Thursday, March 15, 2018

Encouragement, familiar faces & cheap glasses {Thankful Thursday #168}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

199 / A fast Monday
How can you not be thankful for that?

201 / Dollar Store Glasses
Since Ernie has destroyed 2 of my reading glasses, & I refuse to go into Walgreens during flu season (& they have my favorite readers) I was happy that our local Dollar Store had some decent reading glasses for a cheap price.  To hold me over till I get my eyes tested & get some real deal glasses.

204 / Encouragement
I've had a bit of a slam to my ego a few weeks ago pertaining to my running/weight & it just really discouraged me like nothing that's effected me in awhile.  So I was so glad to have two of my running friends that have messaged me & emailed me & really gave me some encouragement & some healing for my soul with their caring.  You never know the power of your words - to hurt & to heal.

206 / Time to waste
When I had to go to sit on the panel at Girls Night Out, its the total opposite end of town.  So I headed out that way after work & had 2 hours to waste.  I ended up with 2 hours of free time that I used to the best of my ability. I ended up going to Lifeway Christian Bookstore & found a book I've been wanting on sale for $5.00 (YES!!!) & then ended up getting to go sit in a Starbucks & work on my Bible study with a warm cup of black & white mocha. It was a nice 2 hours well spent

207 / My MSM girls at GNO
It made my heart so dang happy to see some of my MSM girls faces looking back at me while I was talking to this large group of girls.   They are just the best.

214 / Bruno still fighting
Our poor boy has had a few bad days lately. We had to struggle with him for a few days to even drink any water. We were like, OH NO... but he's snapped out of it & is eating & drinking & back to his little blind self again. He's totally the energizer bunny right now.

215 / Girl Scout Cookies
Well, this probably shouldnt be on my thankful list. #allthecalories - but they are just so yummy... & I can say I'm thankful that they sell once a year. There we go.

218 / Library 
Love I found some good knitting books to check out at our local library... & a running book I've been eyeing on Amazon. I've got to read it totally free.

219 / 2 miles
I havent gotten many miles under my feet working out in the LONGESTTTTT - so it felt rough & tough to get 2 miles in. Who would have thought 2 miles would be hard again - but they are - & I did them.  I was proud of myself for getting back at it.  Ready to shake this back up & get my body used to working out again.

223 / Street Mail
Got the sweetest card thanking me for doing GNO.  I just love a sweet handwritten card that is just full of friendship & love

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I totally get being proud of 2 miles! Sometimes that is a struggle for me as well, but hey, 2 miles is 2 miles!

    I'm glad Bruno is back to himself. It's heartbreaking when our dogs give us a scare!

  2. Yay you! It seems like it doesn't take much to get us to fall off the exercise wagon but it's always nice to have friends who encourage and motivate us to get back on. :)

  3. It's so true that words can hurt or heal. I'm sorry that someone made you feel bad but I'm glad you had supportive friends to help you overcome those hurtful words too. I had been doing very well with my exercise routine but not so good with my eating. Then I stopped exercising and continued eating bad but finally started exercising again this week. And boy! The workouts were a lot harder! It's amazing how quickly our bodies adapt to ummm .... not exercising. :D So glad Bruno is doing better. It's so tough when our fur babies aren't doing well.

  4. Hey, any time you're feeling down about running just know that you're running further and fast than me ;) And I'm ALWAYS amazed by your stamina!
    I got K a box of Girl Scout cookies for his bday. Lol. That was an easy gift!
    My Monday flew by, too! Unfortunately now the week is draaaagging.

  5. IT's so true, our words are so powerful and it's important to try and be mindful about what we say. I love that you had friends to lift you up.

  6. I still haven’t had any Girl Scout cookies. I can’t find them. And the one time I did I had an appt to go to. I wouldn’t be caught in Walgreens either. Gotta protect ourselves. Have a good Thursday!

  7. I feel so proud of myself when I get a walk in, but lately I've been a rather sloth-like and have only taken short walks, just enough to get the dog to go to the restroom. Hoping I'll get back to at least a mile a day when it warms up a little more. It would be good for me and the pup. So sorry there were hurtful words. We don't always realize what we're saying and how it can hurt. Thanks for the reminder to watch what I say and how and who I say it to.

    Have a blessed day and thanks for doing Thankful Thursday so I can join in.

  8. Thank goodness for the library! So glad that Bruno is doing better. Poor boy.

  9. A great list of things to be thankful for! You are AMAZING and add running again to that! You go girl! Just take care!!

  10. Praying for Bruno (and for peace for you to accept his age...I can't even imagine...)
    Every time I go into Walgreens I feel like I'm inhaling ALL THE GERMS :/
    I totally sound like a broken record, but I wholly recommend Pilates if you feel you are struggling with weight/tone. Running is great for endorphins but Pilates does amazing things.

  11. Once again, I love your recaps...a sentence a day and now this! I'll say it again, what a great way to not only remember but to put one's heart and mind in the right perspective. I enjoyed reading about what you're thankful for and was reminded to take note of all that I should be thankful for. Thank you for sharing with us! :)


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