Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thankful Thursday #287


This week I am Thankful for:

Week day brownies
Anyone else more apt to bake on the weekend over the week days?  is that just me?... well, one night I was wanting something sweet to eat & had just bought a box of Ghirardelli brownie mix to make. (My fav - & I'm ont a brownie fan).  I ended up making these late - the Hubs was asleep, which meant i got to lick the bowl (I know - you're not supposed to - but hey) & the hot brownies on a cold night was just a hug to my heart.

One Marked off Christmas List
Christmas is going to look different - it just is. Or I should say, it SHOULD look different. I know some people are going on with their MERRY lives, having holidays as usual.... sigh..... but I am grateful that I already have someone marked off my list. Before Thanksgiving.  This may very well be a holiday miracle. I hope I can keep at it & keep marking off more each day. We're really trimming back so that will be helpful too.

If you read my post yesterday, or have been around here for awhile, you know I love me some planners & planner accessories. I ended up treating myself to some new stickers for my planner & I am super excited. I love this ladies stickers.  She makes the women in 3 different skin tones too. Yeah diversity.  I just love the little add on's too with the ladies.  Little coffee's or computers or whatnots. She even had a Knitter girl - yeppp - mine mine mine.

New Fall TV
Love seeing some new shows back on. I watch & wonder how they filmed some of these with all the COVID restrictions... but glad to see some new stuff.  Have you seen how they're doing The Price is Right?  It's a new world. Glad to see the creativity though.

Working from home with sunshine
I will say, working from home has been a blessing - but with the time change, its been even better.  I get so depressed with no sunshine when I sit in the office & never see sunlight & come home when its getting dark.  At least working from home, I'm sitting by the window & can go out & sit in it or walk at lunch.  It's helped me SO MUCH. 

Tell me something good in your week.....

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