Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

I'm going on a little over 4 hours sleep today...
what day is it? ... what time is it? ... can I go to bed yet?
No... not yet... so I'll frag to try & stay awake...

Its Friday the 13th...
I dont normally care or give it a second thought....
But this morning, I pull into McDonalds for breakfast at 5:50 am
(My kitchen is EM-PTY... I was desperate)
No one is there at 5:50 am - right?
So then, why did they JACK UP my order so badly?
I asked for a Egg McMuffin with NO CANADIAN BACON & an unsweet tea.
My egg mcmuffin had a slap of SAUSAGE on it (...gag...)
& my tea was SWEET...
Might as well put a straw in a container of syrup.
I couldnt even drink it
You mess with my food?
Gotta be Friday the 13th curse...


Its back!!!!
& we have a guy from Louisville, Kentucky on there!

I just want to know his secret on keeping his hair this straight....
humidity in the area is killer & my hair looks like a finger went in a light bulb as soon as I step outside...
I'll root for the local guy
... until he does something stupid...


Speaking of which
...does anyone watch ... or even care about...
The Glass House?
What night does that even come on???
Those poor people inside have no idea that no one cares - do they?


Steven Tyler is not coming back to American Idol?
I dont care if Jennifer Lopez is or not...

... I think I'm over the show now anyways...

Its my turn to teach in Youth Ministry this weekend
... when its my turn, if someone sees me driving, please know that I'm not insane

I'll practice my lesson everytime I'm driving
so it looks like I'm totally having this crazy deep talk
... with myself...

Look at our Bruno...
We had taken his "Piggy" away from him because its falling apart
but I said the word PIGGY & he was freaking out, running everywhere looking for it
... so we gave it back to him...
(Look at those big ears!!!)
He cleans its head & sucks on the top like a pacifier
He did that to this poor animal's beak ....until it came off
... I still need to sew up the torn places...(see the torn spot on the butt?)
This thing has GOTTA be full of germs

Found some new apps yesterday for my phone
One - from a friend - who told me of a cool editing tool... Aviary
Its nice - like that it cleans up skin & brightens teeth
You can also download free stickers for pictures with it

..I also found a Gas App that shows the price of gas all around so you get the lowest price... its called Gas Buddy

... & a Notepad app (Color Note) where you can jot down shopping lists, to do things & whatever you want to mark down... I'm all about notes

Any other good apps out there I need to know about?
Send 'em my way

Funny of the day
..& with our house being grocery-inept, I can totally use this line
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


I'm 40 years old
& I just learned to put my hair in a bun..

... a whole new world just opened up for me...


Spat of the week:  Down Comforter

We have a stand up revolving fan by the bed...
(not one of those round ones, but one of those long ones that stand 4 ft tall - like a building)
Well, its on the side that Ricky sleeps on
& he's also got an air vent on that side of the bed - so he's getting good air flow

His body blocks the fan from getting me
& the air vent on my side?
Sydney lays right OVER TOP of it
... she's no fool..
but she sure makes me hot since it cuts off all air from coming out

So Ricky has this HUGE down comforter he uses at night
Now, this is the blanket that I swear by when its winter because it holds the heat in so well
... when its 5 degrees outside...
So I'm constantly kicking it over on his side & its like a
on top of him

... even Bruno cant lay down with this massive blue heap around Ricky...
but Ricky loves it & needs it to sleep with

its like totally opposite of every idea of "hogging the blankets"

(haha... found this comic while looking up "hogging the blankets"...
our life kinda is like that)


Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. Laughing about the bun. I learned at the same age. My kids used to end the year with how-to speeches, and I had a little dancing girl (a truly professional bunhead) who demonstrated this on a friend.

    Ta da, my lesson!

    Sweet tea, ugh, makes me gag! And even though I do eat meat, I am not a fan of Canadian bacon. Bleah.

  2. Funny stuff. Love the dog comic. I'm so glad our dog doesn't sleep with us at night. Especially since if we knocked with our foot by accident, she'd attack us and that is a very rude awakening, let me tell you. haha

    My girls do the messy buns all the time, but I've never really tried a bun for me, although I think my hair is probably long enough now.

    Loving the cracka lackin' joke!

    Bruno is adorable!

  3. Loved the cracker cartoon. I'm not a fan of sweet tea (or any sweetened drink for that matter) ... give me my tea straight up ... ha! Not sure why no Canadian bacon = sausage. ???

  4. We've had to do the same thing with our dog. Breaks your heart to do it, but man alive--the nastiness of the dog of a pet parent! :)

  5. Oh man, give me the sweet tea! (I'm a Carolina Girl) I'm 29 and ALWAYS have my hair in a bun. So easy and with this heat, the best thing! I love ColorNote! And I really need to download Gas Buddy... Thanks for the reminder. I am also VERY excited Big Brother is back! yay! Happy Fragmenting!

  6. Buns are awesome! :) And love the spat.. sounds like a fun night for you =P

  7. Great FF post! I do hope you got a nap yesterday after just 4 hours of sleep.

    Shame on McDonald's. It's so aggravating when these fast food places get your order screwed up.

    Don't know anything about Big Brother or Glass House. I've heard that Adam Lambert is going to be one of the judges for the new season of American Idol. I don't think I'll be able to tolerate that, so may have to give it up.

    Loved the down comforter story.

    Happy weekend!


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