Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Alaina!

This is Alaina - she's the our middle girl! Today she turns 22 - which is amazing to me! I came into Alaina's life when she was 7 yrs old so to see her grow up & become a "woman" - its just nuts! She just graduated from IU this past year & leaves this weekend actually to head to Disney World for an intership (how jealous do you think I am?) . You're looking at the next big producter/director that the world has ever seen! Happy Birthday Lainy - we love you!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Again - Vet!

Guess where Ricky is right now - the vet - with Buffy - AGAIN! I'm getting very frustrated & nervous! Last night, I woke around 3:00 am & Buffy was sitting up in bed right next to me. I went to pet her & felt this knot by her FRONT leg! The vet yesterday kept looking at her back legs! So this morning when she got up, I touched where I felt the knot - she yelped so loudly! What the heck! So Ricky is taking her back this morning to see what's going on. I'm just a nervous wreck now waiting.....

.....Buffy is now back with me at work. Ricky said the vet poked & prodded & they couldnt find the knot & Buffy didnt yelp once - What the heck!!!! Maybe I prayed so hard this morning! There's definately something wrong with the front paw though - she cant straighten it when she gives a "high five" - oh, these dogs - worse than kids!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Vet Trip

So I'm back at the vet's office this morning. My poor Buffy started whining yesterday every time she was getting up from lying down. You could tell she wasnt feeling good because we mentioned the word "BALL" in her prescense & there was no running wildly to the door - which is the normal reaction. She was up all night, pacing the floor, not being able to get comfortable & whining each time she laid on her hip.

We make a trip to see our favorite doggie docs. They said they think its her right hip because she would get very tense when they wanted to touch it. It could be many things but they want to start with the first steps & the basics. That being - they feel she's obese - my poor baby! They said all the extra weight on her is bad for her joints so I'm to put her on a strict diet & I got some glucosimine pills for her as well (hey - thats what I just started taking for MY joints). The scary thing - we've had her on diet food for the past few months & I thought she was trimming up! Heck no - she's gained 7 lbs since our last visit just a few weeks ago! WHAT? I was shocked! So, if she hasnt lost in the next month - after a strict regimen of diet & exercise, then we have to take her back for a thyroid test.

I noticed her "knot" has been sticking out further too so I asked if that was OK. They said it seemed to be the same size which is good - but they think her "fat" is pushing it out, making it more noticable!

I want to hear no comments about how people & their dogs resemble each other! (HEHE!)

But - Buffy is having a good day after the trauma of the vet's office because I brought her to work with me. She got to visit everyone in the office, get fresh cold water out of our water cooler - enjoying a special day. I always love having one of my doggies in my office. I think we should always be able to bring our "fur-babies" with us to work. Makes the stress not so bad during the day when you have a wet nose poking at you to love on!

To top off the day - I woke up with a summer cold! This just hasnt been the best day....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Casting Crown's Day!

YIPEE!!! Today's the day! Casting Crown's new CD is out today! I've been waiting for months for this release - & hearing their single "East to the West" on the radio all the time has just made the anticipation even greater! But today's the day!!! I've already been coordinating with Ricky who's going to pick it up - me or him! MUST HAVE! I've seen them in concert twice & they are just an amazing group - & if you've ever heard any of their other CD's - they're all great!

Now - my next anticipated CD release - STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN in October!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ears Ringing!

What a rockin' night! Last night, we got to see Def Leppard, Styx & Foreigner in concert! Now alot of people wouldnt think that I'm a rocker - & I guess I'm not really - not in today's terms. But I am a child of the 80's & the "hair-bands" were a great thing then. The rock of that day isn't like the rock of today. Ricky likes it all - no matter what decade - but for me, I can feel my age when it comes to today's rock (What the heck are they saying?). I was excited to see Def Leppard more than anything & Ricky was excited to see the other 2 bands so it worked out to be a great night for us. And Lindsay was with us who is a true music lover of any kind so she just enjoyed it all.

I have to say, our seats were INCREDIBLE!!! We were right on the side of the stage & was just feet away from the artist. We could also see all the side work & artist were hanging out right next to us watching the next band - it was awesome! I took tons of pictures but got home WAY too late to upload them - so they'll come soon!

It's funny to go to a concert like that though - you see everything! Especially bands that have been around. There were all ages there - & I thought it was funny to see the parents who looked so much older & brought their kids to share in their youth. Not so funny when I realize we brought Lindsay with us & we were doing the same thing! OUCH! Those songs did take me back though - I just wish I teased my hair into "Mall hair" & put on that blue eye shadow & blue eyeliner - that would have really taken me back! (OHHH - our fashion choices of being a teen!).

Now, back to life - having to go to work on 4 hours sleep & my ears ringing. I definately dont have the lifestyle of a rocker! That's a good thing by the way! Rock on!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Good read!

I'm so excited! Look at the new book that is coming out! I am a huge Debbie Macomber fan anyways because she writes a series of books centered around a knitting store. There are even knitting pattern books to go with each book - the 3rd pattern book is getting ready to be released (another must have, I can tell!). Then I open my Family Christian mailing yesterday & see a ball of eyes are always drawn to that....

I pulled up Debbie's web page today & read about her new book! The description says "Knit Together is full of encouragement and divine empowerment for women, this text centers around the Bibles assurance that God knits each person together while in a mothers womb. Macomber deftly weaves her own story throughout the book, using the knitting theme of her most recent bestsellers to create metaphors that explore Gods handiwork in creating us for a purpose."



Where does it go? Last night I met my Sister in law with my nieces to go visit their first "school". They are going to start going to a pre-school 2 days a week for a few hours which is going to be great for them. They'll love playing with other kids & getting to see new faces. Walking in with them, I just couldnt believe it's already time to start them on the road of "growing up". It just seems like yesterday I was holding them as they were just minutes old! Now - you can have the greatest conversations with them, & they each have their own personalities.

Its the same with our own kids - Lindsay starts college, Alaina is moving to Florida for her internship with Disney, Julie is having a baby of her own! Where does the time go? I just know it goes too fast.

I can remember my grandmother telling me the older you got, the faster it goes - I truly believe her! Can't you remember when you were in school - the school year lasted FOREVER! Now, it feels like you blink & another year has passed by.
I'm just anxious to see how time works in Heaven....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Altar

First, I have to start by saying I LOVE my small group - which technically isn't that small anymore. We started off getting together when we did the "Purpose Driven Life" study. We all stayed together after that ended & have since had more people join us. Last night, we had 15 people together, laughing, sharing & getting into the Bible with opinions & different insight. Its always a great fellowship time!

So - the topic of going to the altar came up. Getting everyone's thoughts on the matter was truly interesting. I found alot of people dont go up to the altar because it makes them feel like people are staring at them with the attitude of "What's wrong with them" - "What did they do that is so wrong". As someone who has been at the altar many times with friends & family, I see it completely different.

If your heart has been opened after hearing the message & God speaking through His word - then that time is just such an intimate time you can take with your Heavenly Father. You can go to the altar just to Praise Him - nothing has to be wrong! But if there is - what a wonderful time to fall on your knees before the prescense of the Lord & have others pray with you!

Someone had even mentioned they'd be more willing to go up & pray if the invitation was "If you have any issue you need to pray about at all, come up here & we'll pray for you" - but again, it goes back to humbling yourself to do it. How many times have you felt the call to go fall on your knees, but something holds you back? Pride? Afraid what others may think? You can bet that Satan doesnt want you going & releasing things to God. I'm not saying you can't feel God's prescense where you are at either - but sometimes, you feel that pull - you feel that need to go & fall on your knees at that altar & have others surround you with prayers.

From my personal experience -I can tell you every time I have been up there with my hand on someone's back, or my arms around someone, or holding a hand with a friend, I stand up with such a presence of the Holy Spirit working - its an amazing feeling. It is truly an honor to pray with someone in the presence of God!

I challenge everyone to try it if you never have - fall on your knees, even if it is to say "Thank you Lord for all you do for me!" If you want a friend to be there with you - come get me - I'd be honored to be on my knees with you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you see it?

Do you see the heart on my Buffy's face? Ricky thinks I'm nuts! I was throwing a rope for her & our neighbor's lab, Dodger. They came down the same time & Dodger's tooth hung in Buffy's face - his tooth started bleeding, & Buffy's face had a scab on it. (Very tramatic) - I was on the phone with a friend the other night & looked at Buffy's face & noticed the scab was healing - but its left the shape of a heart (its side ways). I yelled for Ricky to look & he just told me I was nuts. Please tell me someone else see's it - or I'll be calling Dr. Bizer's World this afternoon! My mom said its a mark left from Dodger's kiss! (Excuse the drool from Buffy in the 2nd pic - YUCK)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Locked out!

What a night! I had to take Ricky last night to pick up his car which was in for repairs last night. He left directly from the shop to his friend's house for a workout - & I head home. Now, the shop is literally 2 miles down the road from us - it was going to be a quick trip. I didn't bring my purse, didnt even put on shoes - just grabbed my car key & went. I come home - all the doors are locked! I was completely locked out of my house! I didnt have my cell phone, didnt have house keys - didnt have shoes to even go anywhere! Thank goodness I have friends down the road (thanks Ryan & Precious for letting me hang with you guys last night!) It was a fun debate though when Ricky got home. "You shouldnt have locked the door knowing I was coming right back home"...."You should have brought your keys" .....ahhh, dont you love arguments that mean absolutely nothing?

Monday, August 20, 2007

You are holy - 2nd time around

A few months ago, I posted about the song "You are Holy"

It was played again this past week....

I thought it would get better....

It was even worse.....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mylon Lefevre

Mylon Lefevre

I found my cassettes the other day (yes - cassette's) and in them, I found my Greatest Hits of Mylon Lefevre & The Broken Hearts! They were the first real Contemporary Christian group that I had been into. My mother actually turned me onto them after taking me to their concert in 1985. It was awesome! I haven't heard their songs in probably 15 years (if not longer) but I popped that cassette in & remembered every word to each song. They still touched me even today. Isn't it funny how music can transend time!? I can't believe they actually have video's of their concerts online! I thought that was before video cameras where even invented (joking!) I hope you enjoy the video - remember, it was the 80's - enjoy the flashback!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Making Strides

I was so blessed this morning to be able to attend a benefit breakfast for "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer". The room was full of pink & white balloons, people wearing all shades of pink everywhere, & the most touching sight - seeing people everywhere with "Survivor" banners drapped across them like Miss America. The event was at the Galt House & there was roughly 750 seats - almost all full. I would say half, if not more, had the "Survivor" banners on. You would see them on every race, age, size of women around the room - showing that cancer is not choosy on who it attacks. The speaker for the event was a young lady who is in her early 30's who is a cancer Survivor herself. She was pregnant with her second child while fighting this disease & her story was truly touching. (Her & the child are wonderful now - & she's actually pregnant with her 3rd child due in December) Her mother is a breast cancer survivor as well & sadly, her grandmother is now battling the disease herself. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when she talked about how she was so afraid she wouldnt be there to raise her own child, & no matter how old she gets, she still needed her mother....& no matter how old her mother gets, she too needs her could hear the sniffling around the room! You talk about a girl & their mother - it touches the heart!

I've participated before in the walks & am now planning on being an active member again this year. The walk will be on Sunday, October 28th (which is actually mine & Ricky's 12 yr wedding anniversary - I'll have to get him to walk with me!). Having a friend just pass with cancer - & seeing another wonderful friend, Vicki, surviving her round with breast cancer - I'll be walking proudly that day! Maybe I can get a team together & we can go & support all the people who have to battle this horrible disease every day! Together - we can make a difference!

Just take a minute & think of all the women you know in your life - all the women you LOVE in your life - now think - 1 in 5 will probably get breast cancer. Its bone-chilling! Early detection makes the survival rate go to 95% - gotta spread the word - gotta beat this horrible thing that is cancer! I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me about this - I may be contacting some of you to join me on my "stride".

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hair Night

You know the term, "Only your hairdresser knows for sure..." - I have to laugh everytime I hear that. I had my regular appointment with Audrey at the Hair Salon & its always so much fun to go there. Everytime I'm in that chair, its just like going to church. Last night - I saw 7 people from church while I was in there. Now, its not the prettiest sight to see though when my hair is in bags, goop is all around my hair line, eye brows are red from waxing....these people aren't seeing me at my best! But its OK because its always fun to just sit around & get a "beauty shop talk" in! I always looks forward to my visits. Just another 6 weeks & I'll be back!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So proud!

A couple of weeks ago, I was such a proud mom! Yes, Julie was here & I'm proud of her & that new baby that's coming - but something else very important happened! Lindsay finished her first knitted sock!!!! Now, for those of you who don't knit - this is a HUGE step (pun intended?) - there is not a feeling like making your first sock. You fit it to your foot, put it on & realize you actually made something that awesome - its a cool thing! Now, once you get the swing of it, you can do a pair of socks within a day or two (for me - a couple of weeks) - but Lindsay, it took her over 1 year for the first sock. Now, remember, she does have 2 feet so we'll see when she completes the set - but for now, I'm beaming for her that she's got that first one done!

(Notice in the back ground Julie's cute little pregnant belly! She's proud of her sister too! Without Julie, none of us would be knitting - she's the one to blame!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our View

Watch this to the end...
Is our lives like that? We can't see what's being created - but God sees the masterpiece completed? What a cool concept!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Tonight, I am anxious to see 20/20. They are doing a special called "Pastor to Power" & looking into the life of Billy Graham & his relationships with our Presidents. I love Billy Graham & his life story - if you havent read his Biography, its wonderful. What a man of God! Its amazing how he can draw people into hearing the Word - & its amazing how he has influenced so many of our Presidents. What a reward he will have in Heaven one day!

I had the opportunity to see Billy Graham a few years back when he stopped in Louisville & preached at Cardinal stadium. That whole week was wonderful! To see the stadium full of people hearing messages of salavation - seeing the overflow of people having to sit outside & watch via screens - to see hundreds of people go & dedicate their lives to Jesus. It was a moving experience just to witness!

Hopefully, the program will do Mr. Graham justice tonight.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Say a little prayer

For those who haven't heard - lift up a little prayer today for Julie & Baby Isaac. She flew home on Monday, had a doctor's appt. on Tuesday - & found out her cervix is thinning causing contractions. She's been on bed rest this week & goes back Friday to see if things are slowing down. We are anxious to see Isaac but not this early. I told Julie, he was so excited about all the new toys from the baby shower, he's ready to come play! So say a little prayer for both of their health & safety.
We know God's in control!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


For those who havent seen it - the headstone is in for my dear friend - looking at dates is just wierd to me. To know there is a day marked for the beginning of life & a date marked for the end of our lives. But really, I guess that final date marks the beginning date as well - a new beginning to spend eternity with our Heavenly Father. I guess its all about perspective.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Told ya so!

Look at my sunflower that I mentioned on an earlier post - ITS HUGE!!!! Its starting to fall over so even in this picture, its not at its full height! Look at the leaves over the twins heads - its bigger than them!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Baby Shower Day!

What fun it was! It was good to see all the work come together & have everyone have a good time, & celebrate this coming baby. Friends & family all together - laughing & enjoying each other - is there anything better than that? My only regret - I was so busy running games, making sure food was OK - cutting cake - I didn't get to take many pictures - & I'm a HUGE picture-taker! Darn it! But I did get a few & I'll post at least a picture of the new mommy when I get them downloaded! Now - I feel sorta lost without an event to plan. That's alright though - I'm sure something will come up soon enough!

On a side note - you have to click on the side on "Chad" & look at his latest posting "EVERYTHING" - that video is just so moving! It reminds me of the skits of "One Time Blind" from "Believe" - the Jr. High Conference. Sometimes, the simpliest forms of art holds the biggest impact of a message. I have teared up every time I see this video - its wonderful!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fairy Tale

I was talking to a wonderful friend who lives in Canada today. She is making me a scrapbook that I'm so excited to receive! She is working on all the pictures of mine & Steph's friendship & she was looking for a quote that fit. She gave me a few but the last one she said just spoke to me like no other!

"A man's life is a fairy tale written by God's finger" -Hans Christian Anderson

If anyone knows anything about me - I'm very adamant about who we are on this earth. We are children of the King - which makes me a Princess! I love to wear my tiara, have my friends wear their tiaras - have people realize they they too are a touch of royalty. Even if the road of life is tough, we as His children, do receive the "Happily Ever After" when we get to spend eternity with our Father! So the idea that our life is a fairy tale - just fits in perfectly!

"How great is the love the Father lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!" - 1 John 3:1

Casting Crowns - Does anybody hear her ?

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