Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Patrick Dempsey ruined me....

Does anyone remember Patrick Dempsey from a movie in the 90's called "Outbreak"?  Yes, McDreamy... in a movie about everyone DYING a horrible death because of a virus being spread?

This picture is actually from the movie.  Graduated from "Cant Buy me Love... & WELL before Grey's Anatomy...

There is a scene that I think of everytime I hear or see someone sneeze. Patrick Dempsey has snuck a monkey into the states & this monkey is carrying some sort of crazy unknown, made up virus.  It has made Mr. Dumb-for-sneaking-a-monkey sick himself.  He's sitting in a movie theater.. he sneezes... & then in sllloooooooowwwww motion, it shows the germs being carried around the theater.  They land on people's pants, in their hair, on their face... OH MY GOSH ... someone sneezes & their germs are flying onto my FACE?????  Needless to say, everyone in the theater gets the virus ... they all die...

This movie is from 1995 & I swear, it still sticks with me.  Ricky remembers it too & when we hear someone sneeze, we instantly look at each other because we know what the other is thinking.... see what movies can do to a person?  I'm so paranoid now of germs.  That movie, plus Howie Mandell & I'm turning into a full fledge germ-a-phobe.

Then remember what I do with most of my time.... work with Jr. High kids!!!!!  These are little humans that do not know the concept of covering a mouth when coughing, much less cupping your hands around that face when you let out a huge sneeze, or probably even understand the idea of washing hands, or even knowing you are to sing the song "Happy Birthday" TWICE while scrubbing. 

(Am I sounding a little crazy here?)

I walk around with hand sanitizer constantly.  I am the one who will constantly tell the kids in the youth group, "COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH" (or sneeze)... I even got called "Psycho" by another youth leader for yelling at a child for the 100th time to cover their mouth.  Um, excuse me?  But if I have to tell someone 100 times they need to cover their mouth, they obviously need to be told one more time because they STILL havent learned it!... just saying... I also need to show this youth leader the movie "Outbreak" & ruin their view of the world when they hear a sneeze....

Sunday, I'm sitting there with my hand sanitizer near by & I thought about all the things flying around the room & how none of them are seen.  These are all things I'm battling - but cant actually point out - cant dodge, cant run from... the germs are all around me, & yet, my eyes see nothing.

I looked at all those kids around the room while I was talking about Jesus being their friend & then, I thought of the thing the Bible warns us about... A spiritual Battle going on all around us...something that no one can see - something we should be leery of - taking percaution for - something MUCH scarier then germs....

I couldnt help but think that the words I was telling them, the words we read in the Bible, the words from other leaders, the prayers we prayed... there was our "hand sanitizer" for the day... the things that were covering these sweet little souls up from being "attacked"... keeping those "germs" away for the moment.

Its crazy to think about the things we cant see... isnt it?

For our struggle is not against flesh & blood,
but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world &
against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
-Ephesians 6:12


  1. A healthy respect for germs is good, but too much hand sanitizing is NOT. You need some germs in your body to get immunity...if you sanitize all the time, the germs just get stronger and more resistant, and then our defenses don't work. This is advice from an Infectious Disease doctor that I work with...

    That being said, sneezing/coughing and not covering up is just plain rude. Our schools are now teaching the kids to cough/sneeze into their elbows, so they don't get the germs all over their hands. Great idea, in my opinion.

    Love how you can bring it all back to the Message, Rebecca! You are so right!

    ps. I still adore Patrick Dempsey, even if he did bring a sick monkey across the border :)

  2. Well, being a military spouse I am used to the whole "cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm" but I still don't practice it. (I know... terrible!) I have a pretty amazing immune system. Tho, I'll admit, I'm not the most "clean' person ever. Don't get me wrong, my house is clean, I just don't go around sanitizing everything all the time. I've had the flu once in all my life, and very rarely get "actual sick" like, from a virus or germ, but I get headaches a lot. I must be doing something right! :-D

  3. I agree with Heather!! I use hand sanitizer one time a year. The only reason we even have antibacterial soap in the house is because the inlaws always complain when we don't. I'm all about building up immunities.

  4. I think about that movie all the time when I'm in a theatre. I'm a total germaphobe! However, I worked in a hospital setting and learned early on to wash my hands often w/o antibacterial soap for exactly the reason Heather shared. FYI, It's almost impossible to buy it now!

    We also don't do flu shots in my house. Our bodies were meant to get certain illnesses and to learn to fight them off naturally. Each illness strengthens our body to handle the next germ.

    I also have been taking note and keeping track of this little theory I have. I've noticed more people become ill and to a higher threat after having the flu shot than those of us who refused it.

    The key in our house is wash, wash wash. Keep your hands out of your mouth and other stuff too.

  5. I'm rocking on the edge of becoming a germaphobe myself! It kind of makes your skin crawl if you think too much about all the what if's. You mentioned about the spiritual battle that is at hand. I think it's especially true of our young people. Have you caught any of the promos of that new MTV show called "Skins"? I've never seen the show...and NEVER will, but I've been listening to all the uproar about it from parenting groups. They're attempting to "normalize" bad behavior in teens and make it appear as if ALL kids are involved in that sort of thing. Plus, the kids on the show are underage and they could have a huge lawsuit on their hands. We live in scary times...all the more reason to lean on the ONE who has the answers!

  6. Preach that! Such a good analogy! {As usual :)}

  7. I saw an episode of Dr. Oz where he showed how one sneeze from the middle of the state can pass through the entire audience. I'm incredibly paranoid too when people cough or sneeze nearby because you just know you're gonna catch whatever they have :-(

  8. Every time my boys sneeze or cough without covering, I just think, "Gee, thanks for building up my immunity." I agree, the real battle in life in against what we cannot see directly but indirectly. I'm glad God has the battle won for us!

  9. wow how the post changed into a very a powerful post.. Yeah Ellen rocks..

  10. Wow! What a way to draw a parallel there! That really makes you think.

    On a side note, those kids that don't cover their mouths are merely helping you build you immune system. You might not have one without them if you overuse the hand sanitizer. :0)

    (There was a bit of sarcasm in that last statement just so you know, I am just playing around)

  11. RJ,
    I love the analogy!!! And I LOVE that verse. I've been quoting that one in my head lately.

    Love you friend,

  12. Love this. You always get me thinking...i'm a huge germ aphob to.

  13. Thanks for you kind thoughts today..

  14. I love how you ended this post. Excellent analogy. Good job.


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