Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Things learned from my dad....Hodgepodge


Joining with JOYCE

1. Something you learned from your father? 

A few things come to mind...

  •  My dad always would say, "Never believe anything you hear & only half of what you see"
  • "Nothing good happens after midnight" - his excuse why I always had a curfew - even in my 20's LOL
  • How to cut, sand, create things from wood.
  • Work ethic.  You go to work no matter what! Sickness, weather, nothing short of needing to go to the ER - you get to work. (My dad later told me he regretted teaching that to me & my brother - after he was retired - but my brother & I still live this idea)
  • Floss every night (even though our whole family has horrible teeth - genetics aint kind)
  • This one - we laugh about & I dont agree completely, but appreciate the point - but my dad enjoyed life & always said, "you're going to die in debt to someone anyways - so dont worry about the cost of things - enjoy life"
  • You go to church, you serve in church.
  • Jesus loves you

2. Do you like onions? Raw or cooked? How about onion rings? What's something you love to eat that calls for onions? 

I used to HATE onions... but honestly, since using Hello Fresh, I have come to really enjoy them cooking with them.  Even pickling red onions has become something I enjoy. - put them on a pineapple pizza - YUM!

& Onion rings.... MY JAM!  Some people are experts in wine - I feel like I am an expert in onion rings. The batter, the way the onion stays together, the taste - I love me some onion rings
FYI - Locals - I think Mike Linnings has the best onion rings around!

3. It's officially summer (in the Northern hemisphere)...your favorite and least favorite things about the season?

I feel like I say this a lot - but I LOVE the extra light. The drive into work with sunshine on my shoulder at 6:30am... & sitting outside till 9pm with light on my face.

The least favorite - sweat, sweat & more sweat.  Oh, & frizzy hair.

4. When you think about the summers of your childhood what are two or three things that come to mind? 

Summers of your childhood- was there anything better?

Sleeping in... playing board games with my mom ... neighborhood kick ball games...all the day time game shows (Bucket list - be on The Price is Right) .... soap operas (I'm old - 80's soap operas were the best).... swimming at my aunt's house.... shopping with my grandmother....late night TV watching with my mom (Miss you David Letterman)

5.  A hot mess, the heat of the moment, beat the heat, if you can't stand the heat, catch heat, in a dead heat...choose a 'hot 'phrase and tell us how it applies to your life right now.

Why do I feel like "Hot Mess" just applies to the world right now... 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

If you read Monday's blog post, you know Harvey Dent tore up his PJ's... which we have 3 more pairs coming in from Amazon tomorrow.  & then we put a blow up cone of shame on him. WELLLLL....Hubby started the lawn mower yesterday evening & that always gets the dogs going - like they're going to attack the lawn mower.  & instead of attacking the lawn mower, Ernie ended up turning around & grabbing Harvey's inflatable cone & POP!

So much for that ...

I went & got a different kind of inflatable cone (The same kind we had on Zoe a few weeks back)... with 2 cones, 4 pairs of PJ's, this hot spot is costing us close to a $300.00 so far. Notice, I say SO FAR.... LOL.  The things we do for our dogs.

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