Thursday, September 29, 2022

The MRI Results are in.... {Thankful Thursday}

 Well, look at me hosting Thankful Thursday. I havent done this since June! Holy cow! I'm first of all so thankful for Jen & how she's picked it up &kept the ball rolling.  Jen is out enjoying a break this week so I told her I'd be more than happy to make sure the link up was still up.  

... & this works out perfectly because I have some great news to share!

My MRI Results came back on Tuesday & when I saw the doctor's office come up on my phone - I literally held my breath as I said, "HEEEELLLLLOOO????"

The nurse was on the phone & said, "We have your results....."

I never felt more like I was on the show of Maury in my life!

Gripping my desk, I didnt even hear the first few words out of her mouth - I only heard what came next - NON-SURGICAL!

YES YES & YES!!!!!

Only - I cant get my arm up like this
....but I did in my mind!!!!

Then - it gets stupid... of course it does.

She then said, "So you need to come in & get a steroid shot". ... Wait. Didnt we clarify after my last shot where my tongue swelled up & everything tasted like metal that I shouldnt have any more steroid shots?

She goes & talks to the nurse practitioner & then comes back & then puts me on hold again & then comes back & then puts me on hold again.... to only come back  & say, "Did you want to talk to the NP?"... Um, Yeah, I think that would be best.

She gets on the phone & tells me that yes, I have a tear in my rotator cuff - but its not significant enough for surgery. There is a lot of bursitis & of course, tendonitis, which I knew about.  & she said, the thing causing my issue is "Adhesive Capsulitis"... which is just a fancy pancy way of saying "Frozen Shoulder'

Which, how bad could that be with a cute little Disney shout out in the name?

OHHH - it can be really bad.  

I found out the word "Adhesive" is used in this because its just as you think... its like everything is STUCK together in there! Gorilla Glue joints!

She went on to tell me that the thickening in my joint is severe & can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 YEARS to heal... YEARSSSSS people! What in the world?

But... no surgery!

& if you look it up, it will explain how painful it is, & can be. & its just bizarre!

It can take months for it to START to freeze... & then even LONGER for it to actually be FROZEN... & then another year or longer to "Thaw"... My Lord - this is just nuts.

The good news - once it heals, its very rare it every happens again...... that arm...

Odds are high you'll get in 5 years in the OTHER arm.

OH NO - NO YOU DONT... I'll be swinging my other arm every freaking day to keep it from freezing up.

The crazy thing - you dont really get to control it - its not something that you do -it just "happens". Reassuring.

So I guess just in time for one arm to thaw, the other has time to freeze. OMG - Can you even imagine if they both did it at the same time? .... I literally shook with a chill of terror.

Where am I now.... I still cant raise my arm behind me. I still cant put on a bra normally. I still have issues washing my hair & pulling up my pants... BUT I dont have to have surgery. That makes everything bad right now so much more tolerable.

So while this does have some things that seem ho-hum & not very cheery, I'm still so thankful I dont have to go under & deal with a painful surgery & healing - & having to deal with taking off work & bills & just everything awful with surgery.

My pickelball days are still ahead of me! Wayyyy ahead of me - but still! I'll take it!

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