Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Welcome to the 21st

 Hello Tuesday! ... can you believe we're in the last day of August! Yet another day in the apocalyptical world that we live in.  I mean, seriously - its nuts. Every day, something awful seems to be happening.  

I have gotten so hooked on the show on Netflix, Travelers.  A quick summary is basically that people from the future come back, able to jump into people's bodies that are about ready to die. They know this because they're in the future & have all the records.  The state of the world they live in in the future is in such despair, they're trying to come back & make changes so the future has better outcomes. Interesting really.  Anyways - when the new "Traveler" enters a body with a mission, the other Travelers greet them & say, "Welcome to the 21st".

I feel like we're in the time all the Travelers would be coming back to make adjustments.

It is pretty funny - one of the episodes goes off with a Travelers hacking into a child (They can work through kids because kids brains are so easily formed - they dont have to die) & the child is giving all sorts of Periodic Table element names & I noticed in it, they mention mRNA.... I look at the next episode & it says, "A flu like virus spreads rapidly among the country & the Travelers have a Mission to try & stop it....

Wait - what??? This was made in 2018 too....

Maybe the Travelers ARE here... LOL


I had a nice long weekend. Much needed too.

Last week, & actually the few weeks before that - I've just felt really bad.  So run down.  & then last week at work, I was in a meeting & was standing & talking & my vision started tunneling out.  I was like, "Ummm.... I'm gonna sit down now because I think I'm going to pass out". It was such a scary feeling.  My vision got all blurry & I kept seeing black spots.  I was like, this is how I die. Fun.

Hubby was scared that COVID had hit our house again & wanted me to get tested. Well, that's a joke. I looked online & you couldnt get a test anywhere in my area until the next week. I ran into Walgreens to see if they had any of the over the counter tests & they had their drive thru line to get tested wrapped around the building. My Lord. ... We ended up calling to a CVS down a little bit from us & they had 2 tests left - Hubby jumped in the car & ran down to get it.

Did you even know they had COVID over the counter tests?  Yep... sure enough! I even saw them at Sam's Club.  As you can see - it was negative. & it really is just like the test you get in the Little clinics!  I just wonder if it is positive, do those numbers not get recorded? So COVID cases can be higher than we know? Wonderful. 

I do think it will be handy to have some spare tests on hand though if they aren't going to pick up testing sites while all the spikes are happening.

Anyways - having a few days off was exactly what I needed.

I ended up going through & started clearing out my books in my front room. A friend ended up coming over & picking up a batch & we got to sit on the front porch & catch up. She always just makes me laugh. We are so different - but so alike - & just love chatting with her & hearing her views on things. She is someone who has nothing but honest thoughts that she has no issues sharing.  The kind of person you can have a disagreement with & you discuss why & at the end of that conversation, you move back on to something else.  She was such a bright spot in my weekend.

I also just spent most of my weekend outside when it wasn't sweltering, reading & relaxing.... finished one book - moved on to the next.

I got lots of naps in ... which again, I'm just feeling so drained & run down. Its crazy.

Anyways - I called my hematologist & told them what was going on & they got me in the same day to take my blood & see where my levels are at. I should be getting the results today - I'm sure by the end of the week at the latest.  We shall see. I'm anxious to see where my ferritin is at.  Hubby is convinced I'm having panic attacks from all the stress I've been feeling lately..... I wouldnt be one bit surprised by that.

So how was your weekend?

Did you get hit by any of Ida?
We're getting all the rains today!

Did you watch the show Travelers on Netflix?

Did you know they had over the counter COVID tests?
Would you try one?

Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Favorites



Favorite Hair Help

I love anything that gives a little bit of pizzazz to my hair

Favorite Shirt

Favorite Beauty and the Beast

Look at Belle all fancied up

Favorite Face Mask


You get 8 masks in this & it just looks like a science experiment mixing it together & making your face all cracked up - before it looks all tight. I'm curious to try it.
The names of the other masks in this line are funny too! Mummy Mask - Witch Mask

Favorite Purse

Its a crossbody bag, which I love
& that color!!!! I LOVE! It comes in 28 other colors too - GEEZ

Favorite Phone Case

Because Nokia phones will never die
This phone case is so funny! & looks cushy to hold

Favorite Measuring Decals

You can put those decals inside a cabinet - or even on a wall - which would be cute near an oven
plus, I'm forever asking Alexa questions on measurement sizes - something I can never grasp

Favorite Funnies

I posted this on my phone & still have to look at it over & over to figure it out

I'd have to move

... when I went to the library after not being there in half a year

... every time Hubby asks me to go to Home Depot with him

...every time I walk in a room & the dogs are tearing something up

... me today because I was off work

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday #323


Sorry my blog has been quiet this week.  My momma told me if you cant say anything nice.... so I've just been quiet on here.  

This week, we have yet another grandson dealing with Covid this week, because of course we are. & just heard yesterday afternoon that ANOTHER grandson just had to go get tested as well.  It was their first week of school & where they are at, they're doing that fun thing where Governors fight AGAINST mask wearing for kids that are too young to get a vaccine... so yeah, just like here in our area, hundreds of kids, most of the teachers, already out. 2 weeks into the school year.

I just dont understand...the fight of it all to do what science asks & the preference to listen to politicians... who for the most part - ARE VACCINATED. & work in government buildings where they HAVE TO WEARK MASKS. The irony is so thick in all of this.

& let's not bring in how religions, or church, or "Christian views" because I am just amazed at it all - as a Christian myself. That a health choice has become the crying rally for the "WE SHALL NOT FEAR" proud - VERY proud - Christians.  When you get those phone calls in the middle of the night - when you have to go to the doctor for diagnosis - when your children are struggling, you sure dont want some of the quotes, comments you've been posting coming back at you - just saying.... & I had a hard time with COVID - struggled horribly.  I CAN fear it - I dont want to go through that again. & God doesnt love me any less or question my trust in Him when I do fear the possibility of going through that again.

... & we see why I havent been posting lately on my blog.... Lord Jesus come!

Moving on - trying to once again find some good in the days

This week I am thankful for: 

Baby Drinking
So my brother was very concerned because he said Baby wasn't drinking her water - in this horrible heat wave we're in, he thought something was wrong. I told him she was probably stretching to get her brother's water bucket.  My brother said no way.  He finally moved Cochese's bucket out of the way & lo & behold, Baby's bucket was down like 3-4 inches a day. LOL. Sneaky girl. Glad there wasn't anything wrong. We had a vet scheduled to come out this week.

I had to go get my card renewed - who knew? Apparently every 3 years, they have to verify your information is the same. I hadn't been back there since they've opened fully. The last time I was there, you just ordered online & just go inside the door & they met you there to get the books - you weren't allowed to browse. Now, its all back to normal & I had to stop over by the new release section... came out with 3 new books.  Made me super excited because the book i was reading was just gross. Gave me the perfect excuse to just toss that one & enjoy some good reads.

Oil Change
I saved so many miles on my car by not really driving anywhere for the past year & a half - especially work. So I haven't had to get my oil changed in the longest.  The time came up though - I'm very adamant about my window sticker & checking it every week - & I needed to get Dorothy (my car's name) all set up.  The Valvoline I usually get my oil changed was gone though! Someone else took it over. A name I'd never heard of before - DANG IT. I've gone to that Valvoline since we moved up there 20 years ago.  I like it because you dont have to get out of your car & you're in & out in under 20 minutes.... well, I gave this place a try after reading the reviews on it & it was good enough. It looks a little "generic" now in there - oil in big tubs & they pour it into canisters to put into your car - but hey - in the end, my oil light is off, my tires are aired up - I got a new sticker for my window - success.

All my Aussies
They are honestly the sweetest little critters. They know when we're upset - or even hurt. Hubby gets horrible leg cramps from working in this heat & not staying hydrated. When those cramps kick in, they just run around him & want to help him. If I'm on the ground attempting exercising - they get underneath of me to try & lift me up & to help me off the ground. They just bring me smiles & happiness every single day.

Joining with the precious Leslie at Once Upon a time & Happily Ever After & joyful Jennifer from Overflowing with Thankfulness to host all the gratitude.  Be sure to stop by their blog & see all their blessings this week.

Tell me something good ... again, Please - I need good news!

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Friday Favorites


Click Pic for Link

Favorite Cat Bed

I dont even own cats, but how cute is this? I just want to see the cats jump up in this.

Favorite Planner

Yesterday, Passion Planner just put out new Daily Planners - which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  They have pretty new covers & in the black, they even have bigger sizes - that's exciting!!!! Of course I had to order some! 

They have new stickers out too.
Click HERE for my affiliated link (even if you want to just click over & window shop - it still gives me credit) & if you use REBECCAJO10 you can 20% off right now too!

Favorite Pillow

It twists into different shapes... Not just the U-shape pillow - perfect for so many uses. 

Favorite Tote

I actually have this tote & have used it for years.
Its reversible too.  & sturdy. I have put so much stuff in this to tote around & I've also just put some basics & it is so easy to carry no matter what's in it.

There's so many colors of it too.  

Favorite Water Bottle

Look at this!! It collapses.
So nice to tuck in a purse or bag or leave in your car - or when you're hiking or traveling.
I'm curious how well this holds up - but the reviews look really good on it.

Favorite Storage Console

This could be used in any room - for crafts, for dining room, for living room & storage of blankets, for bedrooms & putting clothes or accessories in it.  So cute!

Favorite Mug

Miss Minutes from Loki!!! I hear her voice in my head

Favorite Plant Holders

Favorite Funnies

... every time I see healthy eating plans that are low carbs

... when I go inside of Starbucks to place an order trying to beat the mile long drive thru

...me at 4:00pm today leaving the office

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!