Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Woke up with a stuffed up nose, ears aching & sore throat... YIPEE!  I think it's just sleeping under all the fans.  After I got up & drank some water, things eased up.  Please sweet baby Jesus - dont let me get sick... I've got a big weekend ahead... let's discuss it, shall we?

What's so big this weekend?
Only the fact that I'm going to be COLORIFIC!!!!

Sunday is the big day where people throw powder on me like I'm wearing a fur
... & I dont punch them in the face for it...
... & I pay money to let them do it...
America is a great place to live

But even better?  Julie is coming up & doing it with us.
I say 'us' because we're not sure if the grandbabies are going to dig it
so Ricky is going to either be at the finish line with confused little boys, thinking, "OK, its cool if we throw things on people" ... or he's going to be in the middle of it pushing 2 little boys in a stroller while they laugh at each other for turning into pink/yellow/purple/green monsters
Its gonna be FUN!!!!!


I've got my shirt on backwards today...

& no, its not a 80's tribute to Kris Kross
(How many of you just sang "Jump Jump" in your head?)
(How many of you have no clue what I'm talking about?)

 I actually like my shirt that way....

Its got a keyhole opening in the front & when I sit down,
let's just say, its not office appropriate.
Its not appropriate anywhere actually

Its sleeveless & the neckline works to turn it around
& the keyhole actually looks cute on the back

Score one for my fashion genius.


Storms last night...
& we couldnt find Sydney

Look where we found her...

Poor baby cant fit under the bed anymore - but this is better then nothing I guess


Is Kristen Stewart stupid or what?

The premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 ... how do you think that's going to be?
Let's just say.... AWKWARD!!!!

& on the flip side of that?

How awesome is Christian Bale?

Going to the hospital to visit the injured & to the memorial site & prayed with the people gathered?  Now that's class!  I've never been a huge fan of Christian Bale...
but my ranking of him just went up 90%


No secret - I'm a Big Brother fan
& of course, I'm pulling for local guy, Wil
But I'm also really rooting for Frank
Why?  Because there's something about him that reminds me so MUCH of Ricky
the way he carries himself, his personality - he even resembles him in some ways

So when Frank does something good, I'm always yelling at the TV 'Go Ricky'

& yeah -if Janelle had red hair, I'd look just like her...
its CRAZY, the resemblance!! ;)


No joke, I think Bob Harper tried to kill me this week
Sweet, good looking, tattooed up Bob Harper from Biggest Loser
... he's a monster...

I just got his DVD in the mail
Its called "Inside out Method" Cardio Conditioning
I think its called that because you want to puke your insides out

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Its over an hour of squats & arm swings & burpees ...
Its been 2 days & the back of my legs are STILL hurting when I so to bend over or sit down
... or breath...

Looking for a good torture workout?  Get that DVD
If you dont like your body aching with every step?  Then stay away from it


Spat of the week: Strawberry Frozen Bars

I'd actually like to note - this WILL be a Spat
a 'Spat in the making', if you will

Why?  Because I just ate the last Strawberry Frozen Bar
& I promised Ricky he could have one

But life isnt fair
He has ate a half of a cherry pie, some birthday cake, half a dozen pastries,
a few chocolate bars, & I'm sure some other stuff full of sugar
(All within the past few days)

& guess what?
He's probably lost a pound this week
(working in the heat & walking over 13 miles a day does that to you)

I try to watch my calories, limit my sugar & deny any good thing to eat
& I'll gain 5 lbs this week...

so my treat sometimes are these amazing Blue Bell Frozen Strawberry Bars
(They are perfect for summer)

But I did promise Ricky one...
Dang it...
A spat will be brewing because I dont think its fair he can eat that other stuff
he'll think its not fair I didnt save him one

I'm going out after work & getting a new box
... & I'll need to eat 5 of them so there's only 1 left

its a win-win for everyone

Maybe I can knix this spat in the butt


Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday


  1. I have a couple of shirts I always wear backwards too... I just like the way it looks ;-)

  2. That colorific looks awesome. I wish something like that was to be found around here.

  3. And no, I haven't a clue what you meant (Kris Kross and "Jump Jump"). ;-)

  4. ok that video was so cool...but isn't it hard to breathe with all that powder?!

    Your pup needs a thunder jacket..they really work!

    and I'm staying away from bob's DVD...just sayin'!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Love your solution to the strawberry bar spat ;)

  6. In our house, it's Kemps frozen yogurt ice cream sandwiches. They're small, 80 calorie treats and when the last one is alive! We BOTH pout and think, "but I wanted that last one!" ha!

    And I agree with you--Christian Bale? Class act, indeed!

  7. Love your plan about the strawberry bars.

  8. I believe you need a butcher block table for your pooch to hang out under...

  9. That video is so cool. Everybody's "colored"!


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