Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday Favorites


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HOLD UP... I just noticed - this will be the last Friday Favorites for 2020!!!
Next Friday is Christmas & then the Friday after that is 2021! WHAT????
I'm sorry - that just blew my mind!

Favorite Cheese Board


Favorite Kids Socks

I love library socks but never saw them for kiddos before.... such a fun baby shower gift!

Favorite Lotion Set

Cute little containers to throw everywhere - in your purse, in your car, on your desk.
Or even cute little stocking stuffers!

Favorite Scarf

Before 2020 & face masks, I always wore infinity scarves to cover my face during cold & flu season.... look at me being ahead of my time!  But I love infinity scarves to change a look of a shirt/dress.

Favorite Water Bottle

I guess because you see so many with such pretty designs, this one just looks so nice to me.
It's clear... I mean, that's where we're at in the world when just a clear water bottle is attractive -LOL
But I love the time reminders on it too.

Favorite Phone Holder

Staying on a minimalist sort of thinking
isn't this pretty to just hold your phone up.
I'm thinking on a desk... & you could even use the tray for paper clips 
Or earrings if they get on your nerves being on the phone
.... or put your rings in it & sit your phone in it while you're getting ready in the morning & checking out the latest news or tweets.

Favorite Gloves

I love these in the brown color too!  But that bow & fur trim!!!! 
They work with smart phones too!

Favorite Whiskey Decanter

Living in Kentucky with all the whiskey around - this would be a nice & classic way to store it in a bar area.  A really nice gift for a man... because what do you get a guy for Holidays!?!! 
(Always the hardest!)

Favorite Funnies

This is legit

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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