Monday, February 17, 2014

The weekend that had me overdose on Starbucks...


* I'm so sick of snow, you have no idea....

* Stopped at Starbucks on the way home ... mainly because I was seeing their pink sleeves they had on the cups for Valentine's Day... but mine was regular.  I said that Starbucks didn't want me as their Valentine apparently.

No pink for me...

* Our neighbor's dog sitting in the snow waiting for a treat... this dog has priorities I understand

* My own dogs have a love affair with the snow.  Harvey literally ran for over an hour like a crazed dog... Sydney laid in it for an hour.  She would get covered in about 10 minutes, get up, shake it off, lay back down... when your hair is that thick, I guess it feels kinda good.

* Poor Ricky - he went out of his way to get me Chinese that I love for dinner for Valentine's Day - & with the snow - he didn't get home until after 7:00...

* by 7:00, I was starving & ate my dinner in like a record time

* How sweet is my hubs - he got me a gift certificate for our local health food store.  Most people wouldn't appreciate that... I think its the most perfect gift ever.
Even gave me healthy treats instead of chocolate

* I was a nervous wreck for our youth kids that left at 4:00 to go up to Indianpolis - which had MORE snow then we did... its normally a 2 hour trip.  I found out it took them almost 5 hours to get there.  I would have been FREAKING OUT if I went.  See - God is good making sure I stayed home.


* Woke up to another winter wonder land... this is getting so old about now

Sydney barking... exactly how I feel about the snow

* I had to get out to Louisville to meet with a potential wedding client.  It was perfect timing that our neighbor came with his plow to clear our drive way... good neighbors are a God-send...

* Driving to Louisville was like another world... honestly, crossing the bridge from Indiana to Kentucky, it was like the snow had a cut off shield.  The grass was showing everywhere in Louisville... where I just had to get shoveled out of my house about 25 miles away from the bridge... crazy...

* Got to meet with the awesome future bride... she was actually a bridesmaid in another wedding I did.  I love love love when I get to see members of bridal parties I've done before.  They've already worked with me, know how I connect with people - makes everyone so much more relaxed.

* If you gotta meet, meet at Starbucks ... (Yes, Starbucks trip #2 this weekend)

* Got a phone call on the way home from my niece that she FINALLY got her ears pierced.   She has been wanting it forever, but being 9 years old, her dad wouldn't give in.  Well, she won him over.... apparently with a letter about how wonderful a dad he is & a picture she drew of them holding hands.  Girl knows how to work her daddy! 

* Picked up pizza on the way home so we didn't have to go out in the cold for dinner... also had to stop for some 50% off Valentine candy.. for Ricky of course...

* Got in a late night run on the treadmill for my February 5K ... again, if you never have checked out Jost Running you should - they have the coolest medals & the money goes to charities every month.  Awesome people.

* More Walking Dead episodes...


* Woke up to MORE snow... COME ON!!!!

* These were the faces that didn't want us to leave early on Sunday...

The other two were picketing at the front door

* Went to church - or at least made it to church.  We had a youth meeting before but got talking with Chasity in the meeting & we never even made it over to church... it was good catching up with her though, hearing about the youth conference & checking out new ultrasound pictures of our Grandbuddy.

* The kids talked about their conference... mercy... these kids & their testimonies gave me chills... powerful stuff...

* Target run.. a must for every weekend...

* Starbucks run #3 ... & Ricky bought all of their caramel squares they had. No joke - they even gave him the ones in the boxes that they didn't have on display.  Dude loves his sugar.

* Getting caught up on "The Following"... that show is just too intense for regular TV

* I was just bored... I didn't want to watch any more TV... didn't want to get on the computer... goodness knows I didn't want to clean anything... so I pulled out another Disney Puzzle... "The Princess & the Frog"... hot dang, this baby is HARD!  I worked for 2.5 hours & still don't have the edges together.

* Working puzzles hurt your bicep tendon... fun fact.

* OH MY GOSH... I just this second remembered that Downton Abby was on last night... & I totally forget!!!!!!! I didn't even set my recorder for it... please someone - tell me how to watch it... I just had a MAJOR brain lapse.  Dang you Disney puzzle!!!!


  1. Shame on you! You said the "s" word in your post. Repeatedly. lol

    I'm feeling your pain. Friday the school district I drive for had a 2-hour delay AND a 2-hour early dismissal. Yeah. Saturday the ladies' group got cancelled. Again. Sunday's 1-2 inches turned out to be more like 5. I'm sitting here trying to admire the dazzling sunshine through a curtain of icicles and trying not to think of the 3-5 inches they're calling for tonight.

    And I'm blaming the snow....I was bored to death yesterday afternoon, too.

  2. I.can't.take.anymore.snow!!! Wahhhh!!!! I want to go to Starbucks right now!
    I would have asked for a pink sleeve! Haha :)
    Glad your youth got to their destination safely...seriously, snow is really getting out of control. I think I'm taking my kiddos sledding today. I have to see the bright side of it somehow! Enjoy your week!

  3. You have no idea how much I hate the snow right now! I know people say to us in the upper mid-west, "yeah, but at least you can handle the snow." Clearing the streets? Yes. Salt and sand? Yes. But we, too, are TIRED of the snow by this point. We crave the warmer weather--so I am right there with you sister. :)

    Can you catch Downton on the PBS website?

  4. I think you can watch Downton on the PBS site after a day or two. It was an hour 1/2 this week, not sure why. I think they are gearing up for the finale. LOTS happened so you have to watch!!

  5. I haven't gotten a pink Starbucks sleeve yet either! How RUDE!
    I'm so obsessed with The Following it's not even funny!!!!!

  6. I'm hoping for another snow here before spring comes. I just hope it doesn't bring the sub-zero temperatures that our previous snows have.

  7. Your dogs covered in snow are so cute! Like crazy cute! I love dogs!

  8. Do you have amazon prime? You can watch Downton on it if so :) I think it might cost like $1.50 though...

    You have to see it!!!


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