Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Does the Amplify Planner have it all?

 So I've been a failure over the past few months on posting all things planner...but I'm excited to join in with the with the beautiful  Alexandra Lauren .  My last post was in September when I walked about the planners I was trying out.  I've been exclusively in one planner for the past month & a half & wanted to share what I thought....

If you remember - or if not, I'll remind you - I won an Amplify Planner. You can click right HERE to go to their site & look around.

 What's so special about this planner?  It has a Monthly, weekly AND daily spread in it.  Something you dont find in any other planner.  It's very handy because you can use it so many ways.  

I'll just show you some of the ways I''ve enjoyed it & made it work for me lately.

The Monthly spread is nice that it comes with a habit tracker on the top of each month. Yes, its only 4 lines, but its the important things you can use it for.  

I used my Plum Paper monthly sticker subscription & used their monthly design stickers in this planner & it works just fine.

The weekly sections look like this.... & I'm showing you a blank one because I've actually used it for multiple things - most of it personal.  With nothing changed in it, I've used it for daily journaling - sort of a brain dump.  I have really enjoyed that.  Making this a good journal on top of a planner.

Amplify Planner offers a ton of free printables that you can put in here too.  One of the new ones they have offered is a vertical lay out you can print on sticker paper or just glue stick down.  I tried it & it was OK.

I really am interested still in the Passion Planner for next year & have used their free printables to add in to try out as well.  (this is one of my first weeks & I didnt take it to the fullest with stickers & pretty lettering - I'm feeling it a little bit more now)

But really, that's the fun part of this book - you can change it up each & every week to fit your mood, your schedule, trying new things, going simple or fancy - however you want.

Then there's a blank page before the daily pages & I've used it for multiple things - again, a lot of it really personable with phone numbers & spending & health things... so I wont share that... but here's a blank one I created before I wrote anything in.  I used this week for a food tracker on the left & on the right is the work outs I did for that day, including steps, heart rate, some of the info I care most about.

But the main part... the best part... using the daily spreads.

Hang on because I'm getting ready to share a lot of pics. Obviously, not all of them because that would be over 46 pics so far.... but you get to do a spread every single day.  Talk about a new beginning each day.  I've had some days that I feel like the spreads & stickers & designs just make my day so much brighter... let me show you some of mine.

This was a weekend that I didnt really get to fill it in because I was busy.  But I still love that its pretty with the stickers & just that enough reminds me what happened that weekend.

This is one of my favorite with that plaid on one page & that globe on the next.  
& I love putting the scripture verse of the day from the Bible app in the planner.  

Celebrated my mom's birthday with doing a blue birthday spread on her day.... 

& just some other Misc. days... all different... all so enjoyable to create 

Halloween!!!! With my wolf looking puppy....

I use quotes some days instead of scripture....

& I used the side boxes for various things.  I tend to always use 2 of them for weather and gratitude.  The other 2, I would change on different days.  I've  used it for a 21 Day Fix tracker... I've used it for highlights of the day... I've used it for trying to say one good things about myself in a day (I'm the queen of negative self talk & really am trying to break that) ... & I really have enjoyed using a box for the day's NEWS... it'll be interesting to look back on that one over the years.

This one was the day after the election & I made sure to use stickers that were assuring to me that God is in control.  I appreciated this spread. "Today I chose JOY"

Of course, on Election day - I had to make it appropriate with red, white & blue colors!

As you can see, every day is different - I dont think I have any 2 days that are the same... which  makes it really fun.

I do put the same 4 things at the top as Daily Habits .... 1. Bible Study  2. Blogs (reading & writing) 3. Cleaning (which obviously isnt checked off every day - sue me) & 4. Plan for tomorrow.

It's been a good way to settle my mind at the end of every night by making my planner page for the next day. It only takes about 10  minutes to just grab a sticker book, some mildliners & transfer anything that wasn't complete the in the day to the next.

So.... the true question.... Am I going to continue in this planner?

That's a tricky question....
I have bought the Q1 planner for 2021.  I do like the quality of it - I love the paper.  I dont have anything that has really bled through - pens & markers.  It's really nice.  I bought one fully prepared to do 2021 in this planner.

I enjoy the blank pages in the back of the planner too for notes or thoughts - I've used it for my health tracker that I created & print out each month.  

I'm surprised how much I've enjoyed usng it for work. I've never used a planner for work directly  before, but it really has kept me on task when I have 5 things come in at once & then 5 more come & the 3 of the first things are still having me wait on responses.  I can keep up with things that need to be done so much easier.  This planner has totally convinced me I need a work planner.

BUT.... the ONLY thing I dont like about this planner. 
It's quarterly.  

They do sell a little calendar you can put in the pocket in the back that has all 12 months, solely to just write down anything to put in your next Quarterly planner.  


I think I want a planner where I have it all together.  My books I've read in the year... the days I've taken off work... the birthdays or events in the next quarter that aren't in the current planner.... my budget tracker in one place & not scattered over 4 where I would go back & forth to flip & see what I spent a few months past.

I'm currently adding in Passion Planner inserts in this planner & trying that for the rest of the year.  I'm thinking I'm going to use that for my main planner & have a little mini Happy Planner to keep at work to keep track of work things now that I see the benefit of work planners.  Plus, I dont really care to have work things in my personal planner to look back on.  Who cares how many closings I had in October 2020 if I look back at my planner 5 years down the road. Ya know? 
& of course, my faith planner... which actually has become a faith bullet journal.  I'll have to talk about that next month.

That's where I stand right now anyways - my 2021 outlook is a Passion Planner, Mini Happy Planner & Faith Bullet Journal.

... & we know ALL of that could change by January 1, 2021.

So what do you think?

Like the idea of Amplify Planner?

Have any questions for me on it - please ask!!!

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