Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Finish...

I got up yesterday morning, made my breakfast, got in my bar stool & had all the dogs surrounding me... they don't miss a chance for a piece of dropped food.  Its like a shark tank.  With 4 dogs, you drop one piece, its a battle to see who gets it first... or is the smallest & slinkiest - which is Zoe 9 out of 10 times. 

Note to dog owners of multiple dogs... must keep scraps of food for how many dogs you have sitting around you, or you get sad dog eyes staring at you & that's never a way to start a day.

But I started out my day reading an article in my Women's Running Magazine. 

This honestly is my favorite running magazine... mainly because I too, am a woman! Surprise! :)

Its just more of a 'relaxed' running magazine.  Good advice, good nutritional advice, but doesn't make me feel bad about being a 'slow runner'... just pats you on the back for moving.

When I opened up the magazine on this morning, I turn the page & see this article

What happens if I finish dead last? .... well, hello... this is about slow runners... & that means this article is for me.

It is the story of a lady who is in the 'sweep vehicle'... the dreaded sweep vehicle.  The one that comes behind the runners & walkers & is the time cut off.  If you're not at a certain point by a certain time, they ask you to get in the van & they'll take you to the end ... & you get a whopping DNF - Did Not Finish.  Whooomp Whooommp!

But this lady is awesome because she tends to give a little grace... she'll even get out & let her assistant drive the vehicle & she'll walk with the people & talk to them, getting to know them.

These stories brought tears to my eyes... the people at the back of the line who were struggling & just wanted to finish... no matter what the time or speed was

Stories like this one above... a 80 yr old man & how he didn't care he had traffic behind him waiting for him to get off of the course.  I love his attitude - "Life would be boring if you didn't push through the unexpected" ... how awesome is that?  Perspective is amazing if you have the right kind.

There was a story of a lady who started crying when she saw the vehicle behind her, knowing she was going slow.  The driver got out & talked with her about life, to get her mind off of the pressure of being last.  They ended up passing 11 people by the finish line :)

I've said it repeatedly, the 'back of the pack' crowd is my crowd.  Its a different world then the front runners who run this thing & head out for another 13.1mile easy run right after a race.

The back is full of heart, in my opinion...

I love how this lady summed up this article

So what happens if you come in dead last?  You finish...

YES!  That's the goal - no matter what!

I read this whole article to Ricky last night - tearing up all over again at the joy of it... & his response?  I'm going to make you read this before your next race so you don't cry over your seconds off of a time...

Point taken

Keep pressing on in your own race folks!  :)


  1. You sweet girl! When reading this I kept remembering what my aerobics instructor told me one time (I was a little slow at picking up some of the steps)...and she said it applies to all of life..."in order to be first, you have to be last". Chew on that one for a while...hope it helps!

  2. This is true of our spiritual race too. It doesn't matter how fast you go, it's the fact that you finish the race. But, of course, I know you know that. :)

  3. I'm not a runner but it is inspirational to read those kind of stories.

  4. I too am a back of the pack girl. But I always finish. Even when we did the last half of an 8K in the pouring rain.

    I remember two things...one serious and one joking.

    "The last shall be first."
    "I'm getting my money's worth by taking my time"

    I look at it this way...going slow is still going and I'm proud of myself for being out there.


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