Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* I've made it a habit to kick my weekend off with Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade ... this is like the 4th Friday in a row I've done this... not a bad habit in my opinion

* On the way home, Ricky & I tried out a RedBox ... yes, its 2013 & we've never rented from RedBox... until NOW!  I was amazed how easy it was.  My tweet is true...

* Whose Line Is it Anyways ... back on tv!!!! I laughed the entire hour.  Those guys are the funniest!

* I was on an iPod mission... spent 3 hours updating & uploading songs...Pump up the jam


* Ricky worked... which means my house got clean.  Why can I clean the house so well when he's not around?  I don't get it

* I got up early to beat the heat & get outdoors for my run instead of the treadmill... nope.  By 8 am, the humidity was already unbearable.  To the treadmill I go...

* Saw the BEST NEWS EVER on Facebook... Steven Curtis Chapman is coming here in concert November 7th... let the countdown begin!!!!

* Got a phone call from my mom that my aunt & some of my cousins were at her house... I headed over... I have so many cousins on my mom's side, I've lost count.  So this is just a smidgen in the cousin department... but I hadn't seen some of their faces in over 10 years.  Always good to connect again

The lady standing in the back on the right - she's the first grandchild out of the many that followed
... I love her so much...

* Mother Nature must have been glad our family was getting together because it turned out to be a beautiful day... the humidity dropped - the winds were blowing... it was a great afternoon

* When you have a lot of people in a family, you have people with the same name... the picture above - there are 2 Susan's in that picture... this picture?  Both Sophia's ... We also have 2 Bobby's ... Way too many Paul's... No other Rebecca's :)

* Our Buffy isn't doing too well...she's getting old (She'll be 12 on August 1st) ... she was just lazy & you can tell, not feeling well.  Ricky & I just kept loving on her all evening long.

* We watched our Redbox movie - "Beautiful Creatures" ... this is the first time I watched the movie before reading the book... but my Kindle has all 4 of the series books ready to go.  After seeing the movie, I'm ready to dig in & see how much better the story can be


* Excited to see our friends back from vacation

* Headed to Sam's Club where I was excited to get a 3 lb bag of walnuts.  I've been obsessed about putting them on top of everything lately.

*... also found a cute pair of jean jeggings... perfect for boot season in the fall & winter

* Another Starbuck's stop for another lemonade.. I'm telling you - they're awesome!

* We met with my mother in law for a birthday dinner... she cracks me up!  & is looking good for yet another birthday!

* We all went over & walked around the Peddler's Mall after eating... I love looking through some of the stuff... but leave ready to put on hand sanitizer - all over my body - when I leave.

* Ran into the cemetery to 'see' my grandparents ... every time I see the dates, I can't believe how long its been since they've been gone

* Ended the night with some TV time & watching it lightning & hearing it thunder...

Another weekend done... ready for another week to kick in!

Let's do this!


  1. We've never rented from Red Box either. We just signed up last week for Netflix, so I've been enjoying that this week.

  2. We love Redbox. There's one in our supermarket so it's really convenient, and I seem to be at the store practically every day, so returning isn't a problem. We have an old dog too...they're the sweetest.

  3. We haven't rented from Redbox either! I look at the machine and get all traumatized...afraid I will mess up and the person behind me will know I'm a ding!

    Love that you got to see your family! I don't see mine nearly enough and I miss them!

    Sam's also has big bags of pine new favorite...yummo!

    Oh, and we went to see Colin Mochery and Brad Sherwood live at the Aronoff Center here in Cincy...Kevin and I got called up on stage!! and I had to give Colin CPR and Kevin had to do ballet...very funny!!! Love Whose Line!!!!

  4. We love Redbox! There are two problems with it: 1. the movies aren't brand new, and 2. I cannot for the life of me ever get the movies back on time!


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