Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm going to throw up... a snowball...

This was my morning...

Media preview

I sat in traffic for 1 hour, 40 minutes to get to work...

Stop... go... stop.... go....

We are having "thunder snow" - yes, it's a real thing... & winds blowing at extreme white out conditions.

I didn't care.  I had my windows down with my head hanging out of it trying to get fresh air so I wouldn't throw up on myself. 

My tongue even hung out like this...
catching snow

I get so car sick...

Not to mention feeling claustrophobic & having a panic attack of being stuck...

Media preview
I left my house at 6:25am... watched the sky change from dark to light

Needless to say, my day isn't starting off the greatest...

can only imagine what my drive home will be like...

My only concern?  Is my hair salon open... I have an appointment on my way home to get my hair touched up.  They had to move my appointment one week past its normal 6 week mark anyways.  My roots & eye brows are in desperate need of attention.

Priorities... I have them.

If they're closed today?  Don't even talk to me... I'm going to be one-winter-hating-the-world-person-with-ugly-hair ...

Stay warm where you are....


  1. Snowing here, too. No thunder snow, and not too much accumulation, but roads are treacherous and temperatures are plummeting.

    Hope your salon is open ... and that this will be your last snow of the winter. ;-)

  2. ugh....even though we are not having that weather (I won't tell you what our temps are), I remember when I lived in ND and IN when winter seemed FOREVER long....especially to this Arizona girl.

    Praying for your sanity! :)

  3. I love thunder snow. But then again as a closet geek meteorologist as all Oklahomans are, lots of things like that get me excited. The cold air is coming our way but no snow or rain. Grass fires are popping up all over the place with 40-50 mph winds that isn't a good combination.

  4. UGHHH!!!!! Be safe out there girly!!
    High of 22 today with icky winds here.
    But I get to see Dak later,
    so I will bundle and persevere through
    this weather to see the boy. =)

    If your hair appt gets cancelled just wear one of
    your darling hats and your smile. No one will even notice the eyebrows. (This coming from a true professional on how to hide roots and eyebrows that have a mind of their own. =) )

    Hugs to you ~~ dawn

  5. So glad our drive is only about 5-10 minutes and hubby drove it today and even came back and took me to the Dr. and through a drive-thru for lunch. He's so good to me.

    Hoping this mess clears us soon! I'm ready already for spring!!!

  6. I'm officially over winter. We've broken up, but he can't accept it. Keeps coming around and stalking me.

  7. I've heard it's pretty nasty over there! We had thunder snow in Chicago a couple of years ago and it was sooo weird. Hope your commute home is better for you!!

  8. Hope you were able to get your hair and brows done!!!!

  9. I took a personal day today. I've reached my stress limit as far as driving in bad weather goes this season. Wasn't worth it to risk my life today. STL was bad.

  10. I've experienced thunder snow...it's a scary thing. We finally got snow around 2:45...just as the kids were leaving, but no travel problems getting home.

  11. We had Thunder Snow last year, so crazy!!! Hope you're staying warm and traveling safely!!! :)


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