Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!  We made it!!!

Christmas decorating .... 98% finished
Waiting for Ricky to get in the depths of our storage area
& dig out our Pluto Christmas statue
& I've got to go find 2 little Christmas trees for our entertainment center
Almost there
...probably will be finished December 23rd...
Its going to be in the high 60's this weekend!!!!!
I know people want a White Christmas
but I'd be perfectly happy if it stayed in the 60's ALL of December
... & January... & February...
....& March....
25 days until LES MISERABLES!!!!
Speaking of Les Miz
Watching Scandal last night, I was like, "I know that guy"
The dude that plays Olivia Pope's new boyfriend?
He was Javert in the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables

So if you watch Scandal & see him ... know the dude can SING!
...& I actually mean SAAANNNGG...
(with attitude)
Anyone else love Scandal like I do?
Did you watch last night?
Did you FREAK OUT like I did?
I honestly think my husband is the HARDEST person to buy for...
Anything he wants for himself - he goes & buys
I told him, he's going to end up with a bunch of random stuff
like popcorn, or towels, or office supplies
.... just because...
I am now registered for 6 races
how did that happen?
my back best be getting better
The first race is December 22!!!
How does that work?
I'm pretty good at math but whenever we had to do word problems?
Forget it!
This is exactly how I felt on those math days in school....


So Ricky threw a pillow on the floor the other day for Buffy
... she hurt her leg & was limping...
its not like we have 10 dog beds around the house
... who needs carpet when you have dog beds to walk across...

But now?
We'll never be able to pick the pillow up

Every dog is laying on it!!!!!

(I know - awful picture, but it was taken at 6AM & Sydney was freaking out thinking I was going to pick up the pillow)

Most of the time, they use it just like a human
lay on the ground & prop their head on it.

So if you see pillows laying around my floor
I'm not lazy & not picking them up
I'm giving my dogs a happy life


Hope everyone has a FANTABULOUS Friday!!! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"I killed it"

Cross Country season is over...

I loved going & watching the twins run this year.  Their first year in a school team sport... hopefully not their last.

I loved standing on the sidelines cheering for these little kids.

They ate it up too.

I asked Sophia one time, "Did you hear me scream for you?"... Yes, she replied
"How did it make you feel"? ... she told me, "I liked it.  It made me want to run faster" really does.

Luckily, the girls are pretty good, so they were in the first batches of kids crossing that finish line.  Then they would head down through the "cattle line", as I called it, to get their rank number, take it to their coach & then off to their team tent, where popsicles were part of the reward. 

To a 2nd grader, popsicles are the equivilant of me receiving a medal.

I always would stay behind at the finish line...
I would keep cheering on these last kids.

I'm that kid...

When I run, I'm one of the last ones.  The sidelines are emptying out because everyone's loved ones have already crossed & no reason to stay to cheer the others on.  But even when there are a few people who are clapping for me, I'm like Sophia - it makes me want to run faster.

So I stay... & I cheer

& let me tell you - I think every.stinking.time  I would cry when the last child would cross.

Not because I felt bad for them, but because of their joy & excitement. 

They didnt care they were last.  They just knew they finished it.

One boy in particular really got me.

He was way behind.  I actually thought the last kid has come through, but saw that a man was standing down the way, looking over the hill.

Then this little trooper was chugging over & pumping those arms.

His dad started cheering him on & started running alongside him.  This father was in no shape to run either.  He was older, had a belly on him & had on work boots - not your sleek running type.  But the boy was going slow enough where the dad could hang with him.... & the dad just keep saying, "you can do it"

Other coaches & the timers saw this & everyone started cheering him into the finish.

When this little boy made it, I thought he would be a little sad - after all, there was no other kids around.  Everyone was celebrating with those popsicles.  Parents all went with their children.  There was maybe 20 people around the finish line.

To this kid, you would have thought it was like Times Square on New Years Eve...
his face lit up... & the cutest thing I've ever seen in my whole life happened...

He pumped his arm down, while kicking his leg up & looked up at his dad & said,
 "I killed it"...

...goodness gracious, I get teary thinking about it...

he was so proud of himself - didnt matter about anything else around him. 
Didnt matter his time
Didnt matter who was there

He just knew he finished... & he KILLED IT! :)

That little boy taught me something.

I'm going to try not to worry about the outside things... comparing myself to other.
I'm just going to focus on my race in life

I want my Heavenly Father to run next to me, cheering me on
I want in everything I do - to have the confidence of this little child
I want to have pride in all the things I do

& at the end of my life, I want to pump my arm in confidence & say too, "I killed it"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Wednesday... & I have a Dancing with the Stars hangover...
Worth it though... GO MELISSA! 
I was just glad Kelly didnt win
... I get grumpy when I have a TV hangover & the person I dont care for wins the whole thing

1.  Which do you prefer-pretty gift wrap with a bow or a pretty gift bag with/without a bow? What percentage of your holiday gifts are currently (as in right this very minute) wrapped in some form or fashion?

I like pretty wrapping... I just wish I could do it.

My wrapping starts out as wrapping, but the closer it gets to Christmas, the more I break out the bags & say, "Screw it"
... or I put things in bags that I cant find boxes for.
I refuse to wrap something if its a weird shape & not in a box.
It never turns out pretty.

Right now - my wrapping?  0% finished.
I'm going to have a wrapping party Saturday while the Hubs is at work.
& by party, I mean me dodging around dogs laying around my feet.

2. What is one item on your Christmas list this year?

To lose 25 lbs...
What?  Christmas miracles can happen - right?
Santa can do anything - RIGHT?

Honestly - I dont even have a list.  I havent given much though to what I want this year.  I'm blessed... have everything I need already.

That being said - I really want/NEED new running shoes, but know its not something anyone can go pick out for me. 
But Christmas miracles can happen - right?
Santa can do anything- RIGHT?

3.  What makes a home?

4 walls, a door & a roof
...that was an easy one...

4.  Motown founder Berry Gordy celebrates his birthday today...are you a fan of the Motown sound? If so who's your favorite Motown artist and/or song? Here's a list in case you're stuck

If its not Rap, I like it.... (Notice I didnt say COUNTRY?... you can thank the show Nashville for that)

I love all things Supreme... Diana Ross - the original Diva
Love all things Jackson 5... when Michael Jackson could get away with acting like a kid

But did anyone see #59 on the list... Lionel Richie "All Night Long"... isnt that an 80's song?  How is that on Motown list? I call "Motown Fail" on that!

But give props that #41 is "Super Freak" from Rick James!

5. Red or green...which one is more prevalent in your closet?
Both... I actually have a lot.. I mean A LOT...of green shirts/sweaters

But I do love red accessories.  Purses, shoes, scarves... I love red touches.

I blame Stacy & Clinton from "What Not to Wear"

6.  True or false-bacon makes it better? If you answered true, what's your favorite dish made with bacon?


Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

This is why I dont eat meat...

I actually started not eating pork first... why?  Because I saw a momma pig with her babies at the fair... & it was precious & sweet & my heart melted... I cant look at bacon the same now

7. Share a favorite holiday memory.
Which to pick?  So many great ones...

I think my favorite memories now are the memories of Christmas's spent with loved ones that have passed away... grandparents... friends...

When someone leaves this world, you appreciate the special moments of Holidays that you got to spend with them... makes those Holidays precious...

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I'm so excited on the stocking I found for Ricky this year...
Yep - that there is a KISS Paul Stanley stocking! :)
Next to my Belle stocking.... that picture right there describes the two of us perfectly :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I felt like Laura Ingalls....

So I know I'm 40 years old
41 actually in just a month....
& I should know these things...

But I had no idea you could make your own butter

...just by shaking a jar full of cream?

Are you kidding me?

So at Thanksgiving, Julie asked her boys if they wanted to make butter.

I'm thinking, "what is this?  A version of Little House & she was going to send them out to a shed to a churner?"


Julie poured the cream in the jar & the boys started fighting over who would shake it first.

Then it got a little tougher so Julie took it over

I couldnt believe what was happening...
she showed it to me

It would turn to like a whipped cream sort of texture...
then the liquid started seperating

& then it got tougher so Ricky took over the shaking...

& in the end... you actually get BUTTER!!!!

I dont get how it starts out as white cream & then the liquid seperates (which Julie freezes for buttermilk biscuits) & then it turns YELLOW...

how did I not know this?
how does it EVEN make sense that it happens?
White to yellow...
my mind is blown!!!

What else do I not know?

Any secret tips on how to shake a jar to get chocolate?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Wrapup... full of pictures

Instead of a Weekend Wrapup, we'll do a Thanksgiving Wrapup...
Be warned... you're going to see lots of pictures...

* Packed & ready to go at 7:00am to head to Nashville

* We usually stop for breakfast... then realized half way down the road - its Thanksgiving!!! Most things are closed!!!  GASP!  I panic at the thought of no food.  But God Bless Cracker Barrel.  They were open all day. And all you South Folk know that there's a Cracker Barrel every 2 exits - so I took a breather

(Reading the sales ad in Cracker Barrel)
* We found the nicest gas station... it seriously had a grocery store in it!  & a Subway & any sort of coffee or drink you could ever want.  I didnt write down that exit number!  Gotta find it again! (I think its in Bowling Green)

* Pull into Julie's Driveway & see a little Blond haired boy waiting on us... ahhh - worth the car sickness

* While Julie was finishing cooking, we headed out to enjoy the warm day... it was almost 70 degrees... BEAUTIFUL!!!
*The boys got to enjoy their first time of jumping in leaves

* It never gets old to jump on Pappy....

* When you get tired of jumping in leaves, the next thing is to put on Super Hero costumes.  I need to remember to take my Belle dress next time so I can join in.

(Pappy getting his hands chopped off by Captain America's shield)
Spiderman saying "Hang Loose"
* The kitchen at Thanksgiving smell should be a Yankee Candle smell

* Aren't Julie & Darlene cute in their aprons? 

* Thanksgiving dinner = 1,001 carbs for me... & that's on the light side.  Worth every bite.  I was so stuffed myself, I was perfectly happy & content without any turkey. 

* We wont talk about the amount of butter in this dinner.  Julie & Paula Dean have to be distant cousins :)

* We were so miserable after eating, we took a walk... which turned into more of a hike.  It burned the calories.

* Julie invited her friend that she works with.  She's from China & wasnt familiar with a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner.  She was so adorable.... we need to invite her to all the American traditions... like celebrating Steven Curtis Chapman's birthday.  (Doesnt everyone do that?)

(There's Yen in her winter coat... at first we were like, "Its 70 degrees" - but by the time we headed back to the car, we were freezing & she was comfy... whose the smart one now?)

* This path is the coolest... its right across the river from the Opry Hotel/Mall & on the water is the General Jackson... then it led us to a bridge that crossed the river... Super Cool!!!

* After that hike, pie was well deserved

* Everyone had full bellies & was beat... even the dog... my grandPug crawled on my lap & fell fast asleep... cozy


* Yep... that clock is right... 1:21 AM & Ricky & I were walking out the door to go shopping

* Thank goodness for GPS in a town where you have no idea where stores are at... & even then, it wasnt right.  So Thank God for people who help you at the gas station at 1:30 am that give you RIGHT directions.

* Lines at Best Buy are never fast on Black Friday

* Got exactly what we headed out for... worth the morning wake up call

* We waited longer in line for breakfast then in the line at Best Buy

* Got back to the house at 5:30am & went back to sleep for 3 hours

*... only to go out & shop MORE!!!

Old Navy line.

* we accidentally cut the line in Old Navy... Julie said, "we're getting looks".. I'm thinking, "I've been shopping since 1:30am - I'll poke someone in the eye if they give me grief"... I just kept a pleasant smile on my face & no one said anything.  Whew... that was a close one.

* Strollers are AWESOME bag carriers

* The middle kiosk people in the Opry Mills Mall are the pushiest people I've ever experienced in my life

* When we were leaving, I thought a smack down demolition derby was going to happen... 3 - THREE - cars were waiting for our parking place.  One literally drove around the other & sat side by side... we were afraid to pull out

* Home for left overs before we headed out again

* We were entertained by Isaac who was showed us he can sing "Amazing Grace"... my heart melted

* Quick trip to Target while the boys slept

* Back home & back out again... to Gaylord Opryland

* Goodness gracious sakes alive... that place needs some directions posted somewhere.  We walked for hours around there, not ever sure where we were going

* The tree was MASSIVE inside...

* Steve said he was scared to death Luke was going to pull one ornament & the whole thing was toppling down

*  We were blown away... there was a guy changing out the ATM in the midst of HUNDREDS of people walking by him & he had all this cash, in bundles, laying right in the floor, all around him.  It had to be a trap... "What would you do?" filming?  Because it was crazy.  Someone could have just picked it up & ran into the crowd without a second thought.  They must be trusting people in Nashville

* Brrrr... cold... but we headed outside to see the Nativity scene... its all white.  I bet its beautiful when it snows

* Thawed out at home & Ricky gave the boys some toys for being so good

* The cutest statement of the weekend, from Isaac - "Pappy, you HAVE to stop buying us toys... we're running out of places to put them"... this from a 5 yr old child.  How cute is that?


* Got up early to head home... the boys were still playing with their toy from the night before & they had exciting plans with mommy & daddy... so it was a good exit.  Plus, Julie sent me on my way with a Coconut Chai for the road. YUM!

So I have to say, it was pretty fantastic Thanksgiving.

The only downer, that number on the scale this morning... YAWWZZAAA!!! Even all that walking didnt win in the battle with the butter.  Drats!  This week looks like it will be extra miles on the treadmill!!!

Cant wait to venture into Blog Land & check out your Thanksgiving pics & posts! 
Now onto Christmas!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Elbows & shin kicking!!!

No Friday Fragments today...

because I'm probably in the middle of a elbow, hair pulling, shin kicking fight...

or what we call...

Actually, I go for the fun of it...

I like to sit back & watch everyone ELSE get crazy...

I'll only get crazy if provoked...
... done provoke me...

But Ricky & I have always headed out, not really in a rush, not really after anything special, but just out to enjoy the atmosphere

... & usually every year, we end up getting some deals anyways.

So wish us luck...

I need to get out & walk off some Thanksgiving weight anyways today...

whew!  How do pants get this tight in one day?

I'll be back with lots of Thanksgiving pictures!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today, I am ready to chow down...

Nope - not on Turkey...

But on anything that is carb loaded...

give me some mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mac & cheese, dumplings

Anything that is a carb?  I'll be perfectly happy...

Especially if its topped off with any kind of pie :)

Bring on the elastic pants!

(Anyone else remember that from "Friends" where Joey would wear his elastic pants?  Were they maternity pants?)

Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving

There is much to be Thankful for!!!

Rejoice always, pray continually, give THANKS in ALL circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


1. Turkey-love it or leave it? White meat or dark? What's your favorite thing to make using leftover turkey?

None - thankyouverymuch...

I quit eating red meat almost 2 years ago & this year, I've given up the good ole white meat.  So somewhere, there is a turkey running around, & he's giving me a smile & holding a sign that says, "Thanks for letting me live another day"

you're welcome Mr. Turkey

2. Gotta burn off all those carbs the day after a holiday feast so which would you rather do-run a 10K or climb a mountain?

10K!!! That's actually my favorite distance.  Long enough for a challenge, but not exhausting. 

That being said - you wont see me doing a 10K on Thanksgiving...
My belly will be too full of pie.

3. Do you feel like social networking has made your relationships better or worse? Explain

Depends which relationships you're talking about...

I will say, its done wonders for my Professional Relationships... with being able to post my pictures on Social Media & friends of friends see those pictures, I've been very blessed in word of mouth advertising. 

I also think it makes my relationship with Steven Curtis Chapman a lot closer.  I can see his tweets & his family's instragram pictures.  Its like we're really best friends now :)

4.  How do you find and express gratitude for the hard things in your life?

I dont think its hard to find the hard things in life... they're always there...

Its all about attitude...
remembering that those hard things?  It can ALWAYS be worse... ALWAYS!!!

5.  In the US, the day after Thanksgiving has been dubbed 'Black Friday'. Is most of your holiday shopping done live and in person, or is it done more through the magic of the Internet? How do you feel about stores opening at midnight Thanksgiving night? Will you be out amongst the masses on Friday?
I think, like everything else, we have screwed this up.

Who thought it was great to move it to midnight?
Or even on THURSDAY now?

I always felt like it was a good enough challenge to get up at 4:00am & venture out, but these poor people who have to work now have to leave their families on Thanksgiving, or go to bed early so they can be at work at midnight.

I think that is so wrong...

But I'll be out Friday...
& I wont blame the workers for being grumpy either

6.  Speaking of the color black-which black item in your wardrobe would you say is your favorite?

In my wardrobe?  I have a thing for green or grey right now...

7.  What do you appreciate about your life today?

Today?  I appreciate that I'm off of work!  YAHOOOO!!!!!!!

8.  Insert your own random thought here

No thought....
Just a cute picture of Isaac as an Indian...
(See - this is why social media is good... I just snag it off of his mom's FB page...easy peasy)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Regret as a tool...

(This is an example I used in my lesson from Sunday)

Everyone knows what a chain saw is - right?

I know what it is, but I cant pick one up... ever feel how heavy those things are?

But its a tool... something that can be used in two different ways...

First - the good way....
we know what this is.

We see it when people are struggling - when storms come through.  We're seeing it with people in New York after Hurricane Sandy.

A few years back, we got Hurricane winds from Hurricane Isaac... I've never in my life experienced Hurricane winds in Indiana before.  We're in Indiana!  No where close to an ocean... but the winds were CRAY-CRAY!!!  Trees were cracking like tooth picks - wires were wiping around like those stupid blow up people that are usually on car lots.  It was nuts.

We actually were at church when the winds came through... & we didnt know how we were going to get home.  There were trees EVERYWHERE... especially in the middle of the street, blocking paths.

Before you knew it, men were sprouting out of corners with their chain saws... chopping these trees into pieces that were removed & cleared out the path.... amazing to see people work together like that.

now - let's look at how a chain saw is NOT used for good.

Can I say?  these parents are AWESOME!!!!

But back to tools...

So we know there is  good way to use things & a bad way to use things...

Well, we know we all have regrets... things in our lives that we wish we could do over again... do differently.

But God is so cool...

We see over & over again with people in the Bible - people messed up...
& we see over & over again how God still used those people!

God doesnt want us to sit in those regrets.
He wants to REDEEM us... He wants us to go forward...

& He'll use every bit of our lives to do it... even the regrets

Especially the regrets!

Because we can use it just like that chainsaw...
we can help clear the path for others

We can help others not make the same mistakes we have made
We can help them down a cleaner path that isnt so full of obstacles

God never wants you to sit in regret...
He never wants you to look back & wish "if only" where it leaves you afraid & heartbroken

He wants to use you & your life ...
Always to help each other...

"Dont be afraid, I've redeemed you!
  I've called your name. You're mine!"
 ~God (Isaiah 43)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Wrapup


* The Hubs met me at the grocery store so we could take advantage of the Starbucks Buy one, Get one drink... oops... I ended up grocery shopping a little longer then I thought & we got to the counter at 5:17 ... missed the deal by 17 minutes! DANG IT!

* Caught up on Arrow... (LOVE this show)... but I barely could keep my eyes open - I was exhausted

* I'm officially old... I was in bed, falling asleep by 9:30

* The dogs were barking & I had to get up to get Bruno outside... I thought the night was half way over... it was only 10:30... yep, again, I'm officially old. 


* Woke up at this time... guess when you go to bed as early as I did, its OK.  But I still hate on a weekend to wake up to dark skies & a time with the hour anything before 7

* Why is there nothing on TV early except infomercials?  That's irritating...

* We made it "Bone Day" for the dogs.  We passed them out to all the dogs (I'm paranoid & we keep count of the bones & where they're at all times... Once they get down to about 75%, we take them away - no choking!!!).... Zoe takes it as a game & if any of the other dogs turn away for a second, she runs & gets theirs & takes it to the bed.  I guess its her "home base"

* Photo Session!!!  I've been really blessed with great weather this year... November & it was sunny & beautiful.  Shame that one of the kids just was feeling bad.  It was an adventure - let me tell you!  Chasity's sister came with us & helped carry equipment... I told her that a sick 2 yr old throwing a tantrum is the best birth control she'll ever have.  She totally agreed.

* Met up with Ricky... ran into a store & while checking out, I saw this movie cover...

Yep - knitting a guitar... & found out its a documentary... I had to get it... I cant wait to watch it now... look how fun this looks! :)

* Went out to eat ... it was awful... & expensive... I hate dinners like that.

* Getting ready to head home & I said, "let's go to Sears & look at their Christmas trees"... I'm so glad we did!  Found a PERFECT one!  The height we wanted, the lights look good, & its one of those rotating ones!!!  (Ricky's been wanting one of those forever) ... the cool thing?  It is originally $259.99... but it had a sign on it for $129.99 - I got to the check out & it rang up $259.99 - HOLD UP... they looked at the sign & that was an "Early Bird" deal.  Now, it was 7:00 - why is that sign still up?  But the manager there had even helped us decide which tree to get & she didnt tell us that price was wrong, so they went ahead & gave it to us for the $129.99!  SCORE!!!!!!

(Waiting for our Christmas Tree to come out from the stock room)

* Got home & just wanted to take my shower & go to bed.. & that's what I did... another bed time before 10:00... Yep...Old


* Up early again...

* I was up to teach in the Youth Group... loved my message... I'm sure I'll be sharing some of it - it was on being REDEEMED... my favorite topic!!!

* Headed out to Home Depot to get a new toilet seat.. (if you read last week's post, you know why) & a new light for the kitchen.  Shame that I'll be going out today to get a new light for the kitchen after work.  This light is glaring white.  I hate our kitchen light so much - I cant even describe the hatred I feel for it.

* Target!  More Christmas shopping done

* we FINALLY made it to Starbucks for the special.... but why, oh why, did I get a LARGE Salted Carmel Frappachino?  My body was buzzing the whole night

* Back to church to teach the Senior High... Everyone told me it was probably my best message.  I really felt God working in it... it was a nice message to end Thrive on.  Yep - this is the last Sunday night service we are having.  They're combining classes so it will all be on Sunday morning.  Which is nice to not have my Sunday so chopped up - but it was bittersweet all sitting together afterwards eating pizza for the last time.

* PICTURE TIME!  Get to work editing pictures... while watching SISTER WIVES!  Its BACK!!!  This show just blows my mind.  Ricky said he can only handle one wife - it stresses him out to even begin to think of 4! 

* After all the nights of going to bed early - that Starbucks did me in... I couldnt go to sleep until after midnight... aint that the way it goes?

Back to it... Monday ahead...of a short week!  YIPEE!!!