Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday.. & I feel like poop... Here's your visual for the day:  I just posted on Facebook "I feel like I have plungers covering my nose & hot pockers sticking in my ears..." ... stop & visualize that for a moment, will you?  Now imagine how today is probably going to go for me... If I make it through the day, it will be amazing.  Maybe Fragging will help....

We are out of dog treats at home & our 4 fur-babies sit at the door & refuse to let you pass unless you give them some sorta goodie before you go.  So what have we been giving our dogs?  Saltine crackers!  Hey, when you're desperate to leave without a guilty conscience of sad, puppy dog eyes, you do what you have to do.  I told Ricky, if they start talking back to us like a parrot, I'm going to be freaked out!

I'm hoping I feel better by Sunday because I'm headed to see "ROCK OF AGES" ... the Broadway show that is all about 80's music!  Starring none other then the American Idol contestant, Constantine!!!  Even better?  We're in the 2nd row!  Like, I may get Constantine sweat thrown on me... (ewww)... I'm wondering if I need to pull out the Aqua Net & blue eye liner & acid wash jean mini skirt for the occasion.

Its FINALLY going to get warmer this weekend - & by warmer, its going to get to 45 degrees!  Which I was so looking forward to a good run!  That is actually great running weather... & now, I'm sick... this bites

Speaking of running, my blog buddy, The Bug sent me a comic... see?  Running in winter has its advantages!

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Dog Food!!!!  No, not the spat we had a few weeks ago of Ricky NOT emptying it in the containers.  This is a new Dog Food Spat.  We like to keep things new & fresh in our relationship! :)       Ricky was actually helping me out because I was so busy one evening - I normally feed the dogs, but he said he would do it.  Oh.My.Gosh.... it drove me insane.  I have a method - a system - I can have 4 dogs, who all have different kinds of food, different bowls, all specific, all fed within 1 minute. Its truly a work of art... So Ricky goes to feed the dogs & he takes about 5 minutes, just to walk out in the garage a dozen times to get their food, go get some more... wait, I need a different kind... Oh wait again, I need a little bit more for the big dog.  I was sitting there watching this ready to blow a gasket!  In the end, I just grabbed the bowls & did it myself. .... wait, now that I think about it, did he do that on purpose so I wouldnt ask him to feed the dogs again? hmmm.... he's sneaky like that!!!

Did you see that intern from the White House on American Idol?  Ricky & I replayed the part of Randy acidentally slapping her in the face, like 50 times!  That was the funniest thing I've ever seen on American Idol ever!  ... She is my favorite female singer so far.  There is a You Tube Video of her singing "Gravity" when she was in Harvard... she's fantastic! 
But I dont even care if the guy can sing or not, I hope the guy who is sticking with his fiance who was in the car accident wins it all!!!! 

I'll leave you with this picture my sweet friend Gretta sent me.  How awesome would this be to make for a little new baby boy?  And since I think some sorta big football game is coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to post.  Believe me - this picture is the ONLY thing football I've looked at all year! :)  I have better things to do - like feeding dogs & laughing at girls getting slapped in the face by Randy Jackson!

Happy Friday everyone... or in the case of how I'm feeling, Happy BLAH-Day!


  1. i am so sorry you are feeling so crummy!! i visualized... not pretty!

    i bet your hubby did that dog food biz on purpose!!! stinker!! my hubby would totally dawdle and putz around till i just did it myself. or get a child to do it for him :-( grrrr!!!

  2. I am so sorry you are feeling bad, but even when feeling like poop you make us laugh!!!

  3. I say go with the Aqua Net and blue eyeliner. Maybe they'll pull you up on stage. Better yet ... Constantine is no Stephen Curtis Chapman so you may want to skip that get-up.

    I SO wish you felt better. Being sick stinks. Hang in there.

  4. Aw, pumpkin, hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks.

    I think Ricky TOTALLY did that on purpose...he's no fool. And you fell for it! Silly girl. You should've gone to another room so you didn't have to watch his "method" :)

    Hope you can enjoy the concert!

  5. I was sick last weekend so I feel ya - get better SOON (why do we say that? Like you were planning on taking a long time to get better...).

    I have an acid wash denim mini skirt!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the comic :)

  6. I hope you feel better ASAP!

    I am convinced hubbys do this...I know mine does. He pretends to "not know how" to do things so I will do them! LOL

    That football outfit is so stinking cute!

  7. Such fun fragments, but I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Hope you better soon.

  8. That football snuggy is adorable who wouldn't want one! Your recaps of the night on Idol and funny moments in your home crack me up! The thing with the dog food is totally something we would bicker over and YES my sweet hubby bird would do it all WRONG just to drive me nuts so I wouldn't ask him to do it again. Too funny!

  9. That is the cutest football I've ever seen!

    Feel better soon.

  10. sounds like some spoiled pups I am so envious of you that show sounds great

  11. If you just move those plungers to your ears, you could be Larry Boy. Doesn't that make you feel better? No?

    Sliding. That is my kind of running.

    I missed this American Idol moment.

    That little football cozy is so so so cute!!!

    Happy Friday...I hope you are feeling better for real!!

  12. Hoping (and praying!!) that you get to feeling better TODAY so you can enjoy your weekend.

    If you get sweat thrown you on you, please take a picture of it to post..HA!

    I am thinking about starting running (as I do absolutely no exercise now) but guess I will need to start "walking" before I attempt running! I did find some awesome K-Swiss shoes I want to get me started.

    And I'm glad to be a part of the one football thing you have liked this season. :)

  13. Feel better SOON, sweet friend! You MUST get well by Sunday so you can rock out! I want to hear all about it, too! That "baby football" is too cute for words!

  14. Very cute football :-)

    Have fun at the musical, it sounds like it'll be a blast!

  15. I hope you start feeling better! No fun! Why do I love reading Spat of the Week so much???
    What a cute football!

  16. Does this mean the tree has been put away?

  17. Yuck!! YUCk!!! YUCK!!!!! I'm so sorry your feeling so poorly friend. Maybe the warmer weather will help.

    OH my I'm with ya sista', that dude needs to WIN IT ALL!!! And I thought he sang REALLY well!! We also thought Randy punching the intern in the face was crazy!! How could you NOT know you just did that?

    Okay, How incredibly cute is that football onesie. Do they make that in my size? Forget the snuggy, just give me the football =) LOVE IT!!!!!

    And I love you girly!!

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  18. I hope that you get to feeling better soon. Feeding the dogs can be a chore.. I want it to get warm here but I do not see that happing. I love the football baby that is way too cute.. have a great weekend..

  19. I feed 5 dogs & 5 cats every night, and usually I do it by myself, because nobody else does it right!
    I LOVE that little football outfit. Adorable!

  20. I was worried you were going to tell me that you made your own dog treats. Thank goodness you didn't! I would have felt inferior.

    Just heard of Rock of Ages when Kimberly Caldwell was on the Smiley Morning Show this week. Have fun.

    Hope you feel!

  21. That intern girl could sing, for sure! When we're out of dog treats, I slip the girls a little piece of cheese...probably not the best thing, but it'll do in a jiffy!
    Love the baby in the football! That is adorable!

  22. Oh, dear--I sure hope you're feeling enough to enjoy the show.

    The football baby is incredibly CUTE!

    Loved the slap on Idol, too :)

    Here's hoping you are sleeping like a baby as I type this...

  23. I hope you are feeling better...seems like we have been sick around here forever!
    Oh the dog treat thing..our dogs have to have a treat every time I go in the kitchen and every time someone comes home..(I do make my own sometimes) but have resorted to cheeze nips when in a hurry. Now our first lady says cheeze nips are no good for us and Wal-mart has to raise the price on them so poor people won't eat them. I love cheeze nips..oh well!
    My husband never feeds the dogs; he is not allowed to feed the homeless lady; he is not allowed to touch the washer, dryer or dishwasher. Maybe you are right; they do it on purpose..hmmm


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