Thursday, February 06, 2014

Numbers don't define us...

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I am a numbers girl...

Seriously, its all I think about...

First of all, I work in accounting... I enter numbers all day long from checks we receive.  I write checks all day long for bills we owe.  I'm balancing bank statements for 3 different companies.  I see, live & breath numbers all day long..

So of course, when it comes to my life, I use numbers in it whenever I can.

me when I'm figuring up the numbers in my day

I'm the one who counts every step when I run & can tell you exactly what is a tenth of a mile.
I wear a pedometer & check how many steps I've taken every hour
... & then will even march to get those numbers to a round number that I like better.
I keep track of my calories on My Fitness Pal & see how many calories I have left for the day
... & read every package of food around me to see what the calories say.

Numbers seem like structure to me.
They keep things balanced.
They are true.

The scale doesn't lie... remember that saying from that VH1 show they did, Celebrity Weight Loss?
Which, btw, I think every single celebrity on there has since gained their weight back...

This guy scared the HECK out of me on that show

I loved reading the chapters this week in Made to Crave with the reminder that I am not defined by my number...

Saw on Instagram where Mandisa wrote on her scale the quote that we are to get in our mind over & over again

I am a Jesus girl who can step on the scale & see the numbers as an indication of how much my body weights & not as an indication of my worth!

I love that...

I share Mandisa's picture because we're close like that
... or I stalk her really well on Instagram...

But I'm going to be honest... I still love my numbers. 

& those stupid numbers can lift my mood & drop me down into a grumpy or depressed state in a matter of minutes.

Scale number go down?  You've never met someone whose had a better day.
Scale numbers go up?  Stay away... just stay away... give me something to punch

Angry Amy
the look on my face after a bad weigh in day

Calories left at the end of the day?  I feel like I've instantly got more room in the waist of my pants.
Calories over at the end of the day?  Screw it - give me more chocolate. The day is ruined.

Binge eating

Numbers hold extreme measures for me...

So here's where its really funny.  A coworker who is 24 years old was just diagnosed with uterine cancer.  (This is not the funny part by the way) I can't believe it... she can't believe it.  She had thyroid cancer as a young child & is a survivor.  But this is a different level of cancer.  She has to have a hysterectomy at her young age.  She is married & is blessed with a child she never thought she would have.  More importantly, her attitude is subpar on this.  Knows its all going to be fine, doesn't show one iota of worry. 

(Can I say, I worry more for her then she does for herself.... I need the next Bible Study to be on worrying please)

But this young lady who once had thyroid problems has a weight issue due to the medication she's been for more then half of her life for her thyroid.  The medicine they also had her on for her uterine problems also caused her to gain an extra 40 lbs just in the past few months.

So - here's the funny part - she comes to me for advice.  She knows I am aware of food, what's healthy - the numbers. 

So we've sat down & I've given her tips that could help her... do you know she's lost 10 lbs in the first week?  She's so excited about the small changes she's made & the big results she's already seen.  She has come in excited every day about the 'next change' she's made that hasn't felt like its a horrible torture.

"I made ranch dressing out of greek yogurt & my daughter loves it"
"I actually drank unsweet tea instead of the McDonalds sweet tea today"
"I did a dance video game with my daughter & we both got more exercise then I've ever done"

Guess what - none of those things are about numbers.  Its about life style changes.

She came in yesterday & told me she weighed for the first time... & though she lost 10 lbs, she said she was disappointed & sad looking at ... guess what... THAT NUMBER.

Looking at it defined her.  I get that.  I understand because I weigh myself every week & that number seems to take a life on of its own.  Its like it says everything about me in that one number.

& she even LOST & it still depressed her.  Think we can't define ourselves with that number on the scale?  Proof right there it holds power.

But I loved what she said.

"I'm not going to weight anymore.  Maybe once a month to just keep check.  But I don't want to focus on that scale - I want to focus on my life"

Boom... right there it is.  She just showed me the example of what I've been reading.
She taught me.  The one who came to me for advice.

For me - I want to focus on my obedience... the obedience in my life... the obedience I have for God.

God doesn't want any of us to be unhealthy.  I feel like the whole purpose of this book, reminding us where to focus - on Him, not food - its a whole level of obedience that takes those numbers & puts them in their place.  Not in first place.

I know I'm not going to throw away my scale...I'll still weigh, but I will also know that number doesn't show me who I am...

I know I'll still keep track of calories... but I know to focus more on the healthy food that God created.  I believe God created fruits & veggies... not aspartame & artificial colors. 

So what about you?  How are you with the 'Numbers'?  Do you let them define you?  Do they change your mood?

Do you want to just focus on life?  & knowing that focusing on God bring MORE life - a better life - a healthier life?

Let's give THAT a try...
 see how it affects our lives...


  1. Love this! I am beginning the journey of losing the 50 lbs I need to take off.. I have to stay away from the scales.. the numbers always mess it up for me.. If I focus on how if feel or how my clothes fit..I stay on course... the numbers always ruin it for me.. I can so relate.. I too, want to learn obedience... I know God wants us to be healthy and happy...not focus on a number...So, I am focusing on the small steps... skin looks better, I have more energy, clothes fit better...I needed this today.. Thanks! Blessings!

  2. I need to stay away from the scale too! I do need to write that phrase on mine though. That is awesome!! Taking it day by day and getting closer to God is so worth it! We are loved and we are not defined by a number! I love all your pictures!! They are great! Thanks for sharing and the uplifting message!!

  3. I am not a numbers girl. Math and I are NOT kindred spirits. I have learned to use math when needed, balancing check book, etc. but not really a numbers girl at all, EXCEPT when it comes to my weight, and that number on the scale can send me soaring or make me wanna cry all day. It is ridiculous really.

    My true worth is found in Christ alone. I'm getting that.....slowly and painfully some days, but it is coming, and I am thankful.

    Love you dear friend ~~ dawn

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! I cannot even tell you how many times I was agreeing with what you wrote.
    I am a numbers girl too - I weigh myself every week too, count my calories, check my steps, know how far my miles are when I'm's part of who I am as well (and yes, I am an accountant too).
    These chapters have really touched a nerve with me as well - I still see the value in numbers as well but I don't have to let it define me!
    I also put a quote from Lysa on my scale this week - Define your week by obedience, not by a number on the scale. This reminds me every single time I weigh - that number is no the most important thing!

  5. I love everything about this post!! (especially your gif choices haha)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I too am a numbers girl, and it is a struggle! But like the quote says, stepping on that scale will NOT determine my worth. This study has been such a blessing and a definite challenge, but a good challenge. I really enjoyed your post. Praying for you as you continue on this journey towards craving God!

    PS: A good book to read about worry is; A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. Learned so much from that book as I am a HUGE worrier! Hope it helps you as much as it helped me. :)

    Blessings and love, sweet sister!!

    Raelene Osborn - Group 30 OBS

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love what you have to say about the numbers! I am a numbers person too and put way to much value in what the numbers on the scale say. It is encouraging to me what you said about being more concerned with obedience to God and what I do with my life! If I am obedient to Him, the weight loss will take care of itself and I won't have the burden of failure when the numbers don't say what I want them to say! Thanks for your encouragement!

    Robin N. (P31 Blog Hopper) :-)

  8. Because I know you are a number person & have a great sense of humor ... I give today's blog a 10. Yes, a 10. Awesome blog. Thank you & let your friend know we are praying for her & her family. Stela (OBS Small Group Leader)

  9. Thank you sharing your story. Numbers--if you are on a program there is always the dreaded weigh-in. What to do--remember what Lysa said "Define your week by obedience, not by a number on the scale."

  10. Very smart! I realized in the past couple of years that it's more about your lifestyle than a DIET. :)

  11. Yes, I let the numbers define me too! This was very good. Something I really need to remember.

  12. One more reason that you are my sister from another mister (because, GOD!): "march to get those numbers to a round number that I like better". I do this all. the. time. With everything. Checkbook says 11.89? I like 12.00 better. Scale says 1something9.4? I like 1something9 better. Steps say 11,976? MUST WALK ANOTHER 24 STEPS!

    I heart you Becca Jo. Your co-worker is as blessed to have you by her side as she fights this newest battle, as you clearly are by her courage!

    And that is all.


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