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Top 5 Disney Movies ... with lots of pics...

Did anyone sit in anticipation & excitement watching Dancing with the Stars this past week when it was Disney week?  I know I wasn't alone... even if you don't want to admit it.

Danica made a perfect Belle, while Val was the cutest Beast EVER!
It's no secret that I'm a little in love with Disney... & have a SLIGHT obsession with Beauty & the Beast...

But I also love other Disney movies.  I actually have always said I have a top 5 movie list of my favorites.  It actually has to be moved around because Frozen has to be in there now.  So which one gets bumped?  ... we'll let's look at my top 5 (+1 that's getting booted to #6)

New One - Frozen

I was instantly in love with it as soon as it started out with a dramatic beginning & a song sang with the cutest little voice ever.... I still sing "Do you wanna build a snowman" in the most random parts of my day.

But a story that kinda stepped it up & showed that you don't need a Prince to save you.  The love between sisters is powerful.  Not to mention, we get a Queen in this one ... who can sing & have awesome hair & change her clothes to make her look HOT... Yep, definitely in my top five

Now to my original top 5

#5 The Emperor's New Groove

This one just cracks me up.  David Spade as a Disney character?  Who even thought of that?  They get props!  He has the perfect whiney voice to play the spoiled king, Kuzco,  who only thinks of himself. 

& to get Catwoman to play Yzma?  Awesome! 

But my favorite is Kronk.  I love an evil character that has good in them.  & how do you not like a guy who can talk squirrel?

I think this movie gets overlooked.  Not one you see a lot on ABC Family or on TV.  But I love it.   Just rewatched it the other day when I was on my treadmill & still laughed like the first time. 

This movie also gives me one of my lines I use all the time... "No Touch-y"

#4 - Mulan

Here's another "Princess" that you don't ever see a lot of.  Maybe because she's not really a "Princess" ... the dude she ends up in love with is in the military, not a royal.  But hey, she was inducted in Disney World's Princess gang.

This is the one with a tough girl who wants to protect her father & her family's honor.  Plus, let's add in Donny Osmond singing (& they called it Puppy Love), a fantastic song by Christina Aguilera, & Eddie Murphy as a tiny lizard dragon who is flat HILARIOUS in this movie & it's a winner.

I can break out at any time & sing every word to "I'll make a man out of you" ...

Maybe it's all my years in Kung Fu that makes me love this movie

When we were in Disney (back forever ago in 2000) Mulan was fairly new so I was giddy excited when we saw her in the parade.  I wonder if little girls love her today.  If not, they should.  GIRL POWER!

#3 - Enchanted

I know its not a cartoon, technically... but it is a Disney movie, with a Princess & a tribute to all the Disney movies. 

Plus Patrick Dempsey... come on... say no more.

This movie now has me loving Amy Adams & anything else she ever does in life.

I love to watch this movie & call out which movie they are giving tribute too.  Ricky REALLY loves when I do that... every time... (sarcasm)

The song "So Close"... I used to have it as my ring tone before I changed phones.  Its one of my favorite Disney songs ever.  When Robert starts singing it to Giselle while dancing?  I still get teary eyed.

And this is the 2nd movie in my top five that has Idina Menzel... but the sad thing, she doesn't even sing in this one.  Not cool!

#2 Tangled

I actually didn't even see this movie when it first came out, but when I did, I can't get enough of it. 

The hair, the horse, the smolder.... Flynn Rider is fantastic.  Not your ordinary Disney guy.  & I love that she's the Princess who makes HIM the Prince... GIRL POWER again!

This movie makes me want to also go get in a boat & watch lanterns rise...

I love that this movie is about sacrifice too.  Flynn, for all the greedy ways about him, is willing to give up everything for Rapunzel's freedom.  When he cuts her hair, oh golly geez...

& this movie is also proof that brunette's can be just as cute as blonds...

Not to mention, she knits in this movie!  SCORE 1 for Knitting!!!

#1 Beauty & the Beast
I know this isn't even a surprise...

Yep - after all these years, nothing will ever kick this movie out of my favorite #1 spot.

I've always had a thing for the story of Beauty & the Beast... a girl who sees the beauty inside.  I loved the TV show, loved the book growing up.  & the cartoon was perfect.

I love that Belle is a smart girl, a reader who loves books... a girl that can be swayed by giving her a library over any other possession in the world...

I love she loves her father...
I love she has enchanted friends who sing to bring her dinner...

I love Lumiere is a flirt even as a candle...
I love the Beast has a heart that knows how to love...
I love how the Beast saves Belle from the wolves & she in return saves him...
I love yellow ballroom gowns...
I love dancing under big chandeliers...

I love that she begs him not to leave her...
I love that he turns into someone who looks just like my husband...

Come on... red hair & bright eyes...that's Ricky right there

I just love everything about this movie...

Yep - it will always be #1 ...
So what are your top favorite Disney movies?


  1. My youngest granddaughter LOVES Disney princesses ... and Frozen is her new favorite (which of course makes it my new favorite ha!).

  2. My favorites are Aladdin and The Incredibles (though the Incredibles falls more in to the Pixar family, but I don't care....)

  3. Growing up Snow White was the only brunette but I didn't like her. I wanted to be Cinderella. Plus I really like Gus Gus.

  4. Great list!! OMG I actually watched Frozen for the first time yesterday and it was amazing!! I love how strong and fierce Elsa is and the whole message of the movie. On my top 5 is definitely Beauty & the Beast (another strong woman) and the Little Mermaid!

  5. I'm with you...Beauty and the Beast is a WINNER! Loved the Broadway production of it!

  6. Emperor's New Groove, Frozen, Tangled, Lion King and Peter Pan are my faves :)

  7. We just watched the Emperor's New Groove the other night! I love that one! Frozen is our new favorite though :) I was always a Little Mermaid fan - it's a swimmer thing I think :)

  8. I LOVE Enchanted!! I haven't watched Frozen yet. I've always been a huge Little Mermaid fan :-)

  9. Oh gosh, I would watch Lion King every single day when I was little! I also loved Beauty and the Beast, too but supposedly was scared of the beast haha I still have to see Frozen!!

  10. I'll be catching up on Dancing with the Stars next week on Hulu! I can't wait! I loved watching the switch up!

  11. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Lion King. BAM!

  12. You surprised me. I would have never picked Emperor's New Groove or Mulan. However, I love some of the music from Mulan, but just never got into the show. Maybe, I need to watch it again. My girls both love it. Or course, they liked the Emperor's New Groove too. haha

    I liked Enchanted and I like the music, but I'm not sure I'd sit and watch it again.

    I love Frozen and in fact, my copy is supposed to be delivered today! Can't wait to watch it again. I listen to the music almost every work day on Spotify.

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