see the silver that Judas threw back after betraying Jesus was called "blood money" .... we see Pilate washing his hands saying "I'm innocent of this man's blood" .... we see Jesus hanging on a cross & he was pierced & water & blood flowed from him...

Does the blood of Jesus give you a reaction?

I know for me, when we talk about Jesus' blood - its just so precious...

And do those two reactions still apply?  I think they do... because people will either run or go...

Run because they dont want to have to admit that they are sinners that are in need of a Savior...

Or they'll go to him... but the opposite applies... because YOU arent going to him to fix him... He will Fix you... heal you... cover your sins with forgiveness through his blood.

So what is your reaction when you think of Jesus' blood?

"Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered" -Psalm 32:1

Monday, September 27, 2010

There is actually a 3 paddle!!!

So, the thing is, I'm addicted to Dancing with the Stars... should have my own set of paddles - but instead of judging, I get to live-blog it... so welcome, sit back & relive Week 2!!!

8:00 - "Last week your votes & the judges Hasseled the Hoff right out of the ballroom"... Its Monday & we're LLIIIIVVEEEEEEEE....

8:03 - Tonight, the stars will be taking on the Quick Step or the Jive ...

8:04 - "I get mistaken for Len all the time" -Rick Fox ... taking on the Jive tonight...which should be interesting with those long 7 foot legs

8:05 -"One thing Larry Bird told me as a rookie is 'Pros play hurt' - I gotta find a way to push through" -  Rick's tendon in his foot was injured during his basketball career...

8:08 - "If you can dance a jive, & you just did, you sir, are a contender" -Len ...(Oh yeah baby!!!!)

8:10 - I'm totally distracted by that horrible dress Brooke has one... it has napkin folds on the boobs.  Who thought that was flattering?

8:15 - "I want to be thought of as a contender, not as the 76 yr old who can actually walk" -Mrs. Brady Florence Henderson

8:16 - last week, we got Mrs. Brady cursing - this week, she's flipping the finger... everybody has a dark side, right?  Who knew dancing would bring it out of her.

8:20 - "I think there is another reality show coming with Len & Florence" -Tom.... I'd watch that!

8:26 - "Maks & I dont always see eye to eye" -Brandy... among cursing between the two.  The love-fest is over I guess in that dance hall...

8:28 - Brandy does some sort of Pussy Cat shake your booty solo... umm... is that the jive?  I though the jive was high knees & quick kicks & pointed toes - not shimmy & rump shaking....

8:30 - "Last week you took a step forward, this week you took a step back" -Len ... In which Brandy totally throws Maks under the bus... these two are going to kill each other...

8:37 - "I was terrified that our 2nd dance was the jive... but encouraged that it was to 'Aint nothing but a Hound Dog'"-Michael Bolton ... in which Chelsie is saying she's going to have him crawl out of a dog house on the stage?  Because you know how much Len loves props... (What are you thinking Chelsie?)

8:38 - Did Chelsie just let it slip that Michael Bolton was the 2nd from the bottom last week?  They didnt tell during eliminations... now we know, he may have a chance of going this week...

8:39 - I cant believe she actually had Michael Bolton crawling on his hands & knees out of a dog house... that's sad...

8:40 - Um... he was just standing there... not moving... Bye Bye Mr. Bolton... bye bye

8:41 "I think it needed a pooper scooper to finish it off" -Len

8:42 - Bruno holding up a 3 paddle... OUCH... The crowd is booing...again, OUCH!

8:48 "If you're just turning in, you just missed Len lecturing Bruno on how to be nicer... which I'm sure is a sign of the apocolypse" -Tom

8:49 - "I'm sacrificing everything for this show" -Audrina... we find out, by "sacrifice" - she's not seeing her boyfriend as much... um... ok...

8:52 - "The show pony is turning into Secretariat" -Bruno .... she really did look beautiful.  Any girl that can jump & down with her stomach exposed, she just made me jealous.

8:54 - They just showed a clip where Tony said, "If we dont land 3 "8's" - I'll wax my legs".... (come on, like he doesnt already?)... Carrie Ann - 8.... Len - 8... Bruno - 7!!!!!  There you go buddy... warm up the wax!  "I want to apologize to my wife" -Tony

8:55 - "We're going to hear Tony yell KELLY CLARKSON later" -Tom

9:00 - Brad Womack is back as the Bachelor... is the world so desperate of single men, we have to re-use the Bachelors?

9:01 - "We have to amp up the jive, without killing Jennifer" -Derek ... Jennifer Grey had neck surgery that doesnt allow for a lot of tricks... & not killing her would be nice...

9:03 - "That was WICKED" -Bruno... as Jennifer & Derek are on the ground getting their critiques... she really looked fantastic!  (I'm rooting for a Jennifer/Rick Fox finale!)

9:06 - Guess commentator Sarah Palin... who wont say she likes anybody because "Bristol the Pistol" hasnt danced yet... ahh, such a good mom!

9:07 - "Everyone used hand sanitizer after talking to me last week because they wanted to wash the LOSER off" - Margaret Cho.... (this may be my favorite statement of the night)

9:08 - "My goal is to show people I dont have to make jokes about myself - I can actually dance" - YES!  That's why I was shocked last week!  Show 'em Margaret!

9:22 - "Kyle & I made a deal that he wont be eating any fast food during the show" -Lacy... while Kyle Massey tells the camera behind her back he's already had 2 burgers... I love this kid!

9:23 - "If I dont mess up, it'll be the coolest, hippest, sexiest quick step of the night" ... "I need a burger" -Kyle

9:25 - "There's something about you... if you've got it, flaunt it, & you flaunt it!" -Carrie Ann

9:32 - "I've been booed by thousands of people before... one old guy from England, I can handle that" -Kurt Warner on last week's comments by Len

9:34 - "You remind me of that crazy uncle at a wedding that gets to much to drink & is all crazy" -Carrie Ann ...all the judges liked Kurt this week... I loved that he pretty much lip synced the whole song "Danger Zone" from Top Gun... who doesnt love a Kenny Loggins throw back?

9:42 -"You're like Miaygi with that thing" -The Situation to Karina as she pulls out a big stick to teach him the Quick Step

9:43 - "I'm actually enjoying kicking The Situations' a** - I dont think a lot of girls get to do that" -Karina

9:46 - "Thank you for not doing the fist pumps" -Carrie Ann .... "you're a little pigeon toed" ... didnt Carrie Ann see that on "The Soup" ... Joel McHale already pointed that out....

9:53 - We get to see Sarah Palin ask Mark - "How did she do that" & attempt to shimmy with a noise like "woo-woo-woo" ... ahh, I love Sarah Palin!  She's such a proud mom!!!

9:56 - "You remind me of Kelly Osbourne - there is something vulnerable & endearing" -Carrie Ann ...I completely agree...

9:57 - I love that Mark's dad grabbed him & kissed him when they came in the room... ahhh....

The leader is Jennifer Grey again... & the botton is Mr. Bolton ... bye bye Mr. Bolton... I'm not sure all the calls in the world can save him...

What did you think?  Was Lacy's dress with all that tulle the most hideous dress ever?  Did Audrina's remind you exactly of Melissa Rycroft's first dance dress?  Are you starting to pull a little bit for Bristol?  And is Rick Fox even MORE handsome this week then last? 

Let's talk some dancing folks!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project 365-33

Another week...

Sunday - Yarn always makes me happy.... A gentleman from church came up to me & handed me a bag & said, "My daughter said to give this away to someone who likes yarn - she didnt need it" - & he said he instantly thought of me.  YIPEE!  Yarn makes me happy... its such a fun color purple - I think it'll make perfect scarves for my nieces.

Monday - Goodbye Old Blog Design... I was so excited about my new look... but had to take a picture to remember what the old look was... Feels funny looking at it again...

Tuesdeay - Day at the Salon ... I was so tired, I was dozing off under the hair dryer & then the head rub - ahhh - a little piece of heaven..

Wednesday - Board Meeting Day.... This is what I get to do on Board Meeting days - get all the Financials together for the President, VP's & branch managers... it seems like I get done with one month & the next one is just a few days away...

Thursday - Vet Visits are torture... my poor Buffy... she was freaking out.  Here we are in the waiting room. She kept going in circles trying to trick her way back to the front door.  No one claimed her to be stupid...

Friday - Two New Visitors ... Here are my Fur-Nephews that are spending the week with me.  I was anxious to see how my dogs would take to these two - especially because we only have one male & these two are boys... but everyone got along just fine & its been a dog-fesitval in our back yard... & a race to see who can get on the couch with me... I literally had one hand on Sydney - the other hand on Tommie - one foot on Charlie & one foot on Bruno... wow... I felt like an octopus!

Saturday - Love the smell of grated soap... time to fill up the laundry detergent again ... had to make my fabric softner as well - so it was a clean smell drifting through my kitchen this morning...

Another week gone by... I cant believe next week is going into October... wow...just wow!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... I'm tired... I need a dose of Fragging to pep me up...
Its Fall... the time of color & beauty & coolness... IN DREAM LAND!!!!  Not where I live!!!!  Its my favorite time of the year because of the cool nights & the beautiful colors & now, everything is just beige... dry... dying... It was even 100 degrees yesterday & in the high 90's today!!  I expect a tumbleweed to cross my yard anyday now.  I have to check my GPS to make sure I'm still at my house & not in Arizona...


Bye bye Mr. David Hasselhoff ... hoping "The Situation" will be following you next....

Calling all of those who are searching for the perfect mascara!!!  I think I have tried every stinking brand on the block... & something is always wrong with it - it wears off early, it smudges an hour after I have it on, it clumps - ladies, you all know what I'm talking about.  The wonderful world of blogs & Twitter led my blog buddy Lianna to tell me about Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  She actually sells Mary Kay & said she swore by it.  So when a sale came along, she emailed me & told me I should give it a try... Can I tell you something?  I ... AM... IN....LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!  Honestly, she wasnt playing any mascara-mind-games with me because it really is the best I've ever tried.  I put it on during the morning, after work & even going for sweaty faced runs, it still looks great!  I actually surprise myself when I look in the mirror at the end of the night when I'm taking a shower & see that my eyes still look like they have mascara on them... Stop by Lianna's blog if you want to give it a try...I aint playing no mascara-mind-games either! (how's that for a wonderful grammer sentence?)


We had to take Buffy to the vet last night because she's been limping so badly - come to find out - she has severe arthritis in her feet... we were then told she needs to loose 25 lbs!  DO WHAT?  We were told a few months back too that Bruno needs to look about 15 lbs!  OK - I need Jillian in my house for a "Biggest Loser Doggie Edition"


Disadvantage of living in the country = No sidewalks!!!!
I want to take my dogs for nice walks but living on a hilly, country road, its not possible...
If you have a side walk - be thankful...
In the wise words of Cinderella, you dont know what you got till its gone
(All my 80's hair band friends are now totally singing that song!)


We're getting visitors this week... 2 more doggies!!!!!  We're going to be dog sitting this week so its going to take our dog count up to 6.... yes... 6 dogs running around our house.  If you dont hear from me during the week, call for help - the dogs have offiically taken over!

(This will totally be me)

My knitting sister-friend Lynn sent me an email with this picture & a big WHY????????

Hmmm... I had no answer...for her...
Can you imagine what those will look like when they drop down the leg ... because you know nothing stays up on a leg like that... you'd have a ton of pom poms around your ankle... there's a look for you!

I dont know why this picture makes me laugh...Because being sick is not funny... I hate it...But I also hate roller coasters...

I just love the reaction from the people around this poor man... the guy in the background who is leaning to the side so he doesnt get hit... the man behind the puker who is just like "OHHHHHH" ... or the poor soul who has his hands up thinking thats going to save him .  Sadly, I think the people behind got the brunt of the spewing... look at the motion of it!  (Why am I infuatiated with this picture where I dissect it?)

I have to wonder too... did they buy the picture as a memory?

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday  (... with no vomiting involved)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What we're missing...

The other day I saw a video on my bloggy buddy Gretta's blog...

This video was showing an "experiment" that some people wanted to do.  They taped one hundred $1.00 bills on a tree.  They wanted to see how people would react.  What happened isnt what they originally thought would happen...

You have to watch it to look at these people who just walk not noticing the tree, with cash hanging off of it,  at all...

There are people who glance at it & then still just walk right by it...

There are also ones who see it, look at it, even take pictures with the tree & laugh & make phone calls & then still, just walk away...

The person that gets me the most is the man who sees the one bill on the ground & he rides over it on his bike to stop it from blowing & he picks up the bill & bikes away... not once - NOT ONCE, does he look up!  More right above his head & he doesnt even see it!!!!

This fun little experiment was a wake up call for me ...

How much do I walk right by in life?  The blessings that God puts in my path that I just simply dont see?

Or worse, like the man on the bike - do I get a blessing & only walk away with a small portion of what God is wanting me to have?

What are we not noticing in our lives? ... What are we missing? ...

May God open our eyes to see all the Blessings He has given us...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel Pretty - oh so pretty....

I'm talking about my blog... I feel so pretty - so fresh - so new!!!

And you all have already been so sweet on compliments - Thank You! 

I was so nervous about doing a change - but I've been blogging since 2007 & getting ready to hit my 1,000 post so I had been thinking of a new face for this blog-o-mine.  But when it comes to anything computer related, I'm pretty much clueless - & then I happened to run across my bloggy buddy over at Ladybug Blessings & she got a new look.... & it was FAB! (Go ahead & look ... & keep in mind, she has a cute little puppy "Pancake" that got incorporated in her header drawing)

So Sweet Designs

So I contacted the lovely lady at So Sweet Designs & it was like bada-bam, bada-boom & I have a new blog!

Seriously - it was so simple... I just filled out a questionaire on what I want - colors, what I like, (Hello, knitting!) simple easy questions & then it was like a few hours, I had samples in my email!!!  Then in a few days, the whole thing was complete!

I'm not even joking - it was so simple & Noor was so kind with any changes I wanted... it was a dream experience!

I just wanted to post this for any of you thinking of a change - the prices are unbelievably reasonable!!!  The service is so professional & in the end, you'll feel so pretty... trust me! :)

If anything - go visit So Sweet Designs to just look at her other designs - & see all the "Freebies" that are offered as well... some tips for blogger, which for the computer dorks like me, are like gold!

So what kinda look would you want if you changed?  I HAD to have a knitter... what would you HAVE to have? .... & by the way, I like myself in cartoon format more then real life :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Season 11 ... Here we go!!!

Season 11 - can you believe it?  I'm ready, excited, got my Diet Coke handy ... & a new look to kick off the night  on my blog (more on that later) , but as of now, we're LLIIIVVVEEEEEEE

8:00 - "Lets wait no more.  For the first time this season, lets bring out our brand new stars!"

8:01 - one minute in... we have our first trip down the steps provided by Margaret Cho

8:03 - ".... and THE HOFF"

8:03 - "I'm best known as the fun, loving, party girl of The Hills" (sorry - didnt watch it - she's just another face to me)

8:04 - "We're the first ones out there so I set the bar high because everyone else will be judged against us" - Tony

8:05 - Cha Cha to "California Girls" ... corny from the start... gotta love DWTS!

8:07 - "Audrina, you look like a beautiful show pony who looks like you need to be pushed to the limits to be put into shape" - Bruno is back with his first comment

8:13 - "I'm a loving husband & father of 7 kids" - Kurt Warner

8:14 - "Emmit set the bar... I've got big shoes to fill"

8:16 - dance ends with a kiss... to his wife...

8:16 - "You're a graceful quarterback - a natural ... I see great potential" -Bruno

8:17 - "I can only please one person a night, & you missed it" -Len as he hammers Kurt - & panning the camera to his little girl who looks like Len kicked her puppy.

8:24 - Kyle Massey & a BLOND Lacy... hold up, that's a big change....

8:25 - "Were you just staring at my boobs? -Lacy

8:27 - Disney Kid can DAAANNNCEEE!!!!  ... the crowd goes wild!

8:28 -  "You are officially my first crush on Season 11" - Carrie Ann

8:34 - Rick Fox ... the stud ... the most gorgeous man there... lifting a prayer that he can dance before I see any moves he makes

8:35 - Cheryl had to special order shoes with higher heels for this tall drink of smooth man :)

8:37 - THANK YOU LORD... He can dance.... Oh man... I'm in love... (BTW - Ricky is sitting here listening to my fawning over Rick Fox & he's just laughing at me - he's handling my crush very well)

8:45 - Margaret Cho... love Drop Dead Diva!!!!

8:46 - "You're doing it like you're sitting in the bathroom doing #2" - Louis

8:46 - Uh oh - someone told her she was fat & she never danced since... I will now root for her... I love an underdog "IN YOUR FACE" story!!!

8:48 - a little warddrobe manlfunction for Margaret...

8:49 - "Margaret - what the HECK (not heck) was THAT?" - Bruno "I actually think you could dance & you're pushing it too far, too soon"

8:57 - Brandy & Maks... Maks telling how he's going to be the "good boy" this year... we'll see

8:58 - she was beautiful... but is there any doubt about an R&B singer - she's going to be the Nicole of this year.  And hello - remember "Cinderella" - the girl is already about ball room dancing...

9:00 - "It was fabulous" - Len

9:01 - Bristol Palin ... what we've been waiting on...

9:02 - "She's only in the public eye because of her mom..." -Mark

9:05 - "That was a very acceptable performance for week 1" -Len

9:05 - Bristol did look beautiful in her red dress & with her hair down... my money is still on her for being the first out

9:06 - MY EYES ... MY EYES... why did Florence Henderson just raise her shirt?????

9:12 - We learn if you write something down in a journal 50 times, it can come true... just ask Mrs. Brady

9:13 - "I expected Florence to be very subdued - but she's actually kinda funky" ... who knew!

9:13 - Florence is a cursing sailor... who knew (AGAIN!!!)

9:15 - "You've still got it" - Bruno ... you do have to give it to her - she looks great for her age.

9:22 - "I'm best known for my raspy voice" - Michael Bolton ... um... I'm thinking he's most known for that horrible mullet he had...

9:23 - I want a posture bar myself to work on a straight back...

9:25 - "You need to smile" -Carrie Ann ... he really did look nervous & tense

9:31 - He's only had 5 days to train because he was filming "The Jersey Shore" ... let's see what The Situation is all about

9:31 - "What can you say about someone who looks like Rambo with his shirt off" - yes, he seriously just said this

9:34 - "If I get stuck on live TV - I'll just do the Hammer or The Running Man" ... appropriate with the 80's hair shaving he has going on...

9:35 - "I'm in an awkward situation Situation" -Len

9:35 - "You're going to look like a jack*** if you continue acting like that" - Bruno ... oh snap!!!

9:42 - "you probably know me best as "Baby" - Jennifer Grey

9:43 - "These Arms of Mine" .... can I say, that was my favorite song in Dirty Dancing... You all know the scene its in... oh yeah... I can remember playing that song over & over on my ALBUM - yes, ALBUM! of the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack & the MORE Dirty Dancing soundtrack...

9:44 - "....& now he's gone" ... OK - listening to her talking about Patrick Swayze has me in tears...

9:46 - "Some things get better with age -  I think you are one of them" -Carrie Ann

9:52 - KIM JOHNSON is back!!! I love her!! (Sorry Auburnchick)

9:53 - "The first time I laid eyes on Kim, I said.... magic!" - The HOFF

9:54 - "Sex Bomb" ... wow... who picked that song?

9:55 - "You reminded me of the offspring of Donnie Osmond & Jerry Springer" - Carrie Ann "You dance more with your mouth then with your body"
"Its never too early to panic" -Len

9:57 - "Who doesnt love The Hoff?" -Kim

9:59 - At the top of the leader board is Jennifer & the botton is a 3 way tie with Margaret, The Hoff & The Situation" ...I'm thinking if you have "THE" in your name, you're bound to have trouble in life...

So who are you early favs?  I will stick by Rick Fox till the end... stating that right now.  I LOVED Kyle Massey tonight... & Jennifer Grey made me cry... but it looks like its going to be a good year!  Who do you think is going to be the one to take the shame of the first one voted off?

 ... ahhh, its good to be back...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project 365-32

Sunday - What do you see? .... during the communion message, we were told to hold our communion cup & look & see if you could see a reflection.  I had to laugh because when I looked down, I saw a smiley face... I know everyone had to be wondering what I was doing pulling out my camera during communion... but hello - I'm a blogger, its what I do... (Do you see the smiley face?)  It made my communion a lot happier!

Monday - I love Walgreens .... had to stop in for some stuff for Buffy's ear... & ended up picking up some Sour Patch Kids for the girls small group... & then found the KISS notebooks!!! Knew that would make Ricky's day.  Walgreens is literally the only store I pass on my way home (& its 10 miles away from home)  so I do love my local Walgreens....

Tuesday - SKYPE makes me happy .... because I get to see our Texas family & those beautiful grandbabies!!!  See Isaac?  Holding Spiderman?  Yep - he knows when he sees his Pappy, he's gotta show him their love for Spiderman is still something they both have... I love it when he brings books to the camera.  Luke is still the smiley baby & just grinned the whole time on the camera...if only they could invent HUGS via technology!

Wednesday - Jimmy Johns will now get all my lunch money.... I had to run to the post office & was trying to figure out what to have for lunch - when I happened to drive down the road & see a new OPEN sign!  Jimmy Johns .... cue the Heavens opening & the angels singing!  I love their potato chips & their bread.  This is my favorite sandwich with cucumbers & alfalfa spouts with guacamole... yummmm!!! Oh yeah - they gave me a frequent customer card... Yes, I'll be a frequent customer!

Thursday - Let me see what this is about.... I keep hearing all about this series of books & ended up getting them in the mail Thursday.  I cant wait to read them for myself so I can join in all the conversations about these books...

Friday - Wife Swap Game .... a few weeks ago, a friend left a comment on Facebook about Wife Swap.  I happened to be watching so I commented back - then another friend commented... next thing we knew - we were all commenting back & forth the whole show ... & it was hilarious.  Just dissecting the crazy things they say on this show was HILARIOUS!  So we had to do it again on Friday... & now, we look forward to the insanity of Wife Swap... it doesnt take much to make a Friday night for us!

Saturday - Yeah - it goes by in a blur.... I did get to meet up with my friends from high school... & I was a total slacker ... no pictures!  How do I - the person who takes pictures of communion, not take pictures of friends I havent seen in 20 years?  Blame it on all the conversation - blame it on the INCREDIBLE food (Julie - we have to go there when you're up) - blame it on the dessert (Julie - we REALLY have to go there when you're up) - I didnt think anything of my camera...but on the way home, my GPS took me right past my high school... I pulled my camera out then (yeah, I remember my camera when I'm driving 75 mph, but not in the company of friends???) - but I just thought it was so appropriate that this picture is just a blur going by... 20 years since I was in this building & it felt like yesterday....

We're heading into October & I know there is so much going to happen - so I've got to make sure the cameraS are charged & ready to go...

Hope you all have moments worthy of capturing during the next week....