Thursday, February 06, 2014


A look at what I'm thankful for this week...

01.30.14    Aussies
If only I knew what the week held for us... I am so thankful for my Aussies even more
01.31.14     Coasters
I use these every day.  They were made by my friend Stephanie before she passed away.  They are the best coasters in the world.  They're made out of wool & absorb everything.  Plus, the memory of my friend everyday is worth everything.
02.01.14     B-Ball Babe
My niece is #1... literally
02.02.14     Youth Kiddos
Seeing them in the Target & giving me a reason to have fun & act like a kid myself
... I love this kid...
I get asked all the time if she's my daughter :) That makes me smile
02.03.14   Thankful anyways... for unconditional love & trust
This is us in the vet waiting for answers... to find out heart breaking news. Cancer.
I didn't want to say I was thankful for ANYTHING this day...
but know there are blessings in every day that we're here.
So thankful for this beautiful girl we've spent 13 years with so far & for the trust she has in us to take care of her.
02.04.14     Wipe every tear away
I literally cried all day long at work
Thankful for these on my desk
02.05.14    Easy Black Bean Burgers
Honestly so easy to make... & so yummy!
Thank you Happy herbivore!
Not to mention, avocado makes everything better by at least 37% - fact


  1. I am sorry about your sad news. My prayers are with you.

  2. So sorry about your dog and how amazing to find something to be thankful for during such a difficult time!

  3. I firmly agree that avocado makes every meal better. I put that stuff on everything, especially in the summer! Love the picture of your two sweet dogs!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet baby!!! :( That breaks my heart. We lost our Beagle on October 3, 2011. Unfortunately, she got out of our yard while we were working between the front yard and back yard and was hit and killed by a car. It was so awful!!! I cried and cried and cried.

  5. so sad to hear about your pup! :( that is the absolute worst :( :(
    on the rbight side the rest of the list is great
    (and that food looks lovely!)

  6. oh no that's terrible news. :( the thank you's when things are going bad are always the hardest.. but i think those are the ones that always stretch you. p.s found you through prayerful bloggers. :)

  7. That coaster is so cute! When a cold glass sweats on them, does it leak through the bottom and leave a ring on your furniture?

  8. As I mentioned in the post about your sweet baby, I am praying for you.
    Thank goodness for Kleenex. I want to send you boxes of them! :) Crying is so good for the soul. Just to let everything out and cry out to Jesus. I think He likes that because in our weakness, He is made strong!
    Fun times at Target are the best. No better store to be goofy at :)


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