Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cheesy goodness, Cuba living & all God's people {Thankful Thursday #218}

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This week I am Thankful for:
Cuba Update
I loved getting together with my 2 HSM girls that went on the Cuba mission trip during their Spring Break. I wanted to hear all about it.  Loved seeing it through their eyes & all that God showed them & worked through them.  I can already see glimpses of how they are changed from it all.  Makes me wish everyone could have a moment like this .... seeing parts of the world that have less than we may have & still have MORE JOY than we could even imagine.  That has to shift perspective in your world.

Coffee Run-in
While I was waiting for those two girls to show up at the coffee shop, I hear when I walk in, "Rebecca!" & it was one of my old youth kiddos from years before.  She's actually 25 years old now (I've been doing this WAYYYY too long) & I just loved sitting with her for 30 minutes & catching up & hearing how her life has been going & her family.  It's funny because I didnt even mean to get to the coffee shop that early, but I just knew to go in there when I did... & so grateful I did so we could have that time to chat.  I always love seeing how my past youth kiddos lives are treating them.  Once my youth kiddos - always my youth kiddos!

A Classic
I grew up with Vick's Vapor Rub being like the BEST MEDICINE EVER.  My dad would lather that stuff all over me whenever I was feeling bad.  So when this sinus infection knocked me on my rear, I pulled out my trust jar & took it with me everywhere I went.  It does wonders to help me breath!

Hot Coffee
When you're feeling bad & your throat hurts so bad, a hot coffee at work feels like good medicine!!

Dogwood Tree
I always LOVE LOVE LOVE when our tree blooms right at Easter.  With the story of the Dogwood tree & how it connects to Jesus crucifixtion, it makes it even special to me when the timing is just right.  Never heard of the story of the dogwood... click right HERE to read about it.

Ricky feeding dogs
Feeding 4 dogs is a chore every night... & when I'm sick, I just can't. It's not just "feeding" them - with Bruno, you have to sit & make sure he can get the bowl. It's a half hour thing to hold him, watch him, feed him.  So I was super thankful that Ricky took it on while I was down & out over the weekend. Whew!

Its like the angels sing when you go in & aren't feeling good. All the stuff you need in one place... plus they have the best chocolate covered raisins :)

Harvey's Ear OK
So when I came home from church on Easter Sunday - I gave all the dogs welcome home loves & then looked down to see blood on my hands - WHAT IS HAPPENING???? & then see Harvey - WHATTTT ISS HAPPENNIINGG????? - turns out, Harvey's ear was bitten through. Want to care to guess who did that?  Ernie has this thing that he likes to "lead" Harvey via his ear.  He's constantly grabbing his ears & tugging him.  & when a neighbor walks by our gate/fence, Ernie freaks out & grabs Harvey's ear... so yeah, lift a prayer for Harvey's ears because they have years of stress ahead.  We thought he'd need a stitch on them, but so far, its hanging in there. We're trying to keep Ernie from grabbing it till it heals - which is like telling the sun to stop shining.

Cheese Pizza
I mentioned this yesterday - but I am legit CRAVVVVINGGGG cheese pizza ... so when I wanted one on Easter & mentioned it, my sweet hubby went to feed the horses & then ran out of his way to pick me up one & brought it home.  YUM!  Best Easter dinner ever

God's Servants
I know that Easter weekend is like the Super Bowl of church services... & I know how hard the staff at our church worked.  There were 6 - maybe 7 - services at our campus alone. From all the people who sung, played instruments, taught the kiddos, rocked the babies, directed traffic, handed out bulletins, opened a door, gave a "hello".... this is what CHURCH looks like.  & I'm grateful for every single person.  Especially all the pastors everywhere, leading services in all the places, delivering a message that may not otherwise reach people.  That's the day people will go to church for family members that dont typically let their shadow pass through the door - so it's a lot to deliver the right words that can change someone's life.  Bless all the people who worked so hard this past weekend.

Our Risen Savior
Yes, I am always thankful for this - but on Easter, the day we focus on the resurrection of Jesus & what that represents for us, I am thankful. To think how life would have no meaning & purpose without the sacrifice He gave for us, the ones He loves enough to give all for.  I am just grateful for all Jesus has done for us & still does for us in every day we get to take a breath on this earth... & for the gift of eternal life even when we leave this world.

So what are you thankful for this week?

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