Tuesday, August 30, 2011

puddy face

OK ladies, I want to hear from you... & guys too, if you fit in with this... I don't judge :)

I am in a search for a great makeup - more specifially, a good foundation. 

I've always used Neutrogena over the years but I can see the good ole age thing creeping up on my skin now.  I will be the big 4-0 in December (... I just got dizzy actually typing those numbers... is it true?... let's not talk about it & move on....) but my skin has definitely changed a lot over the past few years.  I bought the Cover Girl foundation that Ellen uses - because she's in her 40's & the commercials make her skin look great.  It has nothing to do with Photoshop or anything - right?  But I hated the make up!  It feels like there is a layer of puddy on my face when I wear it.

It doesnt help that lately, when I run & I'm out in the sun, its KILLING my skin.  I'm so dry - but everytime I put on sun screen or a moisturizer, it makes my face break out like a 13 yr old back in middle school.  Plus, I'm seeing so much sun damage from freckles & sun spots - add in the sweat that is running across my forehead & down my face too. (Again - why does running have so many downers that come along with it?)

What do you use?  Is it "light" feeling?  I want something that looks smooth but covers...

Give me your tips on great looking skin.

C'mon....help a lady out here... a wrinkled, sun spotted, freckled lady... pretty, huh?


  1. At fifty, I used Ellen's make-up too, but I wasn't a huge fan. Now I use a lighter make-up. (Also CG) You may have applied the "Ellen" stuff with too heavy a hand, but it is definitely strong stuff!

    Remember that anything you try can be returned. Few people know that.

    You might want to think about a lightweight Olay serum for your skin first.

    They have an on-line site to help with such choices.

    Or splurge and do something department store, like Clinique. What you put on first is truly just as important as what you put on top.

    I've decided to get serious about "anti-aging," lately and have been applying night cream and day cream, seeing a difference.

  2. And all MY make-up is Ellen make-up now that I think of it!

  3. I rarely wear make-up, but when I do, I wear Bare Minerals. It is spendy--but worth it. I went to a Bare Minerals store and had them pick out the shade for me. It is light--but you have to be careful because it is easy to put on too much. Seriously...a tiny, tiny bit goes a LONG way.

  4. Next time, have the good sense to be born Black and you won't crack so early in life.
    That's my tip!

  5. I use Rimmel's Clean Foundation. Love that stuff. I apply Rimmel primer, but with a little bit of moisturizer mixed in and then my foudation, cover in loose powder. It isn't heavy and doesn't melt in the heat.

  6. I'm a Bare Minerals person too - love the stuff. I like that I can blend two different colors to get the shade I want. Actually, in summer I use just the darker shade, then add the lighter one as my face gets lighter & then just use the lighter one again until spring when I reverse the process.

  7. I like the Olay Regenerist serum, too, covered with a CG powder. I never use foundation; just can't stand the feeling...

    Good luck finding something that works for your skin.

    BTW, 40 is the new 30, didn't you hear?

  8. I'm an Olay girl too. My friends swear by the Bare Minerals but I haven't taken that leap yet. I'm not thrilled with my base which is a CG product but I'm not ready to take the plunge for the price of BM. I feel your pain! I really do!

  9. i'd have to actually see your skin to tell you what i'd recommend, but i do love bare minerals. mac has some awesome foundations as well. i use a tinted moisturizer because i have good skin and foundation doesn't really do anything for me. my suggestion is go into the nearest makeup store and have one of the girls there check out your face. they will be able to give you a good idea of what you need :) good luck!

  10. I use Mary Kay mineral powder and love it..

    Have a great day..

    Thanks for always stopping by..

  11. great post! i have the running face problem too.. and i hate makeup in general.. so, for a long time i was doing bare minerals.. it's great, I still like it, etc. BUT, at a wedding a friend had a bottle of spray foundation, which I used to cover some blemishes on my shoulders, etc. This stuff is amazing. They have a serious version, which is for special events, but I decided to try out the everyday wear stuff.. I ordered it online a few months ago, and I'm never going back. It's expensive.. but, totally worth it. I had some problems with the site, so I ordered it by calling.. had them send me to different ones so I could find the right color. It sprays on super easy and light, I barely use any.. then you let it dry kinda and pat it out with a thing they send with it. Then, sometimes I'll do a quick runover it with bare minerals.. Especially in the summer, it's great, super light, but stays forever. In fact, it was even still on after I worked out. anyway, here's the link.. if you have more questions, feel free to shoot me an email. If you can deal with the cost, it's worth I think.. at least for me it was! http://www.classifiedcosmetics.com/. And, I should mention, they don't know who I am and this isn't a paid advertisement or anything, haha.

  12. here's the link to the actual product I use
    http://www.classifiedcosmetics.com/EraEverydayFoundation.aspx, in case you're interested

  13. I just went through this same ordeal. I'd always done drug store or Clinque. I found a drug store brand at CVS - Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy - that I really liked but they quit making my shade. (Ghastly white).

    I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to Estee Lauder. Double wear light. I LOVE it. It is pricey, but I switched to applying it with a brush (had always used the sponge thingy) and was amazed at how long it lasts. I got almost three months out of my last bottle. So, when I averaged it out, it's actually *not* that pricey! And the Estee Lauder counter will give you a week's worth of a sample to try before you buy it. Or, if you can get by with it, the Double wear mineral powder has good coverage too. I like it better than Bare Minerals. It's actually enough coverage that I can wear it without foundation if I want to. Like today, when I was running hopelessly late... :-)

  14. Revlon Colorstay has been mine for years now. I need coverage and this can go either way--more or less coverage.

    I run and I've found that even with sweat and wiping my face, some amount stays to give you a bit of coverage but it doesn't break my sensitive skin out.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I've used Estee Lauder double wear and it has GREAT coverage. So good you need a special remover to take it off. But it covers up my melasma and that's what I wanted :) Plus it doesn't sweat off and has SPF in it.


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