Thursday, July 18, 2013

What were you doing 49 years ago?

What were you doing 49 years ago today?


I wasn't alive...

But I know what 2 people were doing this day 49 years ago...


A big Happy 49th Anniversary to my parents! ... my mom got my dad a 50 ft water hose for his gift, just in case they didn't make it to their 50th next year... ahh, the romance <3  My parents are the most awesomest parents ever! <3 Here they are a year into their marriage when my brother came along.  So young!.... Love you momma & daddy! <3 .. & Yes I know I used an excessive amount of hearts here, but we're talking 49 years of marriage <3
here they are a year into the marriage when my brother came along... they knew they didn't get it quite right, so they had one more child & knew they couldn't do any better then that :)
Oh yeahhhhh!!!! :)

Yep... my Momma & Daddy are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today!


Neil Patrick Harris makes anything better to celebrate

I need to get a picture of my momma in her wedding gown.  Beautiful.

I used to look at their wedding album over & over again when I was growing up.

I even tried on my mom's wedding dress when I was getting married.  It had yellowed, but was still a beautiful dress...

49 years together... wow....

Yippie! Yay!
Because I will use this picture over & over... its the best...

Let's look back to 1964

Tickets to a movie was $1.25

Postage stamps $0.05

Loaf of bread $0.21 (are you kidding me?)

Gallon of gas $0.30 cents ... this is getting depressing

The most powerful earthquake in US History hits Alaska at 9.2

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize

The first Ford Mustang from Ford is made

US Surgeon General reports that smoking MAY lead to lung cancer.... they were up on things back then...

Washing DC Residents are able to vote in a presidential election for the first time... you mean they weren't allowed before?  Isn't that in America?... I'm confused

Cassius Clay wins World Heavyweight championship

The Boston Stranger is captured

Average House Price is $3,360 ... that is the price of my 3rd car...

Two awesome people went to the chapel & got married.... YEAHHHHH!!!!!

Happy Amy
I hope my mom did this dance at the reception

So let's give a big SHOUT OUT to my parents...


Next up... the big 5-0!!!!


  1. Happy anniversary!! I was a mere babe (4 months old) so I'm sure I wouldn't have been at the wedding. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!!

    Another thing that happened is I turned 7 years old. :)

  3. A very Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad!

  4. Oh, your mom was, and is, so beautiful! You look so much like her!

  5. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I was two weeks away from 12!


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