Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Piece of Knitted Heaven

This is what I consider a piece of heaven on earth! Its my finished Brown Alpaca "Hannah Wrap". The pattern came from my LYS - it was so much fun to make. At first I was scared because in between each cable, I had to actually DROP the stitch and then pull it all the way down to create the gap in between the cables. It took me an hour and a half to pull it all the way down in each column! That was alot of work. It is beautiful and sooooo soft. I was sad I came to the end of this project.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good church day

It was great - my nieces came to church today, as well as Juli, my sister in law! I was thrilled. It was a busy day - It was a singing Sunday for me in the Praise Team, then the twins came and I had my lesson for the youth. It was all good though. I got to hold Sophia up on the stage. Miss Personality turned out to be shy up there and didn't like looking out at the audience. I found out afterwards that Madi was the socialite in the class and Sophia was the shy one. I would have never have guessed. Now - the thing is to get them to come back next Sunday and to let Juli get up to the sermon. It'll get there!

The bad part - Steph didn't make it to church. The chemo kicked in. Plus, she did alot yesterday. We spent 3 hrs at the knitting store and we ended up going out to dinner too. She ate really good - she's got to keep that up. She's missed when she's not at church! Also the bad thing about today - Vicki's results came back positive - her cancer is back. DARN CANCER! At least her and Steph can be together at CBC.

We still know GOD IS IN CONTROL!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Vacation officially over - sniff, sniff!

It's official - its over. Vacation is gone - in a blink of an eye. We spent yesterday with Steph during chemo. Ricky had never been there before - that was an experience for him. We all tried to keep laughter flowing through those halls.

Today, I got to spend it with my daddy. We went to the IMAX to see "Riding with the World" - a cowboy/horse documentary. It was neat to watch though. My favorite part, there was a scene where 3 shephard dogs helped the cowboys round up the cattle - Go puppies! When we got home, the twins were there and I spent the whole evening with my parents and the twins - a great night! The girls were amazed that Aunt Bec actually played the piano - sound comes out of it instead of just banging on it. They probably just rather bang it.

In store for tomorrow - a trip to the Knitting Store- YIPEE!

FYI - did anyone notice on Ugly Betty the term "Cruella DeVil" used? Did I not post before my life is Ugly Betty? Just another support for that!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween come and gone

Another Halloween pasted! The girls had a great time this year - even though it was rainy and cold. They had more fun passing out candy at their Yaya's house then getting it. For me, the scariest part - finding out getting my car fixed was going to cost $1,800 - SSCCRREEAAMMM!!!!!! We got to see Julie Adam's daughter for Halloween too - talk about wierd. She looks just like her mom. She's right at the age where me and Julie use to play together and it was like looking back in time. She looks exactly like Julie did. Now, the test is to see how long it takes for the girls to get through all their candy. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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