Wednesday, April 06, 2016

One Sentence a Day: March 2016

Whooo... I know we're nearly a week into April, but this was the best time I could squeeze this baby in.  So it may be a little late to kick off a new month, but I still like looking back at my month.

A quarter of the year already gone!  Can you believe it?  & SPRING - finally here! Thank you Lord!

So here's a look at how March went...

1.  Had to go get some Benadryl so Bruno could rest for the night with his itchy skin.

2.  Took our Grumpy Old Man to the vet to hear that we think its just severe allergies & a lot of testing & trials & meds are going to happen until we can get him comfortable.

On the way to the vet... I'm getting the "oh no you didn't" look

3.  We had snow flurries all day long & I just kept watching it hoping this was going to be the last snow we see until winter comes back at the end of the year.

4.  Enjoyed our Friday evening over a friend's house for a pot luck dinner.

5.  I got in 7 miles on the treadmill watching Fuller House & then was pretty much done for the day.

6.  We got to have brunch with our friends after thinking she was going to go in labor the whole time during church & then stopped at a funeral home to love on some of our old GCC friends.
03.06.16 #VincentsRockSunday

7.  It was in the 60's when I got home from work but instead of doing my run outside, I went back to the treadmill so I could watch more Fuller House.

8.  I bought my first UK shirt & then told Ricky & thought he was going to have a heart attack & then got the rule that I'm not allowed to wear it on any game day.

9.  I spent way too long on my computer trying to get iTunes to sync to my iPod & felt like throwing it all against the wall & just pulling out my cassette player walkman.

10.  Made a huge mistake by doing a new workout 2 days before a race which made me so tight & sore I could hardly move.

11.  I was dumbfounded & couldn't stop watching the mess of the Trump Rally & the protest that caused total mayhem.

12.  I beat my time by 6 minutes from last year in the Rodes City Run 10k & celebrated by a fun game night with friends before loosing an hour of sleep for Daylight Savings Time.


13.  Had our JOY Bible Study group with everyone showing up, making it 10 ladies, 4 babies & 2 baby bumps, & making it a total full house.
03.13.16 #VincentsRockSunday

14.  I had to fight a Daylight Savings Time hangover to stay away to watch Lauren end up with Ben in The Bachelor.

15.  It was such a gorgeous day where we finally hit the 80's & the day was topped off with a hair appointment which always makes me feel better in life.


16.  I tried a new workout with a P90X Kempo kicking video that made me feel like it was a waste of time.

17.  I got to hear Caden Michael's first cries in this world as I was blessed to be in the room with my precious friends as they had their 2nd child.

18.  I had to go to work trying to figure out why everyone was in such a bad mood & not talking to anyone.

19.  Ricky had to work & I had no plans to leave the house all day so just stuck to the treadmill to be in my 9 miles.

20.  We had church at home & then enjoyed the afternoon before heading over to see Caden since he was finally at home.
03.20.16 #VincentsRockSunday
21.  I could barely hold my eyes open all day long out of sheer exhaustion, but made sure to stay up for the Dancing with the Stars premiere!!!

22. After a month of being on hold, my copy of The Martian finally came available from the library

23. I spent way too much time & money while I was searching through iTunes for some new music.

24.  I finally got my 2 crowns on after 3 hours of sitting in a dental chair & being numb up to my eye balls.

Dentust Created by Photo Grid.  Android  iPhone
#numbface #crookedsmile

25.  My face felt like I had been in a brawl & didn't come out of it well.

26.  We ran the Papa John 10 mile race & it turned out to be a perfectly beautiful day for it.

27.  We celebrated the resurrection of our Lord & Savior on Easter & joined the church we had been visiting for the past 8 months, topping off the day by seeing Batman Vs. Superman.

03.27.16 #VincentsRockSunday ,... the worst picture of me ever!

28.  I felt like an old achy lady getting out to do a run 2 days after my 10 miles race, but I got 'er done as I got to take my running in the beautiful outdoors.

29.  I was all about edamame for the day having it at lunch & for dinner.

30.  I got pulled over by the police on the way to work to find out someone has stolen my registration sticker off my license plate.

31.  Finished up the month by squeezing in one more book making it a total of 7 books read for the month!

So what was the best thing that happened in your world in March?

Read any good books?
Special Easter?
See any good movies?


  1. Beautiful cover on that last book!

    Mae has terrible allergies too. Zyrtec helps!

  2. That #CrookedSmile photo, it's pretty much how I feel every time I leave the dentist. March was good to me. I got to double Easter, with both my family & the BF's, which was a pleasant surprise & celebrated my birthday, several times. I just like to be around my people, doesn't really matter what we do. So the QT was nice. :)

  3. Seven books in a month! That's awesome! I think it's so sweet that you keep track of highlights from your days. I bought a cheap little planner and have been writing down a thankful thought to Kyle each day like you suggested! I can't wait to give it to him at the end of the year!

  4. March was a dud-month in books for me. Hoping I can turn that around in April! Spade has allergies too -- the vet gave us a prescription shampoo to use on him and we give him a fish oil pill every morning. He doesn't always close his mouth all the way before chomping down on it though ... found out it's best to give it to him outside so he can spew oil out there instead. I never really thought about pets having allergies before but it's a thing.

  5. This is a cool way to keep track of things that happen each day!

  6. I like this idea! I still can't get over how pretty your hair looked after getting it done! :)

  7. I'm pretty sure I never realized that Ricky's hair was that long!! Wowza! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I always like these month end posts. I think I may try to do one this summer. Umm, the best thing about march was..hmmmm. Idk. We had some gorgeous days but then we also had lots of wind so I'm glad to say good bye to march and be hopeful that April brings us some nice weather! (it's not looking to hopeful though, not yet anyway)!

  9. What an exciting month!!! I love how you do these posts, so cool to have something from every day. My Gracie has horrible allergies. I hate it for her, some days she is so miserable. I give her Benedryl every night before she goes to sleep. She also is a on a grain free diet.

  10. Love this idea! A new hair do &&& A NEW baby in your life! What a great March :)


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