Thursday, February 20, 2014

#ProjectThankful14 - 02/13-02/19

Thankful Thursday Link Up

The things I'm thankful for this week
02.13.14 Goodies from parents
Ricky went to help my dad with a barn stall door & when he came home, he had goodies for me my parents had sent with him.  Soft cozy glove that have aloe in them to make your hands soft... & still have the fingers to use your phone & electronic device... & a chopper for veggies.  You never get too old to enjoy surprises from your parents.
PS - I know some people have asked me if the chopper has worked - I haven't tried it yet, but have some onions & potatoes I'll be trying it on soon so I'll let you know.
02.14.14 Valentine's Day.. of course...
I posted this picture Monday, but I'm thankful for a husband who loves me & spoils me
02.15.14  Wedding Talk at Starbucks
A few of my favorite things... 1. Meeting new people.  2. Talking about weddings. 
3. Starbucks Caffe Mocha
Enough said about that
02.16.14 - My favorite Youth leader
It only took like 9 years to get him there, but I love having Ricky beside me serving in Youth Ministry... he's totally opposite of me.  The quiet, reserved one.  But there's all sorts of kids in that place & they all connect to different people...
I'm over talking away & look over & see quiet Ricky building a tower of cups in the corner - which of course attracts every boy to start building their own.
He fits right in
02.17.14 - Chick-fil-a gallon jug of tea
We get it half & half (half sweet/half unsweet) & its still PLENTY sweet.
SOOOO yummmyyyy!!!!
Ricky & I can guzzle this jug in just a day or two.
I count it as OK because it only has HALF the sugar that it could have.
02.18.14 OUTSIDE!!!
Got to run outside today...
& dodge lakes puddles of melting snow
Thankful also for warm socks after getting home - my feet were soaking wet!
02.19.14 - Tricky Puzzle Finished
Pulled out one of my new Disney puzzles - Princess & the Frog - on Sunday
It was tough.
But found out at the end, there were TWO EXTRA PIECES...
That's some mind trick there.  But its finished.
And yes, Ricky will want me to note that "I couldn't have done it without him"
That's what he told me to say anyways
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Those gloves sound amazing!! Surprise gifts from my parents are always so fun and something I'll never grow out of. :)

  2. Augh! I have working a jigsaw puzzle on my 50 by 50 list - & my 50th birthday is on March 3rd! I'd better get with it...

  3. It's awesome to work with your spouse in the ministry!

    Love that puzzle.

  4. It was so nice out yesterday... we hit 40 and I was ready to bust out the short shorts! ;P

  5. I love puzzles! That one is so pretty! Love the balloons and flowers for Valentines Day-- sounds like it was a good day :)

  6. So fun! So many things to be thankful for! I love getting surprise gifts from people!

  7. What?! You can get a gallon jug of Chic-fil-a tea?! I'm going to need like 5 of those - to start with! And those gloves sound amazing, love little unexpected surprises :) Have a great weekend!


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