Monday, March 31, 2014

The weekend I got conked on my head.....

For the record... I have on flip flops today!  The first of the year!! YAHOO!!
.. & I didn't even take time to paint my toe nails.  Screw it!  I've got on FLIP FLOPS!!!
If only for one day...

But enough about Monday - here's how my weekend went...


* I started a new Bible Study... I always love Beth Moore's stuff.  I've had this for awhile & never brought it out - must be God's timing because I'm ready to dig into it & see what He has to say to me...

* Stayed tucked in my room.  UL/UK Game... I know better then to raise my head - I'm like a turtle...

* Poor Harvey isn't used to Ricky's basketball "game voice"... poor dog was shaking. I know he was thinking "What did I do wrong this time?" I kept hugging on him & letting him know he was a good boy.

* The whole area was watching the game... I was watching Survivor.  I've had the whole season so far DVR'ed & hadn't watched any of it.  I'm all caught up now.  I just love this game.  So embarrassing how long they kept the one 'brain' girl that was hopelessly awful.  J'Tai or some kind of drink sounding name...

* Fell asleep without knowing who won the game.... afraid to ask...


* Woke up in the middle of the night with the tv on (we leave it on for Sydney to watch... yes, for our dog to watch tv) & heard them say, "Kentucky won...." - my eyes popped open - WHAT?!?!?  & found out that indeed Kentucky beat Louisville.  Then noticed my husband sleeping with a smile on his face.

* I did something I've never done before... 10 miles... which I have done before, but this time it was done on my TREADMILL!!!  I never have done anything over 5 on there ....
Its possible!!!

* It was only possible because I had my new tablet on the treadmill with Disney movies playing.  Thank you Frozen.

* I had to head over & do a headshot session for a woman... the whole time, she talked about how much she hated looking at herself & how ugly she was & how she hated to have her picture taken (she needed them for a web site)... the amazing thing?  She was beautiful!! She had fantastic skin for a woman her age & I think I caught her beauty in the pictures... hope she sees it. 

* Took my mom to the Dollar Store ... I never plan on buying anything there when I take her, but I walk out with a bag full every time. 


* We had to take Bruno for an early Grooming appointment so we visited another church down that way ... its like the biggest church around - the one we visited was actually a satellite church.  It was pretty awesome & we got to see some old friends that go there now.  Nice to get a different view sometimes.

* Ricky & I had the best afternoon while we waited for Bruno to get finished.  We went to Target, to the mall, out for lunch, he even surprised me with a new pair of Brooks running shoes we found on sale.  I'm an official Brooks girl now - 2 pair!

Photo: My baby got a sister today  ;-)
The black & purple ones are my new shoes...fancy...

* Bruno... I was so frustrated that his face was still so long, even when I told them when I dropped him off to please make sure his beard was cut down... did they hear me say, "DON'T cut his beard down?" It was OK though because I'm a pro at trimming the dogs faces so I got him home, took him outside & pretended I was a kid in my own beauty salon.  Clip clip.

At least they brushed his teeth

* HOLY NAILS BATMAN!! looked at the bill & they did a service called "Nail Grinding"... it was an extra $21.00... OUCH!  But I will say, his nails were nice & smooth.  No snagging on anything.  The total bill though was $61.00 ... for 1 dog... reminder: we have 4 dogs.  Note: I need another part time job.

* Headed to do a photo session at a friend's house for her twin daughters who are getting ready to turn 10.  Funny thing?  I never knew they were twins!!! I knew they were sisters... twins?  No clue. But they are so much like my nieces, I was freaking out. I was ready to set up a play date for them...

* UK Game... yep... here's the story you're DYING to hear... or better yet, the one that almost KILLED US!!!

OK... so I know to stay away from Ricky with the game on. I got home from the photo session, went into my room & started working on pictures.  Ricky keeps running in & out of the room telling me "We're up... we're behind... we're going to win... we're going to loose"  All the while, Harvey freaking out not knowing what is going on.  Other dogs are sleeping - they're pros.  All of a sudden, I see a young guy riding a bike up our drive way & our neighbor's dog running towards him.  He's not the friendliest dog so Ricky ran outside to tell him not to turn his back on this dog.  Well... the game only has 56 seconds left at this point... & this guy is talking to Ricky about our roof.  I was like, "Is Ricky really going to miss the game for this guy?"... so next thing I know, Ricky is running in, doing an OJ run over the dogs to get back to the TV to see that UK is down again...

(anyone remember that OJ Simpson commercial from the 70's?) haha!

So I knew Ricky was going to be mad he missed the last part of the game... & Sydney was wondering why her dad just sailed through the air over her, so she went to his door & stood...

me, knowing what I know about Ricky, knew he would come out FLYING out the door & I was afraid he was going to run into her & knock her down.  So I stand over her to block her...when I was right, Ricky comes storming out of the door...

& he throws his hands in the air screaming, "That idiot made me miss part of the game & now we're down...."

Now, when he threw his hands up in the air, he knocked down his chin up bar... right on our heads. Well, I didn't know it hit him.  It came down right smack on my head & I instantly fell down, everything a little fuzzy & I couldn't even open my eyes.  Usually, Ricky is on top of checking on me & he was no where to be found.  I just had dogs all over me licking me while I'm screaming... & at one point, I said, "I just got hit on my head!!"... because I thought, He just ran back in to watch the game & left me here...

only then did I open my eyes & see him laying on the floor holding his head too... & he's bleeding!!!

What in the world?!?!?

He checks to see if I'm bleeding & I just tell him to leave me alone a second... we finally get our wits about us, get up & struggle to the couch... Ricky runs in the other room & then comes leaping out like Peter Pan screaming, WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON!!!!... all the while, holding his bleeding head.

With both of us ready to pass out on the ground, he missed the last shot...I think... its all fuzzy...

Goodness gracious... that was the roughest win for both of us...

How was your weekend?
Did you get conked on the head for the UK game?


  1. Oh my! What an end to the weekend! Hope you're both ok today.

  2. Good Lord .NO game is worth knocking yourself out with heavy metal equipment!!!My first husband Herb was like Rickey,getting so excited with his teams. Screaming jumping up and down. I was like you,heading to my comfort zone.I would not watch the game,just Herb.Thank goodness my Steve is pretty calm about the games we watch.Ice Hockey,Baseball,auto racing,Nascar and sometimes Indy.Poor Harvey,and praise God the dog you were trying to protect before,didn't get clobbered by the bar!! Love you guys and missed you this Sunday.But like occasionally visiting other churches.Have a blessed week and woot woot on the treadmill time and your new shoes!

  3. Ouch! That sounds painful!

    What Beth Moore study are you doing? Love her!

  4. We got an indestructable dog toy this weekend and thought of you. Have you tried the Starmark brand?

  5. Oh my golly, y'all are to much!! TOO MUCH I TELL YOU!!! I have yet to have an injury while WATCHING a game. But it can get rather rambunctious around here when my beloved Cornhuskers are playing. So I do indeed understand.

    I did the older Breaking Free and it was SO very good. You'll have to let me know about this one too.

    I really want to try Brooks. Are they at places like Shoe Carnival, or do you have to go to a running store?

    Love you girl ~~ dawn

  6. Omg.. that was such an awesome game. We were downtown eating and watching the game. Everyone was hanging out in the streets afterwards celebrating. Go CATS!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! What a crazy weekend!! It looks like our teams might be meeting in a week (we're huge UConn fans in this house!). I looove that photo of those twins - they look so cute! Great work with the 10 miles and awesome new shoes :)

  8. I didn't wear a coat today... it was AMAZING!
    I spend more on my dog to get groomed than myself, haha!

  9. HA, HA, HA!!! I can just picture that in my mind!!! Laika runs behind the couch when I watch football.


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