Wednesday, July 15, 2020

What a good time to try something new..... {Keep it Together}

You know its bad when you miss the Planning link up last month.
Like, that's ironic to its finest, isn't it?  
The day came & I totally wasn't prepared... so I skipped last month

But I'm back - with the beautiful  Alexandra Lauren !!!
These two have had birthdays lately too so stop by their blogs & give them a belated birthday wish.

I know a lot of people are saying how planning has just been out of the window but I've been having fun with mine.  Mainly because I've been trying something new!

You know how dedicated I have been to my Happy Planner this year.... well, I had actually ordered a Plum Paper Planner last year with the intent of using it for 2020 - but then I got side tracked with all the pretty things in the stores that are Happy Planner & I diverted.   & I do still love my Happy Planner things. All the stickers - all the notebooks - all the planners.... but I saw a lot of Instagram posts using Plum Paper.  & I thought, I'm going to pull mine out & give it a try for June.

So this month, this post looks different... say hello to my new planner.

Of course I had to get a yellow cover!!!
Isnt it so pretty.

If you've ever used a Plum Paper Planner - you know the cover isn't hard. It's a paper like cover - but its not like PAPER... you cant tear this stuff.  It's flexible & is smooth  - its something I guess they've trademarked. It makes the planner have a little bend to it.  & you can find different covers to put on it as well if you wanted to.  I'm enjoying the new planner cover though.

The planner I had picked out was a VERTICAL HOURLY planner.  ... let's take a look at my June

This was my first full week playing in it.
I liked that I could just sort of make boxes on my own & not use a lot of stickers to make it functional & pretty.  

I did use some more stickers on week 2 of it.
The Agenda 52 & Happy Planner stickers both worked OK in it.
Some of them go over the edge a little bit - but there's a little bit of a space in between so it's not like blocks anything.

week 3, I was getting more of a feel of it & really enjoyed playing in this one.

So I think I may end up finishing up 2020 in this planner.  At least for awhile.
I've already started July in it too & still enjoying it.

I like the lines in it that keep me straight.  I also like how smooth the paper is.

The one neat thing about Plum Paper Planner is that you can really pick & chose what you want in your planner when you order & you can personalize it too.

I ended up putting at the end of each month a fitness tracker.  The way it was labeled, it didnt work for me, so I ended up just marking it out & putting my own column titles on it - it works perfectly.

& I also drew a mood tracker in this one so keeping that as well.

June was NOT my best month
I've been seeing a LOT of people using Plum Paper's DAILY planner too - which is VERY intriguing to me. I'm always  keeping my eyes out for new planners & what I'm going to use for 2021.

I do actually wish I could find an Hourly vertical planner for Happy Planner & then I think I'd really be happy.  I'm waiting for the new releases around fall to see if they come out with one.

Speaking of Happy Planner - I'm still THOROUGHLY enjoying my Faith Planner - & have had more questions about that than anything.  Here's a little look at my June Faith Planner weeks

How cute is this washi???

(I should have used white out to block out the line underneath - but #lazy)

See, I'm still very much loving Happy Planner things.

I like that my Faith Planner isn't about a lot of decorating - but just journaling & documenting. 
You could do that for anything really - diary for this crazy time - documenting your kid's days - writing down memories for each day - I've thought of a few ways I could use planners like this.


I'm following more Planner accounts on Instagram & just really loving seeing all the ways to plan & all the pretty planners out there.  Who knows what I'll be using by the time 2021 gets here.

Do you like to journal?

Do you keep notes from Bible Studies or devotional time?

What's your favorite brand of planner?

If you plan or journal anything at all - link up with us!!!
(I post a day early with Thankful Thursday tomorrow - so feel free to come back & link up!)

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