Thursday, January 09, 2014

52 weeks... 52 cards...

I mentioned at Christmas time how we don't send out Christmas cards...

First, because my husband loathes the camera like no one else ever has.  I have to either beg for a picture of him, which I hate to beg, or I have to sneak one... which usually isn't good Christmas card quality.

The second reason, its freaking EXPENSIVE any more to send out a bunch of cards at one time!  I'll go ahead & sound like an old bitty & say, "I remember when stamps were 25 cents!" ... I actually remember when they were cheaper then that, but don't want to date myself TOO much ;)

This is my favorite New Girl quote for days I feel old
... or when I come across MTV....

BUT... I loved getting cards this year...

I love getting cards any time actually...

I don't get THIS excited about mail though
...Harvey probably does....

throughout the year is always what is the best... just little surprises that pop up in your mail box..

& then yesterday, on the treadmill, something hit me. 

I'm going to try something for 2014....I want to send out a card at least once a week to someone.

& yes, I know we're already a few weeks in the year, but that's OK because I can triple up on the first delivery. 

I actually am leaving myself open to sending more then one person a card a week if need be... like for Valentine's Day, I like to send my twin nieces, & my G-boys cards... that's an easy 4...But I want to send at LEAST 52 cards this year...

I'm writing a list out of 52 empty blanks so I can keep track of who I'm sending them too... I'd love for it to be different every week.

I want to just surprise people... a note saying I'm thinking of them... a quick little laugh...

Oh... & I'll warn you... if you get a card from me... I like confetti... I usually stick it in there.  I don't know why I'm telling you because my favorite thing is when people open their cards & POOF - confetti will fall out...


but I've heard enough from people that say, "STOP WITH THE CONFETTI" because they have to clean it up...

I wont stop... but I'll warn you now :)

A card ain't a good card unless a clean up is needed....

I'm excited about this... the lost art of card sending...

Anyone want to join me?

& hey, if you want, email me your address... you never know when a card may be headed your way :)


  1. HaHa I LOVE confetti!! Especially in cards. My Auntie always does this. In fact, at Dak's graduation party (in 2011) he got to her card, and stopped and opened carefully saying he knew what was inside. Haha my auntie got the biggest kick out of that. and sure enough, graduation confetti. How fun is that?!!

    Love you sweet friend ~~ dawn

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  3. I mail out cards for every holiday and probably about 50 birthday cards each year plus anniversary, etc.

  4. That is awesome! I love getting cards and I bet most people do. Have fun!

  5. I mail my daughter a card a week when she is at college. She just loves the excitement of getting mail.

  6. I love this idea! Getting cards in the mail always makes me so happy even though I only ever get them from my great Aunt haha

  7. What a good idea!! I was just thinking about valentines day cards the other day and how I'm excited to send them to my girlfriends from college - we send them to each other every year :) good mail always makes me so happy!!

  8. The girls and I started sending cards out regularly this summer. I put several boxes of cards in a basket, along with pens and stamps to make it as easy as possible. No excuses! The basket sits in our kitchen. I LOVE LOVE confetti too. One time, years ago, I sent our pastor's daughter some mail (kids love mail) and added confetti and glitter. Her dad (my pastor) opened it before she got home and BAM! He was covered in glitter but tried to tell her he hadn't opened it. hahahaha BUSTED!

  9. Such a cute idea! I'm trying to get better with my written correspondence.

  10. What a fantastic idea! I love getting cards and I love sending them out...even though I'm not too great with being consistent. I'll definitely send you my address..and don't forget the confetti! ;)

  11. So once again we are on the same "page"! In the past I have sent out cards for birthdays, anniversaries, thinking of you, etc. to our church family but last year I really didn't, there was just so much going on that was one thing that was put by the wayside and this year I decided that I was going to do it again! Loved reading your post and seeing your thoughts on it! And I do believe that you already have my address ;)!


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