Monday, August 15, 2011

the life in knitting....

So I mentioned in my Project 365 that I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. 

When I knew these two were getting married, I instantly knew I was going to knit a blanket for them.  For a few reasons.... Ryan's mom was my best buddy & we were knitting-sisters.  We used to have so much fun going yarn shopping, looking at patterns, sitting & knitting & talking & laughing for hours on end.  And I knew she would have knitted her son a blanket for a wedding present if she were still here.  I wanted to take that task on for her. 

I also wanted to do it because I just plain love them... these two are just perfection together & I wanted to give them something that I created with my own hands.

I actually started on this blanket at the end of December.  Bought some yarn, didnt like the color & ended up going & buying more yarn.  12 skeins to be exact.  And I end up using every last bit of it as well.  This blanket took me over 6 months to the end, it fits a queen size bed.

When Chasity pulled it out of the box though, it was just so neat to me to see it in her hands.

Afterall, that blanket went with me in the hospital when my dad was having tests on the tumors in his back & I sat in the waiting room with my mom & uncle waiting for the doctor to come out....

That blanket was with me at birthdays & Fathers Day & Mothers Day - time celebrating with my family.

That blanket has been in my hands many times when my nieces have asked me when I'm going to be done with it so I can work on their teddy bears they want so badly.

That blanket was in my hands while I sat at the bed side of my grandfather in Hospice, waiting for his long life to come to an end....

That blanket was in my hands on days I was lazy & just wanted to sit on my couch... on days I was sick... on nights I couldnt sleep... on mornings that I had a few minutes before I had to walk out the door...

So when Chasity held up that blanket, I just saw my life in it... the times that have gone on in my life for the past few months...

...& then to see it in her hands - at the beginning of a new marriage - I think of the life that it's going to go through with the two of them... the new home it will go in, the new life these two will create together, the years of snuggling in it, even a new family down the road, family members joining to get warm with it.

So much more life to see...


  1. RJ ~ You are the best girl! Not only is that blanket amazingly gorgeous, beautifully handcrafted and uber-special but this post speaks the love and meaning behind it so eloquently. You are one amazing chick!

  2. Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes to read this, you can just feel the emotion and love that you not only put into the blanket but into this post as well!

  3. Lovely for their new life together, lovely as you look back on your time with it.

    Handmade gifts. Wow!

  4. That is beautiful! Sometimes I wish I could knit as well as crochet but I just can't work two needles for some reason...haha...Beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness that is absolutely amazing!! What a sweet and special gift!! That is what I love about knitting!! One of these days I am going to knit something that special too!!

  6. RJ, I sure hope that Chasity is reading this and realizes how much "life" and energy you put into making this gift. Honestly, most people would have stopped by Sears on the way to the Bridal Shower to pick up a gift. And by most, I mean me.
    This is a gift to be treasured forever!!!!!! Is that enough exclamation points?
    Seeing it makes me wish for two things. One, that I was allowed to get married, to the one I love, in PA and two, that you were my neighbor.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Beautiful post, Rebecca. That's the beauty of being a loving crafter; when you pour all that love into a gift, the receiver gets to keep it all and then some! I wish the happy couple many blessings, and hope they realize that that blanket is so much more than just a wedding gift.

  8. From what I know of you, you won't be one to boast to Chasity where you've been with this blanket. But I'm with Mark. I hope that someone who knows someone is able to point her to this post so that she sees what this blanket has "seen". :)


  9. Absolutely beatiful and Stephanie would be so thankful for all of your long hours and honoring her in this. I am sure Ryan and Chasity will love it for years to come. What a lovely and selfless gift. You are amazing women.

  10. I know Stephanie would be so proud that you did this for her son and new daughter in law. What a sweet sweet friend you are.

    So amazing to think of all that you went through while knitting that blanket and all the prayers I know you prayed while knitting. So powerful and special!

  11. Oh Rebecca...I had already seen this on FB, but hearing your story behind it...oh my. I cannot help but think of the love that you and Stephanie had for each other as BFFs, and the love that you continue to pour out on her children. What a wonderful friend you are!!

  12. This. This is why knitting is so special, and I'm so glad I could share that with you, and that you get it too. This was the most beautiful post, it brought tears to my eyes. This is why I can't keep anything I knit. I always want to share it with someone else.

  13. it's a beautiful blanket. i wish i had talent like that.


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