Tuesday, January 10, 2017

8th time is a charm.... {Training Tuesday}

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It's back...

It's that time of year again.  The time where I chuck out all rational thought & ignore all the aches & pains in my body & try to act like I'm a real athlete.

Training for another half marathon begins.  My 8th to be exact.

I'm just a glutton for punishment I guess.  I mean, I have trained every year - except the first, which I had no idea how long 13.1 miles actually was & thought, it can't be that bad... & nearly died...

But every year since, I have trained.  And ended up hurt or injured.

To be fair, I get hurt and/or injured just going to the grocery or walking across a room, so at least I'm trying to do something productive.

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16 weeks from this week, I'll be standing at yet another half marathon line. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. God willing.

& in between now & 16 weeks, I have a few races I'm already signed up for.  The Triple Crown of Running & a few other little virtual races.

Let's just say, my schedule is now based around my running schedule.  I so wish I could say I'm joking about that.  I literally have the next 16 weeks planned out... something every day except Friday - which is my rest day, to get ready for the long runs on Saturday.

& this years goal?  I'm really wanting to add in Yoga every Sunday.  A way to loosen out the kinks to start a new week. This will be hard for me.
1. I'm not a fan of yoga.
&2. My Sundays are usually busy & it'll be odd times I can sneak it in.  We'll see how it goes.

I do have to say - I am looking forward to getting back on track for a plan. I actually haven't REALLY worked out since the end of October.  I was on vacation, then it was our anniversary & then it was getting close to the Thanksgiving & I had another vacation & then December with Christmas & my birthday, not to mention I had a head cold for nearly 3 weeks in December - forget it... all work outs were out the door.

So what that means to me as I start back this week?  I'm probably going to feel like I'm going to die.

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This will be so accurate, I'm actually nervous

I know how easy it is to loose stamina & I have just felt like a slug anyways lately.
It's going back to square one for me basically this time around.

Maybe it will teach me to keep active all year round & not let this get out of control again.

I need to sign up for a fall half marathon as well.  Something ahead to always keep me in check.

I do have some resolutions this year for my health though, that again, I'm really looking forward to incorporating during my training.

1.  Get in bed by 10pm.  
I'm horrible at not sleeping.  & I'm always dragging & feeling horrible. I'd love to get in bed even earlier but my goal is to be in bed by 10.  I have to get up at 5 so that's still only 7 hours.  & even if I'm not tired, I have to be IN bed - even if I go in bed & watch TV. But lights out - not gadgets - no knitting. Blankets tucked all around in bed by 10.

2.  More Vegan meals.
I've been vegetarian now for so many years, I'm loosing count. Love it - will never go back. But after watching so many documentaries & seeing what plant based diets can do for you, I'm so intrigued about veganism.  So my goal is to do at least 2 recipes a week from a vegan cookbook. I'd love to do 3 but I know life is already busy enough. Maybe if I can enough under my belt, 3 will just be natural to do a week.  I'm starting out with 2 though. & Ricky is all for it too which makes me so happy.

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3.  More Yoga
Like I mentioned - we'll see how that goes. I know this stiff, tight, injured, beat up body needs it.

4.  Toning the muscles.
I'm going to be using the Hammer & Chisel workouts for my cross training days. When I did that program, i was up to using 10 & 12 lbs weights. Now?  Lifting a comb makes my arms tired.  It's going to be a new beginning of ache in that area too - but I want that muscle tone back again.  I'll be doing that on Tuesday & Thursdays.

5. Water!!!
I've slacked off so bad about drinking water during the holidays too. I've just been drinking tea & coffee. Dehydration city.  I'm back on the water train.  Bought myself a new Tervis personalized to give me incentive to drink more water & carry it with me everywhere.

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6.  Just keep at it - no matter what.
I know I'm 45 & that means I'm going to have injuries. Heck, I'm STARTING this training with injuries.  Of course, my knees are still hurting - always have, always will. My shoulder is already in pain from knitting & swinging the arm running always makes it 1000% worse - I'm having weird leg issues & a few other kinks & this is before the first long run.  Geez.... but I want to just keep going.
I've said before - I've got no plans to ever win anything - an age category, any race - I just want to finish. If that means somewhere along the line, this 'running' schedule turns to a walking schedule - I'm OK with that. I'll still do 13.1 miles - whatever it takes to cross the finish line - whatever it takes to get through 16 weeks of training & becoming healthier & stronger.  I'm all about adjustments for MY body.  You do you. I'll do me. I'm ok with that. I'm not competing against anyone out there.  I'm slow. I'm ok with that.  You pass me up in your training & I'll clap for you as you go by.
I just want to keep truckin' along. That's my main goal.

In the end, I do this to have a goal & a purpose to feel the best I can feel... feel a little accomplishment along the way... & fight this aging thing the best way I can.

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Here we go!!!  Fingers crossed!

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Linking up with my buddy Nadine to cheer each other one as we get BACK ON TRACK!!!



  1. you can do this!!

    i support the yoga bidness; the yoga i've been doing (via Groupon) has shown me just how tight/stiff i am from all the muay thai!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us!! You go!! I do not get the whole running thing, you guys just amaze me. Can't wait to see how your progress goes. I think the just keep going part is the most important part! This from a fellow 40 something!

  3. You are always so inspiring, Rebecca Jo! You've got this! Can't wait to read about your journeys each Tues!

  4. I would really like to start making more time for yoga. I need it for my achy body and relaxation. :)

  5. i'll be there too! hopefully we will see each other! i'm not doing the triple crown though. well, i haven't signed up yet. we'll see. i might still sign up late. ugh i don't know.
    as for yoga.. i don't do it consistently but i do love it. when you do it, what do you do? dvds, youtube videos, classes?

  6. Good luck & Happy training! I'm not a runner but I am trying to make yoga more of a regular occurrence in my life. My goal is just to start with once or twice a week and eventually work up to a daily 15 minutes but that's a long way off!

  7. Great goals! I've been trying to go to bed with a set time and not taking my tablet with me and I really do feel like I'm sleeping better. I'm trying to go with more vegan meals too. I haven't really brought it up with Mike though, I figure if I just sneak it in he's not going to care as long as it tastes good!

  8. Is the Triple Crown the Kentucky derby race? I'm excited to follow your training. My training for my next race has officially started but due to illness and weather, I hadn't run one single mile yet this year (or gone to the gym). Not a good start what so ever and I'm worried to see how the rest of the cycle goes. Good luck to you.

  9. Yeah!!! You go! Love your attitude. I haven't raced in quite awhile, but my goal has only ever been to finish. Dead last? Don't care! Finished? YUP!

  10. I am so proud of you! You go, Girl!!

  11. I need to go to bed earlier myself.

    Have fun and stay healthy!

  12. Cheering for you!! Wrap that knee really good though! Stay healthy, my friend!

  13. You go! All of your goals are doable and I might adapt some for me! I'm horrible about making goals, let alone keeping any. Would wrapping your shoulder/arm with that tape help? And the water ... I'm going to refill my water glass right now. And the bedtime goal - yep. I might just adopt all of your goals, if ya don't mind. :)

  14. It's so crazy how quickly a race can take over your own schedule! You can totally rock this training-- good luck incorporating yoga into it too!

  15. Wow good for you! I can relate to a lot of your goals.. I need to go to bed by 10pm. Erik woke me up this morning at 4:50 to go to the gym and I'm dragging big time right now! Also, I'm obsessed with documentaries! I'd love to hear which ones you're watching!

  16. Very exciting about the race you now have in 16 weeks! Half #8 here you come!
    I recently (this week) started my own get in bed by 10pm. Two days into it, I haven't done it yet, LOL Tonight maybe, truthfully I just need to quit texting my sisters and having fun with them late at night, LOL

  17. You so got this girl!!! 8th marathon, how exciting!!! That ecard about a runner and pain is so true. But I am that runner that quit for pain lol. I didn't love running though so it was easy for me to give up. You will have to share a few of the vegan recipes if you love them!

  18. You got this! I actually started reading your blog during your last 1/2 cycle, I've almost come full circle with you :) Yay for running, can you share what your schedule is in a post? I'd love to see what you're doing. I think I'm out for 1/2 marathons for now, too busy to train with 2 small kids, but when they get older and can feed themselves, I'm all over it, hehe. Good luck, looking forward to hearing about your progress.

  19. Good luck!! I hope you don't end up injured - there are plenty of ways to ensure you have a happy, healthy training season. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out!

  20. Good for you!! Wishing you lots of success.

  21. That ecard...so true. As runners I think we get so used to always having something hurt that it's hard to tell normal pain from bad pain. Something I struggle with, for sure. I just love your persevering attitude and can't wait to follow along with you on your journey to #8!

  22. Ahhhh...the start of training. So much promise, so much to do! Have you ever tried going down to a 3X/week running schedule? We did that halfway through our marathon training schedule, and it was a LOT easier on my body. (I also did it through my half marathon training--both times--and just threw in some cross training on non-running days whenever I could fit it in, but didn't worry too much if I couldn't). Anyway, just wondering :)


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