Thursday, December 31, 2020

Do we really have to be thankful for 2020? {Thankful Thursday #292}


Can you believe this is it... the last day of 2020.
I dont think there is one person who is sad to put this year behind us.
Onward & upward, right?  

We're coming out of the year different people I think. I know I am.  
At the beginning of 2020, I was on the go go go, always doing things, meeting up with people, serving in church, in all the stores, in all the restaurants.

Fast forward & we have not eaten in a restaurant since March.  I havent been back to my church since March.  I have hugged 2 people this year since March other than my husband - one by accident - the other, I told her to hold her breath & we both had masks on HAHA.  

I have seen the worst in people & the best in people... there's always good.   The political season brought out some sides of people that shocked me. COVID brought out the horrible sides of people.  Everyone was taking out tension behind keyboards & even worst, in public... I think 2020 is going to be a shame to look back in history books at the climate of the country, the character of Americans.

& in all this ho-hum talk...there was good. Things we can be thankful for.

The biggest - WE'VE SURVIVED IT!!!! WHOO HOOO - pat yourself on the back.

I need a I SURVIVED 2020 t-shirt RIGHT NOW!!!

But I really hope you have come through learning new things about yourself.  
Finding  new passions.
Enjoying time with family you wouldnt otherwise have.
That you come out of finding joy in the little things - like a smile, a hug - things we miss dearly

I pray we leave the ugliness behind & learn from all we have done, seen, heard, felt.... & come out better people in the year & years ahead.

But - let me finish off with just a few things from last week I'm grateful for - because hello - Christmas week!

I am Thankful for:

*We had some warmer days in December!  Followed by snow - but then warmed back up. Mother Nature is feeling me with the menopause symptoms.

*The Hubs has been great driving me to places - even the doctor - with my ears being so bad & my dizziness being horrible.  He even has driven my car because his truck makes me car sick & usually when he drives my car, its a fight. "You're braking too hard"" "You're too close to the side" "You're going too fast" "Dont touch my mirror" "Dont touch my seat" "Dont even think about changing the radio"... ya know - marriage car driving normalcy.  But he's manned through.

* Julie got her vaccine.  I cant wait for all my loved ones to be protected so I can stop worrying... some...a little anyways.

Stole her pic off Facebook

*Sweet surprises came in the mail last week from friends, in cards & packages & all of it just made me feel the hugs from afar.  The spirit of Christmas just coming through the mail.

*Speaking of mail - GOD BLESS all the delivery people.  Literally were out delivering packages on Christmas Eve!!! & I got in all my packages in time for Christmas.  They really have kept me going through the whole COVID year... & will continue to keep me going.  When we can hug again, is it weird if I hug my UPS man?

* I'm so glad my cardiologist is still in business.  All my other doctors have retired (....cough ... cough... I'm old) but he's still trucking along, looking just the same - still yelling at me for all the same things.  But I'm so glad I got an appointment with him on the one day I was off before Christmas.  

* Holter Monitor. I talked about this Monday but I am so glad they have used technology for good & made it where its wearable & not miserable to move & sleep.  I honestly forgot I had it on.

* Family.  Yep... Christmas was weird. & we didnt get to see half the people we normally do - but I'm glad we got to see the ones we did - even if it was across a yard & with masks on.  Just being NEAR loved ones is enough.

* Friday Christmas. How awesome is it for Christmas to fall on a Friday!!! Give me that long weekend Santa!!!

* Mug Winner!!! You all know I love me some Show Us Your Books with Steph & Jana - & they had a giveaway because they are just so giving & sharing & give the love back to real needs in the world.  & their latest giveaway on Instagram involved a mug...two actually - & I won one of them. I was GIDDY excxited. I've falled in love with the Rae Dunn mugs & this is now our 3rd. This will officially be my "Reading mug" ... because you need a mug for every occasion!!!

So tell me something good about your Holiday

Even better - tell me something good you're taking out of this year!!!


& oh yeah... yesterday was my birthday! 
Talk about an adulting birthday... I worked  from 7am to 6:00pm...after working the night before to 9pm. Year end stuff at work is CRAY-CRAY!!! But the Hubs always is the best at making me feel special - even if he feel asleep 15 minutes after I signed off work. Bless his heart.  Here I go venturing into my last year in my 40's... 50 lies ahead. I dont know how to feel about it.  So I wont. I'll treatit like I do most things of 2020 - ignore it & play in my planner, read some books & snuggly with my puppies.

OK... again - here we go 2021 straight ahead & to the right!

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