Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

Picture Overload... you ready?

(Again - note that pictures are backwards... for you Instragramers out there - is there a way to reorder them?  Gotta check that out)

Weekend of 07/27-07/29/12

Left to right - then down

1. EXHAUSTED ... this was at Penn Station.  Everyone was exhausted after this weekend.  Julie was getting ready to head home with the boys but we needed some food.  We couldnt keep the boys awake.

2. Tatted up grandbabies ... we got these tattoos in our swag bag.  We meant to put them on our faces for the race, but it was a tad crazy getting ready - so we put them on the boys.  Isaac wouldnt pose for a picture for me... Luke?  Always ready to show something to the camera.

3.  Spiderman ... these boys love their super heroes ... Pappy is so proud

4.  SweatBand Medals ... No medals for this run, but a headband that is COLORFUL.  I love the way they looked...

5.  COLOR!!! .... after the race.  I'm doing a post about the run tomorrow

6.  CRAZY Packet Pickup - we went to pick up our packet & thought we'd be in & then right out. HA!  The line was coming OUT of the door.  It took about 45 minutes to get it.  I've been in races with 18,000 people & it take 10 minutes to get the packet.  This was insane.  Luckily, we had awesome ladies around us that got to talking about races... specifically DISNEY RACES they've done.  I was ready to walk out & book a flight to Disney then & there!!!

7.  Girl Time.... We went to the mall & Ricky took the boys with him, while Juie & I got our faces done.  I've never done it before.  But I ended up buying some Bare Minerals make up... here's my face when they were done with me. 

Not a great picture... but I thought it made my skin healthy looking...

8.  Cutest Backpack ever... look at Luke with his backpack.. He wanted to carry it.  of course its a must because it holds diapers, cups, wipes.. & TOYS!  It's almost as big as he is.

9.  Shopping isnt his thing... Isaac got a little bored in TJ Maxx ... these baskets are so tiny there that he couldnt stretch out.  But kids are awesome that they can sleep anywhere pretty much.

10.  NINJA!! ... actually, this is a sword from a new Thor toy that Pappy got them.  Luke was all about stabbing Nanny.  Good times.

11. FINISHED!!! ... Chasity came over on Friday & we laid out the wedding pictures & organized them into the album. You'd think that'd be easy - right?  Think again.  Go from 400 pictures to 300... & then place them in order.  It took about 3 hours.  No joke.  But the end product?  BEAUTIFUL!  I give the clients their album next week. YIPEE!!!

12.  Think someone loves bananas? .... Julie asked if I could pick up some bananas on the way home for when the boys & her got in.  I KNOW the boys love bananas so I got 3 bundles.  Do you know when they left, there are like 3 bananas left.  No joke.  I have little monkeys for grandbabies.


Wake up call... This is why I love to be closer to the boys.  I get to see cute smiles in the morning... in the midst of wrestling... with swords & Ironman guns...

Isaac loved this book.. "Its the COOLEST book"... my heart was proud to hear those words.  Mainly because it was a Beauty & the Beast book :)  It was a pop-up book that also you have to pull some papers & it makes things move on the pages.  You'd think it was top-notch technology.

I love this picture.... the boys LOOOVVVEEE Pappy.. (or Poppy for Luke - they both call him something different)... they love playing with him, tickling him, jumping on him, hanging out with him, watching Superhero movies with him... just being next to him.  It makes my heart smile.

Not Pictured:

* Luke falling off our front porch when the dogs come running outside... & then he was only crying because he couldnt find his toy.  That is one tough kid.

* Olympics!!! ... was so disappointed about the lighting of the torch.  Wanted someone famous....

* Let the games begin.  I am amazed at the athletes... cant wait to watch the next 2 weeks.

It was a crazy, busy, weekend ... loved every minute of it.

Come back tomorrow for more pictures & the story of the Color Run


  1. I love all the pictures!

    And those grands ... you must have been a mama at the age of 10! You do NOT look old enough to be a grandma!!

  2. I was going to ask what the boys call you too....:) What great pictures! I admire anyone who participates in runs!!! I do real good to walk. Looks like a fully and wonderful weekend......I would love to live near my grands!!

  3. What a fun weekend!! Full of grand babies.....YAY!!!

    My cousin and her 13 yr old daughter did the color run. So fun!!

    Love you friend ~~ Have a Blessed week ~~ dawn

  4. You should get Ricky, Dr. Seuss's Hop On Pop so he knows how to handle those boys and their jumping.

  5. that sounds like a fun week.. adorable kids.. and I love that he thought beauty and the beasty pop up book is the coolest thing ever.. adorable!

  6. What a fun week! And I LOVE pop-up books even now :)

    I use Bare Minerals makeup. Over the summer I started using an Aveda tinted moisturizer, but I kept getting break-outs. Went back to my minerals & my skin cleared right up. Love the stuff!

  7. LOVE Bare Minerals. Did you know that you can buy it on for a really good price? I always used to buy my stuff there...lots of freebies too!!!

  8. I love how you put the instagram photo collage up. How did you do that?

  9. I wear Bare Minerals! I think it's the best! When I first got it, I didn't really know how to apply it right and I thought it was horrible, but then I got the hang of it and it truly miracle make up! Covers everthing while make it seem like you have very little make up on!

    I was telling Kathy that I haven't seen any of the olympics tihs year. We don't have a TV in our house, but I haven't pulled it up on the internet either. I'm totally at loss to what is happening there although I did hear about the swimming stuff.

    Hope you have another great weekend!

  10. PS - I use the PicsArt app on my phone to make collages and it allows you to move the pictures around. I just make the collage on my phone and then send it to my computer!


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