Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 4

Busy, cold, snowy... just a preview of my week... let's take a gander

Sunday - Jan 16 - Color Look A Like.... This is Jordan... This is Jordan in color book form!  Her mother is our Children's Minister at our church & she was helping her mom by coloring in some pictures that were being used for a story in a future lesson.  This little girl was transformed from a plain little girl to a mini-Jordan look alike - complete with a stripped shirt, as Jordan is wearing... & the dark highlights in the air!  Isnt it adorable?

Monday - Jan 17 - Yep... still there... (this picture says it all)...

Tuesday - Jan 18 - Oh, do NOT microwave!!!! .... Ricky was looking for something sweet when he remembered there was some hot fudge in the fridge.  He wanted to warm it up & put on a banana... sounds like a good idea... until we saw SPARKS FLYING from the microwave!!!!!!!!!!  I just started screaming - didnt move - just screamed.... Ricky flew to action by running to the microwave.  You can see where the packet was on fire!!!!  And then I take this picture & then crack up because neither one of us even noticed the warning that right across the front... wow...

Wednesday - Jan 19 - Lesson on Prayer... Here's what my notes look like when I give a lesson to the youth group, which I did this Wednesday.  Kicking off a new series on prayer.  Its always so humbling & a lesson to myself when I am able to teach & learn... such an amazing challenge that blesses in return.

Thursday - Jan 20 - SNOW SNOW SNOOOOOWWWWW!!!!! .... We got 6 more inches of snow... & I'm sick of it!!!!  It was so amazingly cold & the snow just kept falling.  We got out of work 2 hours early because the roads were getting bad.  No running for me outside this day...

Friday - Jan 21 - You CAN go home again!!! .... I went to my parents house to spend the night since we had a early wake up call the next day.  I always love going to my parents house - my old home.  Some people say its weird to go back... not for me... its just like the word says - HOME!  Getting to spend time with my parents, getting to just relax... its wonderful.  This is actually my brother's old room that has been trasnformed for the twins.  The girls said I could stay in their bed... as long as I didnt pee in it! ;) I made no promises!

Saturday - Jan 22 - The surgery that wasn't.... We got up at 4:00 am - headed to the hospital at 4:45 am - got there & got dad registered & settled in for his back surgery at 6:30 am.  Everything was ready to go... UNTIL they ran an EKG & it came back with some weird results.  Dad was unhooked & we were walking out of the hospital at 8:30 am.... Dad has to go get checked & cleared by a cardiologist & then, we'll try this all over again... talk about a crazy morning...

Hope your weeks have been click-worthy  & full of wonderful moments to capture...


  1. The cartoon/colored picture is so cool & I have no words to say about the tree, except that you are a much better woman than I would be in your situation.

    Hugs & love,

  2. so funny about the fudge!!! I am sure that I would not have seen the warning either and would assume it could be microwaved!!!

    I love going home too. I just wish I could do it more often.

  3. Love your subtle hint about the Christmas tree. And the story about the fudge topping, that gave me a good giggle. I have a friend who would sit around and scream too, and wave her hands, do you wave your hands? :)

    Home again, home again, sometimes such a dream!

  4. I don't care how old you are, there's no place like home! Hope you didn't pee in the bed so you can use it next time! :D
    Hope your dad's cardiologist clears him for surgery...will be sending up prayers.

  5. Blogged by from Sara's...You are right...there is no place like home! I always loved going back to my parents house (we actually lived there for about 9 months a few years ago while we were in limbo about moving cross country). And that so would have happened at my house as well, microwaving the hot fudge pack I mean!! (I live with 3 boys! lol) Hope you have a good week!

  6. You and Ricky are such a hoot - I love hearing about your weeks. I thought about you as I read the comics this mornings - I'll have to email you the one that made me think, "Rebecca Jo!" Heh.

  7. Hahaha. Ricky cracks me up with hot fudge and Christmas tree antics. I think he's leaving it up just to bug you....just sayin' :)

    Hope your dad is okay. I'll be praying for your dad.

    Love you friend,

  8. My son put a fork in the microwave once... just once...

  9. I hope he leaves the tree up! It looks great and you can decorate it for every holiday! :)

  10. Jordan is too cute, love her hair!

    Praying your daddy is ok!

    And also that y'all get that dang tree down soon!!!! LOL

  11. Ok RJ,
    When I first viewed this on my "Pod" and since I can't see so good on that little screen, I didn't even notice your Bible Study book and Bible on your bed at your sweet mama and daddy's. So I had to come over and give you a big smile =0) and hug ((((())))) for that. Sweet girl!!! You know I love ya!!

    Have a Beautiful and Blessed day,

  12. I love your dog on the sofa and wht he was thinking! :) Please keep us posted about your dad and his visit with the cardiologist. Praying for encouraging news!

  13. Great week!

    I hope they get all the issues with your dad figured out, having to do all that again ... whew makes me tired just thinking about, but he is lucky to have you there to help him through it!

  14. I really pray and hope all goes well with you Dad. Love the pictures and stories.. Have a wonderful week..

  15. This was a pretty cool post! I like the way that you went down your week and put a highlight from the days. Anyhow, Love your blog! It is so pretty and pink and I love that you are a Christian as am I. It is always good to be able to read something about God anywhere that you go because it helps to keep you inspired and at times can help you to keep on keeping on! :o)

  16. We had snow too and I'm also tired of it but we aren't lucky enough to have things close down... kids aren't happy with that fact! LOL.

    I hope all goes well with your dad.

  17. Dying laughing over you screaming at the microwave!!!! I so would do the same thing.

    Praying for your daddy! (still)


  18. I'm slow getting around, but I really enjoyed your week in photos.
    The snow scene reminded me of my view here sitting at my kitchen counter looking out the window. But I love the snow. Well, except driving in it. I was planning to go to my mother's today, but not sure...
    You are so right, teaching others teaches and humbles us. We are the winners!
    I totally understand and agree with your priorities, the Christmas tree can wait.
    'See' ya' soon.


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