Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Amazoning November 2019 Edition

I havent done one of these posts in the longest....

I started doing these years ago & now see its a thing with a lot of bloggers.
Love it caught on because its so fun to see what everyone else finds on there.
I've snagged up some things I never knew I needed.

So let me jump back in - I'll start back a few months & get back to sharing...
(Click pic for link)


I love this book light.
I have used it on books & even on my Kindle - I'm not cool enough to have a Kindle Paperwhite
I've actually used it in my bathroom when our electricity has been out too :)
You charge it up with a USB cord & the light lasts for a really long time

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum & Moisturizer

I actually used both of these
The Serum is right HERE
The Moisturizer is right HERE

I'm so sensitive to facial things - & this is the only thing that doesnt break me out.
Not sure that it gives me a youthful dewy look either - I'm not that consistent with it.
But I will say, its cheaper on Amazon that in the stores.

Lee Slimming Fit Rebound Skinny Leg Jeans

These are like my favorite jeans.
They have a good stretch to them... & they are a good skinny leg.
I think I have like 4 pairs of these now.

3 Pack of Adhesive Ultra Thin Silicone Credit Card Holder

I love these things.
I put one on the back of my phone case & put my license in it & one credit card & I'm good to go.
I can go to lunch at work or just grab it to go to the store real quick.
All I need.
I will say, it stretches out - so now I have to keep the 2 cards in it - but they stay in really well with 2 cards in it.
& for $5.50... I mean, how could I not try it!

Bic Cristal Blue - 20 pens
Y;all know how much I love my pens.
I really like these Cristal pens. I love a thicker tip & these are just really nice & smooth to use.

MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bra - Pack of 5

I'm super picky about my sports bra.
I think most of them now are so flimsy with the straps - these babies are AWESOME!!!!
You can take out the padding in the bra too to wash them & they are simple to get in out &out.
I have a new favorite go-to for my sports bra now!!!


My friend Meranda told me this is a super fun game, I had to get it.
I think I've scared The Hubs though because he's only played me once in this
... do I have any takers - anyone else want to meet up & play this with me?
I love a good game!!!

Science Infinity Scarf

When it was our girl's birthday, I thought this would be perfect for her since she now runs her own lab! Talk about SCIENCE SUPER POWERS!!!
Who needs a cape when you have a Science scarf :)
Just once again proving you can find ANYTHING on Amazon!

Joining with all the other Amazoning bloggers!


  1. I love Rummikub! The book light looks great. Dave had one of those wallet thingys on his phone and almost lost his license! Good that the one you have doesn't let things fall out!

  2. I'm always on the hunt for a good pair of jeans! Thanks for sharing those! Also those credit card holders for the back of the phone are great!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I have that same book light and I LOVE it!! I need new sports bras...thanks for the tip!

  4. Our local credit union gave us a bunch of those card holders to put on the back of your phone. I love it too! And I did note that it has stretched out some - have to be careful or I'll lose my card. My only problem with ours is that it's WHITE and since I handle my phone so much it's gotten pretty dingy.

    P.S. I just looked at my phone & MY CARD WASN'T THERE!!!! Fortunately it fell off in my purse. Whew!

  5. Thanks for the tip on the jeans. Would you say they fit true to size? Love that science scarf! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  6. Rummikub is a blast from my past! We played it all the time ... I think I have it in my basement and now I feel like I need to go find it. And those pens are my jam. I hoard all pens, but I will always prefer the Bic Cristal or the Papermate Write Bros. Old school is the best!

  7. I have heard that Rummikub is fun. I will have to add that to our Christmas wish list!! :)

  8. I love taking a peek at what other's have purchased from Amazon! Seriously, what did we do before Amazon? Going to check out those jeans.

  9. I love these kinds of posts too. In part because I am nosy (LOL) but also because I also find so many new things too (which I'm sure Amazon appreciates, although my wallet does not). I need to buy some new pens for work so thanks for the tip there. I am fussy about my pens too. I've heard good things about Neutrogena but haven't tried that myself but I need to (sadly) use more of the "mature" type of creams/potions now too. I'm also terrible with consistency too, and I need to get better at it because I need the help!

  10. It is always fun to see what others have found on Amazon!

  11. So many fun ideas and I really love my reading light like that.

  12. I am a connoisseur of pens, too. Tossed three uncooperative and unimpressive pens in the trash today. Really need some new ones for my journaling. Will check these out. Also pinned the pocket for the phones. Great idea. Might be a good stocking stuffer for the familia as Christmas is going to be lean this year.

  13. You're right, these Amazon link ups are fun. I was just never organized enough to get one put together. It's time, right?? I mean I certainly to my fair share of Amazon orders. lol. Anyway, I can't believe your favorite pair of jeans were purchased on Amazon. Teach me oh wise one! ;)

  14. I just got my box from Amazon yesterday with two games. We play them at work with the residents and I thought they were fun...hoping they will go over big with the family at Thanksgiving. I got Bunco and Left,Center,Right.

  15. I've discovered that the Avia brand from Walmart makes a great sports bra. I usually just get one there a few times a year. I used to buy the Cristal pen for my classroom. Kids would use them to correct work!

  16. I was just looking for a good sports bra yesterday at target and couldn't find one I like....I will try these! And a great price too!

  17. Love the light! Have your found results with the Neutrogena? Cute jean but I need pull on for my waist which I have found at Women Within. Credit card holder is cool. Thanks for sharing your purchases.


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