Monday, April 07, 2014

The weekend that I didn't fall into a pond with a camera....

What a weekend... whew! Survival of the fittest!


* Time to pack up the gear... Harvey was a little confused why all these bags were in the living room. I think he was nervous thinking a trip was going to happen.  Actually, I take less on trips.

* I felt like someone drugged me.  I was tired the whole day & was just ready for an early bed time.  I didn't disappoint myself... I was snoozing by 9:30.


* WEDDING DAY!!!... & it was beautiful outside.  Sunny, blue skies... started off COLD, but the forecast said it was going to warm up 20 degrees to get us to 56 degrees.  Perfection!

* I felt like I was on The Amazing Race... I had to park at the Bride & Groom's new house they were building, which is next door to their parents house.  They had said a cart would come get me with my equipment, but they were so busy setting up tents & arranging everything, no one saw me.  So see all that equipment in that picture above?  I ended up carrying it all... & not only carrying it all, but tackling 2 hills up & another down.  At one point, I was laughing because I thought, "I'm on TV - this can't be real"

I'm pretty sure I still had these pack mules beat

* .... & of course.... forgot one last piece of equipment & had to go back.  But luckily, the bride's dad drove me over in the cart & we got to pick up my buddy/assistant, who is pregnant & didn't need to do all that walking. 

* I felt like a dork driving in the cart with one tripod in my lap after I was carrying about 50 lbs on my own

* The day could NOT have gone better.  Between the weather, & the amazing family & friends that were surrounding us all day, it was just a perfect day.

* When the bride got dressed, her dad did a first look with her & then she gave him back her purity ring he gave her when she was young.  Oh my gosh... not a dry eye in the room.  These are the moments when its hard to be a photographer, clicking through blurry eyes.

This is about what Chasity & I looked like

* Chasity & I actually got to take breaks during the day & even snacked on food around lunch time! .... it felt like another world.

* It was thanks to people who listen because we buzzed through all the pictures like a breeze.  Chasity & I kept looking at each other & saying, "Are we forgetting anything?"... it just went that smoothly.  We're always prepared for chaos & disorder :)

Bride.. check
Groom... check
I think we remembered everything

* The property at this home was gorgeous & they have a pond behind their home with a beautiful red bridge that goes out to a island in the center of it.... every time Chasity & I got near the edges of this pond, I was convinced one of us was going in ... its just our style.  We both ended up dry & pond-free!  I told you it was a perfect day.

* My shoes when I got home...

* It takes time to upload wedding day photos, but I couldn't wait for a better time.  Ricky was watching the UK game (GO CATS!!!) & I knew I wanted to see the pictures, so I started the upload... it took me 3.5 hours to get them all uploaded.  That's a LOT of pictures.  That's going to be a LOT of editing.

* I ended my night with a dinner of Raisinets at 12:30 am.... #nutrition

* Woke up & thought my legs & feet would be sore from standing 10 hours... nope - but my biceps were KILLING me. I couldn't figure out why, then remembered the Amazing Race leg that I had to do with my camera equipment.  Which by the way, I had to carry back to the car.  Chasity had helped me on that part, but after holding 2 cameras for 10 hours, my biceps said, "We're done"
* One of the students did the message in our youth class - he was AMAZING!!!! Granted, his father is the pastor of our church, so he gets his speaking skills legit - but mercy, this young man could be a pastor today.  Heck, what am I saying - he WAS a pastor this day!
* I woke up early & after not getting into bed till 1 - I was dragggggging.  I went to Starbucks & noticed their calorie counts on the menu now.  CafĂ© Mocha?  More calories then my whole breakfast.  I couldn't make myself get one.  I ended up with the Very Berry Hibiscus, which is only 100 calories for a Venti.  Thanks Starbucks for ruining my caffeine go-to.
* We met up with friends to see "God's Not Dead"... awesome!  It was so fun seeing it with them just because the song by the NewsBoys in it, it was a song that was a center theme played at the Jr. High conference, Believe, 2 years in a row... so me & Chasity were able to sit in the theater & do the hand moves with it. #dontcarehowoldIam
* I said this movie should also be called, "World Suckiest boyfriends & girlfriends" ...
* Got home about 7:30... I literally spent fewer hours awake in my home then any part of my whole weekend...
* Let the editing begin of wedding pictures!  YAHOOO!!!!
Sneak Peek

* Revenge... I'm not sure I'm feeling it as much anymore... sad... I really liked that show.

So how was your weekend? 
Did you have any "Amazing Race" moments?
Did you almost fall into a pond with a camera?


  1. Phew I'm glad you didn't just spoil revenge haha...haven't watched it yet!!! I'm nervous now to see what craziness they're doing!! I love seeing all your sneak peeks of the wedding here and on Instagram...can't wait to see more! You are amazing!!

  2. My weekend was a major success, I actually learned how to USE my Canon Rebel. Finally ;)

  3. Sounds like a very busy weekend but also very exciting. The wedding sounds amazing and I enjoyed God's Not Dead! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Thankfully, my weekend was a little quieter than yours (and I do me just a little).

    My youngest daughter and the girl that lived with us last year and her baby came and spent Saturday night at our house and went to church and lunch with us on Sunday. It was a fun time, except they stayed up so late, which kept the puppy disturbed, so there was a lot of sleep that night at our house. haha

  5. On Revenge, I don't like how mean and nasty they made Daniel. I think I'm about ready for Emily to take them all down and get away with it.

  6. I haven't watched last night's Revenge yet. It does seem like it's getting a little out of hand! All the killing and people getting away with it.

  7. I just love all your GIFS. They crack me up! Girl, you deserve some rest after your busy weekend!

  8. I gotta be honest... I still love Revenge but it's definitely not as good as it used to be. :/

  9. That ONE wedding pic was beautiful! Glad it went so well for everyone!! Especially you :) favorite and come's a little nutritious...I mean raisins, right? ;) My other fave...Reese's pieces (which I just ate!)

    Still want to see God's Not Dead!!

  10. I feel like every weekend is an amazing race weekend around here! Last weekend was T-Ball, work around the house, and my girlfriend was visiting from out of town.

    This weekend is Saturday school, baseball pictures, and my nephew's birthday. Somehow I have to make time to clean the house (it's CRAZY messy!) and buy groceries for the week!


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