Friday, January 24, 2014

3 men & a little lady... no, not the movie!

No fragmenting today...

I'm running late to work because I had to take my boy to the vet this morning to be dropped off...

Here we are on the way..

He knows something is up...

The lady who talked to me assured me he would be OK... that neutering for boy dogs is simple, easy, fast & he will be fine.  She also couldn't get over how sweet & loving he is!  I know.. he's pretty awesome... when he's not destroying things.

I still get anxious...

This will be me all day long

So I'll be waiting by the phone until they call me.  Which I told them they need to, or myself or Ricky will be bugging the HECK out of them. 

Yes, I'm THAT dog mom...

& then my other boy... you know, the one I'm married too... send him some well wishes today too.

He's going for an MRI today on his knee.  If you don't remember, he hurt it at work on a missing step 2 weeks ago.  Its still swollen - still causing him horrible pain.  I hate it so badly for him.  They'll be letting him know soon if he needs surgery.  That's looking like a possibility because the doctor thinks its a torn cartilage..... OUCH....

& then one more boy you can all pray for... my 3rd grandbaby... that is still in tact in Julie's belly... but he's being just like his brothers & is probably going to make an early appearance.  Julie is 32 weeks.  She had both boys at 34 weeks & William is already wiggling around & Julie is 4cm dilated!!!  She is in the hospital & spent a day of torture getting a magnesium drip.

Let's let William stay right here... at least for 2 more weeks... if not longer

Just talking to her about it & what it felt like, I was having hot flashes & felt claustrophobic.  UGH

So yes, I'm asking for prayers for my boys... but Julie needs to be added ... so I guess that makes 3 boys & a lady :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Praying for all of you.

    On good side, did you see they are having a sing-along Frozen in movie theaters?

  2. Said a prayer for all of them. Remember we serve a great big God and you can ask Him for lots. He can handle it all. I even prayed for you that God would give you peace through all of this.

  3. OH my gosh, I couldn't handle when my dog got fixed. I was lucky, I was on vacation from work that week and they decided to let him come home the same day since I wouldn't be leaving him alone by going to work. YAY for me. Then, I had to take him in for eye surgery a couple months later...again they realized I was a crazy dog mom and let me take him home the same day instead of keeping him over night. :)

  4. Keeping all of then in my prayers....((HUGS))

  5. Prayers for everyone! You guys have a lot going on! Hope you can enjoy the weekend :)

  6. My grandbabies all came too early, too ... praying that your little guy will wait a little longer.

    What did the MRI reveal? And how is Harvey doing?

  7. I had surgery for a torn meniscus a few years's amazing what the doctors can do now! I missed 1 day of work and was only on crutches for 2 or 3 days. My knee was sore enough to have to walk gingerly for about a week after that, but it wasn't bad!
    Yep, Harvey KNEW, didn't he??? Hope he's doing well with the cone of shame!

  8. When I dropped my baby off to get neutered I had tears in my eyes. I was so so scared... I left him his little blankie and everything. :/ But it really is a quick and simple procedure... just nerve-wracking for us because we don't do it every day.

  9. I'm getting around late this weekend. I hope everything went well for the boys and the girl is doing okay, too.

  10. I hope everything went smoothly for all of the patients :-)

  11. I saw on IG that Harvey did well and has a cone. I hope he is behaving himself. And poor Ricky. Knee problems are awful. Please keep me updated. UGHHH!

    And poor Julie. I hope she is better and baby William is staying put. I'll be praying for her and Ricky and you and William.

    I love ya girl ~~ dawn

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