Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebrating our day....

First of all, thanks so much everyone for the great comments & well wishes you sent Ricky & I yesterday during our anniversary.  We loved & appreciated all the comments... every single one.

We had the best day yesterday... seriously the best...

Ricky sent me white roses the day before we got married (my fav roses)
so for our anniversary, he got me another dozen white ones..
look at my romantic man! :)

We both said that we love that we take our vacation during our anniversary - a for sure thing to know that we can be off work & enjoy the day & each other... more often then not, we have to work on our birthdays & can't celebrate when you have to get up at 5:30am & do all the fun things work has in store.  Our anniversary?  Nope - we're gonna do it right.

We ended up going out for lunch... headed to Red Robin.  We've never been there before (probably because the closest one is about 40 minutes away from us)... & I was glad to see they had a veggie option.  We were confused on the "Bottomless Pit Fries"... when they brought out the fries, we noticed the container was 'bottomless' & that's why we figured they named them.  We started noticing that they were bringing out fries to tables around us... so you can get more... huh... who knew? But we didn't catch on the trick at the end to get a box of fries to go.  When we left, we saw tables ALL had huge boxes of fries to take with them... We know that trick for next time.

But we didn't leave before dessert.  A day of celebration calls for dessert.  German Chocolate Cake Brownies with Coconut Cool Whip... OH MY GOSH... perfection...

Look at Ricky with his spoon ready to dig in....

We ended up going around the mall.  Its always good to go to the mall on a Monday afternoon.  No crowds... even able to skip around & no one is there to judge.  (Like I care if anyone judges me any other day when I skip... please...)

The best part of the mall trip?  We went into a Brookstone & sat in the massage chairs for 30 minutes... no one else in there & the lady didn't care... we left feeling so relaxed... & wanting to buy a massage chair to take home.  Seriously, that was the most amazing chair in the WORLD!!!!

Found this skirt while shopping...
I said if I was skinny, I'd wear this EVERY.DAY!!!!!

We made a Starbucks trip & I was bummed .. come on East End!  They didn't have any Peach Green Tea Lemonade.  Out of peach.  Really?  ... that's OK... I'm all for new experiences & got just plain Green Tea Lemonade.  (A little too tart)

Ricky really wanted to head down to our spot last year that he put our initials in the concrete on our anniversary.  We were shopping, found wet cement & he put the initials in.  I have pictures of him doing it.... we searched & searched... & we even knew where it was at, but thought we may be wrong... because they're gone...

I told Ricky to get out a permanent marker... we'd WRITE it back in :)  Determination!

Made a trip to Kohl's ... another experience I'll probably talk about in my Vlog Friday ...(Yes, the Vlog will probably become a Friday tradition)

We wanted to go to dinner, but we both weren't really hungry enough for a dinner... so we just said we'll do the anniversary dinner later in the week.

so we just came home & took it easy....

After all, love is knowing I have to be home to watch Dancing with the Stars! :)

It was just a fun day.... we laughed together, shopped, ate chocolate brownies... it was a perfectly GORGEOUS warm day... it couldn't have been more perfect....


  1. I don't think taking home fries would taste very good. They seem to get too soggy.

    But glad you had a great day.

  2. That sounds like a great day! I used to LOVE to go to Red Robin, but they took my favorite burger off the menu (Santa Fe - with avocado & chipotle peppers - yum). I always got a banana milkshake too :)

  3. That's nice you had a fun relaxing day together. We take our vacation the week of our anniversary too! It just doesn't seem right being separated on your anniversary. We always enjoy spending the day together.

  4. Sounds like a great day and we love Red Robin. That bottomless cup is new! They have always had refills on the fries but they were never in those new cups they are using. My daughter loves their veggie burger.
    That's pretty cool on the extra fries to take home.


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