Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365... 2011: Week 3

I'm loving seeing everyone's pictures... want to join along?  Go over to Sara's blog at Make music from your heart to the lord

Sunday - January 9 - Yep.... Still up.... Its officially over one week since New Years Day & my tree is still up.  See?  Nothing on it except dust... waiting to be tucked away.  If its there by next week, I'm decorating it for Valentines Day!  Ricky thinks I'm joking... I'll even go out & find some red & pink lights.  I can even put Cupid on top of it...

Monday - January 10 - Something special... A friend at church is going to be having a new grandbaby soon.  I had tried to teach her to knit & she was having a hard time with it (See Dawn, its not easy for everyone - DONT GIVE UP!) ... but she asked if she gave me the yarn & needles that she bought, if I could make a blanket up for her.  Of course!  I love this lady & her family so I was so happy to create this.  There's just something special about making a baby blanket...

Tuesday - January 11 - GIVING JESUS HIGH FIVES!!!!!! .... We were awaiting on some PET Scan results for my daddy.  During his milogram at the beginning of December, they discovered he has some tumors within the spine.  They sent him to his oncologist... it was a nerve wrecking time... & many of you have prayed along with my family.  Tuesday, we got the results that the PET Scan was all clear.... I literally screamed & jumped in my office & just wanted to give Jesus a Big ole' high five!!!!  So thank you everyone who was so faithful in your prayers for my daddy!!!!  May God be EXALTED!!!!!

(Can I ask that you keep some more prayers lifted as the tumors will be surgically removed Saturday)

Wednesday - January 12 - Winter WonderLand.... Its just cold... & Snowy... its Winter at its finest!  I really love to watch the snow... but it caused us to cancel church tonight.  Boo!  I miss those kiddos when I dont see them.  But its nice to stay snuggled in a warm house.

Thursday - January 13 - Makes me think of WKRP in Cincinnati .... I got out of my car from coming home from work & had to throw something in the garbage can outside.  I hear something & see movement out of what corner of my eye... & turn & what do I see?  About 15 wild turkeys.  I hear them all the time when I sit on the front porch but never had them this close to me.  These babies were HUGE too... They didnt stay for long - a school bus came down the road & they flew off.  Everytime I see these turkeys fly, I think of Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati... anyone else remember that episode?  "I swear, I thought turkey's could fly!"

Friday - January 14 - KISS keeps on rockin'!!! .... if you know my husband, you know that KISS is a part of who he is.  He loves this band - everything about them.  I cant even put his obsession into words.  So at lunch, I run out to Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn & I needed some new sharpies for my journal (that I'll actually show you later in another post) - but they have this area where you can check to see if the sharpie is working & not dried out.  I looked & saw this written... KISS rules... It made me smile to know that my husband isnt the only one who loves the bands of the 70's

Saturday - January 15 - Winter Run.... It finally made it to freezing. Like barely. 35 degrees.  I was so tired of running on the treadmill & am training again for my 3rd Half Marathon.  I keep reading about people running outside in even single digit temperatures so I thought, its at least above freezing, the sun is out - so I'm going to go for it.  Know what?  I LOVED IT!!!  I had a wool cap I had knitted & it kept my head feeling good - I had on enough layers that I was really warm, had the gloves on & two pairs of socks... I so enjoyed my run!  But it wasnt pretty - which is why I made sure the light isnt shining on my face here... you dont want to see me with a frozen running face... not pretty at all

Keep clicking away friends!!!!


  1. That winter wonderland picture? Wow. So beautiful.

  2. So happy to hear the news about your dad.
    Great job on the winter scene too.

  3. Good news about a loved one is always very GOOD NEWS indeed!

    I belong to the prayer shawl ministry at my church, we crochet and knit prayer shawls, chemo caps and other knitted and crocheted items for those in need in our congregation and community.

    Your blanket is beautiful. I have crocheted for a long time but have recently learned how to knit. I will say it is still a bit troublesome at times for me and I do find crocheting much easier, but knitting is so beautiful when it is done well!

    Excellent work!

    Great week!


  4. Well, here is where I admit that my tree still stands, with all the lights and decorations still on it. So don't feel bad! Actually I'd like to see your tree all decorated for Valentines day, that would be fun!

    Love your winter picture, so pretty!

    I think I'm getting jealous of your mad knitting skills, but not enough to try it out for myself :)

  5. Oh that tree - I can't wait to see it decorated for Valentine's Day :) Ours is still up - I probably told you (I've told everyone else) that I told Dr. M to leave it up until March when it starts really seeming lighter in the evenings - I need my Christmas lights until then!

    Good for you for running in this weather! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I'm so glad for your father.

  6. I love your winter wonderland pictures. They are awesome!! Praising God for a good report & continuing to pray for surgery as well.

    Ok, I am SO thankful your tree is still up too. Mine is still fully decorated. We normally take it down the first weekend in Dec. but we got our 12 mth old that Thursday. It was supposed to just be for a week or two but she is still with us and I haven't wanted to keep a 12 mth old out of all the Christmas boxes! We may have a Valentines tree too at this rate...HA!

  7. You are hard core RJ!! Someday maybe I will be able to run outside.... maybe one day I might even be able to run!! Right now, I'm just enjoying the fact that changing the way we eat, and working out moderately I have lost TWENTY pounds in less than a year... Okay... so it's not exactly a lot, but, it's better than adding 20! ;-)

  8. The blanket is stunning. It would contrast with the new duvet cover I just got perfectly.

    It's great news about your dad.

    As for the tree, I would be hanging my laundry on it and calling it a "statement piece" by now!

    Hugs & love,

  9. Yay for your dad! The baby blanket is beautiful! That must be so satisfying to see the finished product.
    I like your idea for your "holiday tree"! :D
    Runners are crazy...

  10. what a great week of pictures.. I really loved that blanket.. Have a great Monday. On Thursday I will post more about my news. I want to get my giveaway all finished up first.

  11. Love the pictures :-) I wish I was on top of things enough to do this too! haha :-) and I love the blanket!

  12. what great news on your dad!! and you could possibly use the tree even to hang laundry or other items...multiple uses through out the year ha!

  13. Praise the Lord about you dad! That is fabulous!

    The blanket is very pretty and soft looking.

    I totally remember that episode of WKRP. lol

    My husband...also a KISS fan. Maybe it is a guy thing.

  14. I love your Thursday picture!
    And I cant wait to see if your Christmas tree gets decorated for Valentine's day :-)

  15. I LOVE that blanket. How beautiful!

    I'm still rejoicing over the news about your dad. Great, great news.

  16. I don't know where to start! Decorating the tree for valentines day... good idea! Saves you from having to take it down and pack it away.

    Loved the big tree outside, would love to see THAT decorated for valentines day.

    Turkeys? I'm speachless.


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