Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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... Let me mourn my DVR for a bit please.  .... Ricky's DVR broke & he called the cable company. They said our boxes were so old, they didn't even make them anymore, so told him to bring them both in for the newer, updated one.  OK... cue the sad face because he took mine & it had so many shows I've kept on there... FOR YEARS!  Like I legit had the Lost Series Finale on it... AND I had Will & Kate's Royal wedding on there.  Seriously.  & I'd go back & watch the wedding day events every now & then.  Now - all gone. I sure wish they'd invent some place that had videos from years past to watch over & over. OK - I get it - I can watch it again online, I'm sure. But still.  And the HORROR of the whole story? These new DVR boxes? They are JUNK! JUUUNNNKKK!!! Everything I've taped so far, its messed up - its pixilated - & some shows?   Skips them completely & doesn't didn't even tape.  The remotes? Even bigger junk. I'll hit buttons & nothing happens & then like 5 minutes later, every tape of a button all plays out in a 3 second catch up.  UGHHH!!!!! We have a tech coming out to the house tonight.  They told me they're going to send someone out to fix it & LUCKY ME - they aren't going to charge me. I was like, "YEAHHHH, you can bet you're not going to charge me. You're coming out to fix your junk." & then I sort of pushed Jesus behind me & got a little nasty & told them if they thought about charging me, they can change that order to come getting every bit of their trash out of my house.  I'm not paying $210.00 for stuff that doesn't work.  .... the cable company is going to make me 1.) go broke & 2.) give me an ulcer or a heart attack.

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.... any time I'm in Old Navy, I buy one of those bouncy balls for 25 cents. I can't resist. I then bounce the ball throughout the store & take it with me in every following store & bounce it waiting in line & walking & just all the time in general.  I figure its good hand/eye coordination for someone my age.... or it could just be I like to play whenever I can. #nevergrowup

... I just noticed doing that last confession that the "cents" sign isn't on the computer.  What's up with that?

... we never used a certain word in our house for bodily functions.  We used the word "Pass gas" ... talk about old school....  so I have to say, every time someone uses the word FART, it makes me cringe.  I'll update it & go with Butt Burp.

... I saw the cutest Gilmore Girl sweatshirt the other night on a Groupon ad on Facebook.  I had to have so clicked over & ordered immediately.  It came in.  Oh my gosh. It is the THINNEST piece of material - how it could be called sweatshirt is beyond me.  & I got an XL because I wanted it to be baggy.  It is shaped so weird. The top is so slouchy & the bottom is so tight.  Like, why would you make a baggy sweatshirt with the tightest bottom - like its not a normal tight.  & the letters?  I'm expecting them to stay on maybe for 2 washings & then peel off.  Quality?  .... mmmm.... no. Not in this sweatshirt. & it wasn't cheap either.  Serves me right for doing an impulsive buy.

Women's Lorelai and Rory Slouchy Pullover Sweatshirts: Women's Lorelai and Rory Slouchy Pullover Sweatshirts:
It isn't that cute in person... believe me...

... my parents gave me a set of Gel Pens for Christmas.  A container that holds all 30 pens - all such beautiful colors. Some that even has glitter in them. Every day I use them & say, "This is the best gift ever."  I knew I liked pens but didn't realize how much joy they bring me until I started using them in my new 2017 planner.

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... I've been wanting to go see La La Land ever since I heard a new musical was coming out. & now its the big award winner of the Globes.  I've said it before & I'll say it again - the world needs more MUSICALS in it!!!

... 62 days till Beauty & the Beast.  Like you needed that as a confession to know how excited I am how close its getting for the movie!!!!!!

Anything you need to get off your chest today?


  1. I am so sorry for your cable/dvr issues. Your saving so many shows brings up the question of "are you a TV pack rat?" never deleting anything? Reminds me of my grandma who sure loved her TV shows. Had she still been around during the days of DVR she would have been the same way.

    Years ago we had Direct TV. We wanted another cable box so we bought it on our own with our own money at Best buy for $200. Years later when we cancelled our service direct TV made us return the $200 box we bought ourselves. We explained the situation to them and they didn't care. They wanted ALL the boxes we had or they would charge us $700!!! Needless to say every time we get those "we want you back" letters from direct TV, they go right in the trash!

    Glad you are loving your pens. Sometimes the littlest things give us such great joy!

  2. I am so excited for Beauty and the Beast!

    My friend lost all her DVR stuff and scheduled recordings because their cable guide updated. That's it. The TV guide updated and they lost EVERYTHING.

  3. Near tears laughing at "putting Jesus behind me & got a little nasty", hopefully they get it fixed! I'm legit sorry for your loss of the Royal Wedding, I was at a thrift store before Christmas and was seriously close to investing in a Special Edition DVD of the whole thing. I talked myself out of it because I'm trying to declutter, but I still think maybe I should have brought it home.

  4. We had that issue with our new DVR too - it was so frustrating to try to record a show and then get ready to watch it and it wasn't there or only 10 minutes was recorded - bummer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. colourful pens are the best! it makes writing and planning so much fun.

  6. I am so sorry about your DVR's....I worry about that happening to me. I too have things that I watch over and over again. Not to mention that all the programs that are set would be gone too! ((Hugs))

  7. Cable is soo expensive, I can totally understand being upset about getting something new and then having it not work! Hopefully it's just an easy fix for them when they come out tonight so it isn't a further hassle for you guys. Don't hate me, but I didn't think I wanted to see Beauty & the Beast, but then I saw a preview and was like I NEED TO SEE THAT, so now I'm excited, haha.

  8. I seriously LOVE musicals. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can't wait to see La La Land. I think I've convinced my guy friend that we MUST see that movie Saturday evening. I know he'll just love it ;)

  9. The world definitely needs more Musicals! Love love love love them! I also love gel pens and the fact that your parents got you a set is fabulous! Always love to have a variety of colors around. I would be sad and mourn the DVR losses well, I totally get about the sentimental attachment to our favorite shows.

  10. Ahh such a bummer about your DVR. We hoard up fave shows on ours too lol. Also that stinks that the sweatshirt was crappy material. It is a cute graphic though!

  11. I plan on switching my cable company next month and it makes so sad and frustrated knowing that I'm going to lose all my movies I recorded. But Frontier sucks terribly and my internet speed has slowed significantly since they took over Verizon Fios. Grrrr ... and I hear you pain!! Yes, the world needs more musicals. I haven't had a chance to see La La Land either but it looks terrific! Every time I see anything Beauty and the Beast related, I think Rebecca Jo would like this. LOL!

  12. oh your poor DVR. RIP Royal wedding :(
    that sweatshirt is so cute! such a bummer about it being horrible in person. rage!

  13. Wow! That was a southern style hissy fit, sister! When I first saw he GG sweatshirt, I thought, oh, that is so cute! But then after your review! Hate that you have buyer's remorse! Hope you get that darn DVR fixed today, too!

  14. oh my gosh that sweatshirt! Dislike that it was thin and yucky! I love it, I just got a Cricut for Christmas, going to try and make this, send me a sweatshirt and I'll put the letters on for you :) And DVR dying is the saddest thing. Ours did the same thing, and we lost 3 years worth of stuff we'd taped for the kids. I think my son was even more upset about it, while I was on the phone with the cable company Mr. pretended to call them too so my son could talk to them, and oh my word it was the cutest thing ever...

  15. I know exactly the type of "sweatshirt" you're talking about. And they're a total joke. I too have one that is grey, and super cute, but does nothing in cool weather and fits terribly awkwardly. Because it's baggy EVERYWHERE except the waist. And it's short on me which never happens because my torso is about the length of a toddlers.

    The cents sign isn't on my phone either - at least not that I can find. Which would come in such handy, especially compared to some of the other symbols I have 0 use for.

  16. I was just looking for a "cents" symbol yesterday and couldn't find it - ha!

    Oh man, I couldn't function without my DVR. So dramatic, I know lol. But there are a few shows that I am addicted to and with my crazy schedule, I could never watch them when they actually air. Hope they get your new one sorted out. Best invention ever... when they work!

  17. Gah! The thing about the DVD player totally sucks! That's so terrible :( I'm sorry you lost all that good stuff! And shame on those money-pigs for even considering charging you!
    But really, why is there no cents sign??
    That's the pits about the sweatshirt. It looks so cute and comfy in the picture, too :(

  18. I used to be chained to the DVR. I feel free since we've given up cable but it sucks to lose stuff!

    No fart?!

  19. Oh that sucks about the DVR!
    Don't ask me exactly what it is called, but there is an online cloud thingy that you can actually digitally store all your movies and shows. A while back a friend on facebook was talking about it. I'm sure you can google it. But maybe that would be a great backup route. Granted I have no idea if it's free or only free to a certain point...
    I don't watch much TV, but that would be such a hassle to pay good money to have all those problems with the equiptment!
    I've actually been toying around with buying one of those Firesticks, but I'm torn on if I'll actually use it enough to make it worth the purchase.
    Hope they get it all fixed for you, and really hope they decide not to charge you for their own error, that alone is just wrong!!!
    And Beauty and the Beast, awe... I already told myself I am going to that movie and probably alone (at least for the first viewing) can't help it I love going to the movies alone now, LOL

  20. I had to laugh at your 'butt burp' comment! My mom HATED the word fart. It was her "F" word. We just could not say it in front of her. Hope the cable company makes good on fixing your problems! So sorry you lost all of your shows. :(

  21. Wait. Is La La Land a musical?! I didn't even know that until this very post. You teach me things!

  22. Booo that sucks that the sweatshirt isn't really a sweatshirt and it is cheap. It looks cute. I had to do that with my dvr as well and I lost a ton of shows. Then we did it again when we changed cable providers. It sucks when you lose the shows and movies that you have saved for a long time.

  23. Oh bummer about the shirt. It *does* look cute in the picture. That's really too bad! I am so looking forward to Beauty and the Beast, actually had not seen poster yet! We don't have a DVR.. but I think we would love it... so it's probably better that we don't! HAHA XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  24. Oh man, the bouncy ball...that is hilarious. I've never even noticed those before. Now, every time I go into an Old Navy, I'll think of you :)


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