Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A day without a cell phone....

I forgot my cell phone the other day coming to work.  I already told you how much I felt like I was lost that day.  Scared to death to drive out at work.  Afraid a gang of ninja's was going to attack me & I had nothing to call someone to come to my rescue... or video of me kicking their butts... whichever mood I was in...  Catch me on a bad day & it's possible.

But Sunday, Ricky & I pulled out of the drive way & got to the end of our road & I remembered... NOOOO!!!! I forgot my phone again!

You think, "Its just the end of your road, go back"... no.  Our road isn't just a little road. Its 2 miles of hills ... & for the most part, whenever Ricky & I are going down the road, we're usually late anyways.  So needless to say, I ventured out on another day & forgot my phone... again....

I swear, I'm going senile...

I don't know how many times during the day I said, "I need my phone"... Here were some of the things I missed with my cell phone nicely tucked on a charger next to my bed.

* Missed a picture with my Instagram buddy!
I have a friend who used to go to my church & this Sunday we visited her church... & she was singing on stage!! So I missed taking her picture as a SUPER STAR, plus, she's on Instagram & she always talks about how much I post on there so it would have been the perfect moment to take a picture of the two of us together!!!  Moment missed.
We did take advantage of talking all about health eating & nutrition... this lady is on top of her game.. in every area of her life!

* Missed a picture of Ricky with an embarrassing bag!!!
We ran over to the mall & he went into Hollister.  He came out with some jeans & a shirt & they put all his new fashions in a bag... with a nearly naked man... on both sides of the bag.  He refused to carry it.  I just laughed & told him he better be lucky I forgot my phone, because that picture would have been up everywhere...
Ricky gets slightly embarrassed over the smallest things.  I would have taken a picture of me acting like I was flirting with the guy... we're so different.

Ricky's bag cut off about the belly button
... making it look like he had on no pants! haha!

* Missed a picture of amazing trained dogs!!!
We had to go to Pet Smart to pick up Bruno from being groomed & they had a training class going on.  The most beautiful dogs - all lined up in a row, laying down, minding so well... it would have been a picture that would make me smile. I love dogs.  I also could have gotten a picture of their reaction when I said, "Watch out - we'll be bringing our little hellion through here messing you all up in a minute" ... which embarrassed Ricky that I said that in front of a dozen strangers.
(For the record, Ricky carried Bruno out the other side so he couldn't disturb these good dogs... )

* I couldn't figure up math!!!
I'm sorry - I know I do accounting Monday - Friday but I'm awful with math in my head.  Please make note of the comment about me going senile.  But I rely so much on my calculator on my phone.  Sunday, I was in a panic... 4+4 is WHAT???!?!?! Help me!!!

* I didn't have my shopping list for Target!!!
Yes - I keep a list of things I need to remember to pick up at Target every week... & then still usually forget it & have to go back to Target the next week. 

* I didn't have my Target Cartwheel app!!!
Why do I feel so screwed over when I don't get my 5% off dog bones????

* Have to stick together!!!
Ricky & I tend to get into Target & see each other at the door & then kiss each other buy & we're off.  He has his clearance tag route, I have my route - which usually winds through the fitness clothes, house ware goodies & make up & hair stuff... where Ricky could care less to go.  But with phones, its easy to find each other or tell each other to "come here -you have to see this"... with no phone, we had to stick together.  What torture!  I had to get stuck looking at Bluetooth wireless speakers... Ricky had to get stuck with me trying on reading glasses.  This is marriage before cell phones?

* Starbucks app!
I about panicked when I wanted to stop at Starbucks & I didn't have my phone. What do I do?  WHAT DO I DO??????  I totally forgot I had my actual gold card IN my wallet.  Real cards still exist?  I'm used to just scanning my phone.  & its like I forgot Starbucks takes actual cash if need be.

* My Fitness Pal
We stopped for Panera at breakfast (mmm... steel cut oats with pecans?... the best!) & then we had stopped for lunch.  & all this time, I was panicking wondering what my calories were for the day. And how am I going to track my water I drink for the day?!?!!?

Waffles have no calories when you don't have an app to tell you otherwise

* Picture of Starbucks & Panera food & drink
... because why not... is the cool thing to do...

* My Notepad
I'm going senile... did I mention that?  Anyways, I have an app that takes notes... & mercy, I use that more then I care to admit.  I think of things I want to talk about on my blog, or something I need to do later at home & usually, I'll forget 10 minutes later.  So I pull out my notepad app & type it in & VIOLA - memory maker!  I kept thinking, "don't think of any ideas" because I knew it wouldn't matter anyways.

In the end, we got home about 4:00 & I ran into my room, took my phone off the charger & hugged it...

I never want to go through another day of missed opportunities again....


  1. Oh girl I forgot my phone at home a couple of weeks ago, it was so odd! I kept reaching for it. It was then I realized I had a problem ;)

  2. #firstworldproblems but girl, you are so right!! I get so sad when I forget my phone and can't take photos and don't have your list, so I know your pain!!

  3. This made me laugh SO hard! I hate it, but I literally feel panicky when I forget my phone. For all of these reason!

  4. I've had my smart phone less and 2 months and already I can't imagine my life without it. haha

    Love your stories.

  5. Haha I am way too addicted to my phone! But boy, I'm under using my phone based on everything you do with yours!

  6. My phone used to sleep in the bed with me. I can't go anywhere without it, because I might miss something important. No, seriously.

  7. Haha this was too funny and too true!! I can't go anywhere without my phone I would be lost. And I mean that seriously lost, I still don't know my way around Chicago 4 years later ha!

  8. So true!! And I had to laugh at your comment about although you do accounting M-F but cannot do simple math. I was an accountant for 30+ years and even though I've been retired for 5 1/2 years, I still cannot do simple math ... people don't understand that even though you work with numbers and use math, you have machines that will do the math for you. ;-)

  9. It is really something how attached we have become to our phones. I left mine at home once and I was a wreck the whole time....OMG what if someone needed me!!!!

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