Monday, August 12, 2013

the weekend where we're getting hamburgers every day for our dog...

* Our children's Ministry time for "The Backyard" again... I am not even kidding when I say, as an adult, I have the best time... its just plain funny!  Not to mention, I get to have some amazing conversations with kiddos.  My topic of conversation for the night? Debating why Sleeping Beauty is a good princess.  Also doing English accents from Downton Abby with a 9 yr old... she was pretty good..

On the right, Mr. Bobby being a 'ninja' - I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt

* Slept in on Saturday... I haven't slept that long in awhile.. it felt like heaven...

* It was humid so I stuck to the treadmill for my run.  I ended up watching an informercial on Montel William's "Health Master" ... I got off the treadmill wanting to order one instantly.  I refrained knowing they'll be in stores soon & I can get a 30% off at Kohl's ...

* Loving on our Buffy... she's getting so bad... not wanting to eat, getting so skinny... I'm afraid she's not going to be around for much longer... breaks my heart...

* Headed to a photo session.  I was glad for the cloud cover... but not for the rain that came.  Luckily, this couple was so easy going, they didn't even flinch about it & kept on going with smiles.  They honestly made the whole session turn out fantastically even in the midst of yucky...

Thank you Photoshop... you'd never know but right here, it was actually dark clouds & RAINING on them :)

* Seems about right... as soon as we finished the session & drove home - the sun came out... & it cooled down...

* Headed out to get Buffy some McDonald's hamburgers... we'll do anything to keep her eating

* Got caught up on my Real Housewives of Orange County.... not going to miss Vicki's screams.. & then hear her say how she's in a good place in her life over & over

*Chuch had us 29 kids in class!!! & I know of at least 10 that were missing for the day.  LOVE IT!!!  Such amazing kids we get to spend time with every week.

* An awesome dude at out church put together a video with all the videos on our youth pastor's phone & pictures he took... I love it... this is how much fun our Merge Camp weekend went.... we miss it already..

* Went to pick up my glasses - couldn't deal with the progressives... so got one pair just plain reading glasses & the other with bifocals.  Right now, I'm sitting in the bifocals, trying to get adjusted to them.  I feel like my eyes have been through the Eye Olympics lately.

* Headed to Burger King for Buffy's meal for the night...

* Poor old girl - doesn't want to move... but say the words "out front" & "Ball" & she'll jolt up & limp out the door ... & bark until you throw the ball.  We won't throw it far so she doesn't have to exert herself so much, but you can see the life just shine in her when she wants to play...

When she stops wanting to play ball... we'll know she's ready to go

* Watched the CNN Special by Dr. Sanjay Gupta called "Weed" ... having friends that medical marijuana has made an amazing impact on their daughter, I wanted to watch.  They focused on a young child that has created the form of CDC that their daughter takes.  The before & after ... blows my mind...  It was very well done & informative.  I hope it takes some of the ignorance away for some people...

Here's the whole episode if you missed it & have time.. its pretty interesting really...


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Sorry to hear about the pups getting older. That is hard.

  2. It's so hard to watch our puppies grow older, isn't it? She looks like such a sweet dog.

  3. breaks my heart about your Buffy :-( I saw something a few weeks back w/Dr. Gupta - did you see the guy who couldn't speak and then within seconds of the marijuana he spoke like a normal person - amazing!

  4. Poor Buffy - and poor Rebecca & Rickey!

    I had to laugh - I couldn't read this at work because our internet filter said it was about marijuana. LOL

  5. I laughed hysterically at CH trying to get used to his new bifocals. Just 'cause I'm mean that way! :)

  6. Buffy looks like a great dog! That's good she still wants to play with the ball! Bet she loves those burgers too.


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