Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thankful Thursday #251

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This week I am Thankful For:

Nailed It - Holiday Edition
This show has honestly been the highlight of some of my nights. Every single episode has me laughing till I had tears. I tried to use it like medicine & watch it in small doses so I could get some laughter a little bit each day.

Bruno Walker adjusted
Bruno is a tiny little guy - so his walker has that space where we've had to insert a towel so he doesnt lean too far on one side to make the walker tilt.  He was too big though for the small - so he was sort of like Goldilocks - just couldnt find the right fit  We've been making due with this medium one.  But Ricky took it out to the garage the other day & drilled some holes through the metal & made it where it fits him so much better on the sides. No towel even needed anymore.  Makes me feel more confident in walking away a second if I have to. I keep an eye on him like a hawk ... but this may let me be able to walk in the kitchen for a drink now.

Service Project
Our women's group that we've been doing a book/bible study with - for Christmas, our awesome host put together a service project for us to do.  She & her father take gift bags up to the Hospice nurses where her mother was on Christmas day each year - isn't that just the most thoughtful thing??? On days where people are tucked with their families celebrating, there are nurses taking care of families that are in horrible situations of loss. Bless them..... so our host had made some peppermint scrub for us to jar up & make some gift bags & put some cards with.  It was so fun to sit & chat & to just think about these precious nurses.  ... this really makes me want to find someone to serve on Christmas day myself now!

Day off Work
I didnt get to use one full week at work for vacation - so glad to sneak in one more day off for the year... I also get off tomorrow.  It's so crazy at year end, I'm glad for 4 day weeks!!!

Mammogram scheduled
So glad to get my yearly mammogram scheduled on my day off at work so I didnt have to deal with leaving early or taking off during the day.

Shopping with mom
Mom & I have been getting in a shopping day in December for years. I missed last year with my surgery, so it was good to be able to adventure out again this year.

Mud safe
Ricky & I went to go let Baby out into the field this weekend & where it had been raining, we were both slipping & sliding in a huge mess. Even Cochese was slidding around.  So we just left Baby in her area & I was just glad neither one of us broke anything. Ricky good a really big slide that could have really hurt his leg.  We looked like we went through a war, but came out OK.

HSM momma
I think last week I mentioned one of my awesome HSM mommas who threw our Christmas get together - this year, I'm adding another momma on my list.  She is a nutritionist & she spend nearly 2 hours on the phone talking with me about my iron deficiency. She was just full of so much information & just so on track with how I think about food/nutrition & natural thinking & being your own health advocate.  I was so grateful for her spending her time helping me & she said that Acts of Service is her love language... I was the blessed recipient of this service.

2 Etsy Sales
I havent kept my Etsy store up to date basically all year long. I have so many items that I need to list.. & totally missed out on the Christmas crowd.  Oh well, Cant change that now. But so thankful that I still had 2 sales last week. One of something on my site & one that was a special order. It's revived my excitement for my store. BRING ON THE KNITTING!

What are you Thankful for this week?

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