Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Wrapup


* Mercy, it took a turn... it was cold, rainy & yucky.  And of course, I needed to go to the grocery store.  Why is it always down pouring while I need to load & unload groceries?

* Tried my first Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks... it was ok... probaby not a drink I'll get again.  I think it had too much cinnamon in it for me.

* We turned on the heat for the first time this year... a new season has officially begun


* Ricky had to work so when I rolled over, his face wasnt on the pillow next to me... this face was (Bruno LOVES when Ricky gets up... he literally RUNS to his pillow)

* While Ricky was at work, I had a David Tutera "My Fair Wedding" feast... I love a wedding

* Headed out to do Engagement pictures for a couple. I've talked so much with her via text & messaging that I felt like she was a close friend when I saw her face to face.

* It was cooler out, in the 50's - but not miserable... thank goodness... & they were such good sports too.

* The couple brought a friend, whom I actually did her family pictures the year before... it was so good seeing her & catching up with how the family was doing.

* Ricky met me after the pictures to go pick up some things we needed & for dinner... a stop is always needed into Target.  & yes, we've started Christmas shopping.  (sshhh - this is for Isaac for Christmas... we also got Captain America & he'll get that one as soon as we see him)

* We wanted to try a new place to eat... FAIL... we found this place that was 'cafeteria' style.  I think we were the youngest people in the building.  The next age closest to us, probably about 72 yrs old... Ricky was gagging on the food.  That was a waste.

* Worked on pictures through the night


* HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me & Ricky!  17 years! YAHOOOO!!!!!

* Ricky was like a kid on Christmas morning... as soon as I opened my eyes, he said, "Want your gift?" & ran & got it... a new laptop!!! I was shocked.  But mine is so slow with all the pictures on it so he got me going all over again. 

* We got ready & headed to downtown for Beauty & the Beast... how perfect that it was here during our anniversary!! I asked him if he had them come just for me... of couse he did :)

(Excuse the wind blown look... downtown was WINDY.. & COLD!!!)

* I have been on an onion ring CRAZE lately, so we ended up traveling about 40 minutes away for the best onion rings ever... & they really are.  A local seafood place called Mike Linnings.  Its so nasty & dirty to the eye, but the food is amazing.  Just give me a plate of onion rings & I was thrilled.

* We stopped at some stores in the area & took it easy during the day... we just had so much fun together through the day... felt like our 'dating days' :)

* Headed to Starbucks... Ricky always said, "I know what I want, but dont know the name" - so we went inside & told the lady.  He said, "I want more chocolate then coffee" so she told him to try the Mocha Latte with 5 pumps of chocolate... OH MY GOSH... this drink was amazing!!!  Ricky even brought half of it home & warmed it up later in the evening.  (He woke up this morning & said, "I need to go to Starbucks"... its crack I'm telling you...crack)

* I tried a Vanilla Latte... nah... didnt care for it

* It was a long day, but perfect.. finished up my day working on pictures while watching "Once Upon a Time" with Ricky falling asleep on the couch... perfect way to start another 17 years...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea  
Friday... & its gloomy, rainy & turned cold... blah...
But its FRIDAY!!!!!!

Yep - looks like our Indian Summer is over... tear...
Its turning colder today & staying in the 50's all next week

I dont mind the 50's too much though
perfect jacket & hat weather


I got to enjoy the last warm day with a Family Session
The little boy was the sweetest child I've been around

I honestly couldnt take pictures sometimes because he would be running straight toward me with the camera to hug me & sit in my lap

I asked if I could take him home with me :)
Parents have a thing about wanting to keep their kids though


This is totally me...

or was me...
My stupid back...
I'm THISCLOSE to going to the doctor about it...

But I know its just going to leave me ticked off, mad & poor


Oh... I dont think I ever posted a picture from my Senior Session I did last weekend

(Isnt this wall AWESOME?  I see it everyday going home from work & was so excited to put someone in front of it!!)


Anyone watching the new show Arrow?

Its from DC Comics so I already knew Ricky would love it
... I just didnt know how much I'd love it...

its fantastic!

Definitely better then Beauty & the Beast
... shame...that show just aggravates me now
I knew it could never be as good as the original

Sometimes you just dont mess with perfection


Nope... no spat of the week?
Because we're coming up Sunday on our 17th Wedding anniversary!

I still think my wedding was the most beautiful one EVER!!!


I think today is the day...

I think I'm going to try the Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks

I keep hearing about it but I always stick to my favs
But today, I'm feeling like a little adventure

Do I even want to know the calories in it?


So if you read yesterdays post,
Sophia didnt win the championship
But she still rocked it!

But it blows my mind when she tells how at the beginning, the other girls PUSH her & they knock other kids down.

Bullying in Cross Country
what the world has come to when small children compete

There was actually a little girl crying because she came in 4th place & didnt win
Parents... pressure much?


I've said it before & I'll say it again



Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!
I'm just counting down time now for a Pumpkin Latte

Thursday, October 25, 2012


... at least in my book....

Tonight Sophia is running in the Cross Country Championships!!!

It started on Tuesday when they had a race & the twins momma, Juli,  told me that the top 15 get to go onto the Championships that are running this evening.

See that number on Sophia?  She was 18th over all...

Let's back up though...

Here are the Greenville Tigers Girls Team getting ready to run run run...

(The arrow shows Madi & Sophia side by side)

Part of the schools ran the day before so the crowds were down ... I loved that - it wasnt a fight to the death with other parents to get to the ribbons along the finish line.

(Because I will do a fight to the death to cheer on the girls)

It was quick & I see Sophia's big blue ribbon coming over the hill


She came in at 8:33!!!!  That's fantastic!!! ... when she ran her first meet this year, she was a little over 9:00 - so she shaved off major time!!!

& then we're waiting for Madi...

she's usually really close to Sophia so we got a tad nervous when she wasnt too close behind...

Who knew 60 seconds felt like an eternity?

but here Madi came & she finished exactly one minute behind
... again, I'd LOVE to finish a mile in under 10 minutes :)

GO MADI!!!!!!

Madi came in 32nd - which is still ROCKIN' AWESOME!!!!

So Madi was excited that she was done... she was over it :)

Sophia wasnt sure if she was still in the game or not - for some reason, she kept saying the top 23 got to go forward....

here are the girls waiting to see if they're still in this or not..

Sophia was anxious & excited... Madi kept saying "No, no, no, no"....

Well - they both got their wish... Madi just missed making it & Sophia is running tonight!

No matter what happens tonight - no matter what has happened the whole season - no matter what place, time or anything - I think these two girls are CHAMPIONS!!!!

I'm so proud of them...

Now, to get them to run their first 5K with me :)

Maybe I need to rethink that... they'll leave me in their dust!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


1. So, do you like beer?

I took one sip of beer in my life... & that one sip, I gagged & spit out what I could & drank a gallon of water to get that horrid taste out of my mouth... that's all I've ever had of a beer... one sip... I'll never drink another one...

The smell even makes me gag... bleeehhh!!!

2. What's your least favorite repetitive task?

Walking up & down the steps...
my laundry room is downstairs & lugging the baskets up & down... just gives you the perfect reason why I'm never caught up on laundry...
...& I just sounded really lazy...

3. When was the last time you rode in a bus? Where was it headed?

Last time I rode in a bus was on a shuttle back to my car after a 10k ... I really hate when starting lines & finish lines are miles away from each other.  You're tired & ready to go, but NO - you have to wait in line to get on a bus & then sit in a crowded area with a bunch of stinky, sweaty people...

But I will say, every time I've done this, I have enjoyed talking to people about how their race went.... if you didnt know - I'm a talker :)

4.  What song from your childhood or from your own children's childhood could make a parent's nerves stand on end?

There was a song I remember from some kid show that I can remember & in it, the girl just kept singing over & over 'I dont care'... I've always sang it growing up... I cant find it on YouTube.  (Its before anything was recordable maybe?)

But this is similar... except there was no slapping in the end :)

5. The US Presidential election cycle is drawing to a close (can I get an AMEN??), and the third and final debate was held last night....what was the last thing you 'debated about'?
First - AMEN SISTER!!!! ... I didnt even watch the last one.  When I heard the words "Debate" with "Foreign Policy" - I went into a small coma...

But what's the last thing I debated?...My photography prices... I feel like I'm competitive with my prices - the Hubs thinks I should up them, which I appreciate because he feels like my work is worth more... but its always a debate with every session I do.

6. Can a person make too much money? How much is too much?
I do think its a little insane for some people to make what they do - like Kim Kardasian may make thousands of dollars, like 6 digit thousands of dollars, just for standing in club for a night... really?

But I guess that's the answer to "SHOULD people make too much money"

Can a person?  guess not...

For me? I dont know how much is too much... I've never been there...

7. Pop-soda-coke-something else...what's it called where you live?

Its 'Coke' in my neck of the woods... didnt matter if its a Pepsi, RC, or any other kind - it is still a 'Coke'

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm so freaking sick of Taylor Swift's face & always wearing the color red.

I get the CD just came out, but Geezzzzzzzz... this promotion is crazy.
Every time I turn on the radio, they're talking about it - every morning news program promoting Taylor Swift is going to be on performing... the Target commercials with her flying through the air Peter-Pan-like...

Enough already!

Now, if it was Steven Curtis Chapman, I'd be all giddy about it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A story about The Last Supper

Out of one of my favorite books: Mondays with my Old Pastor
This story just impacted me so much... hope it blesses you

There's a little ancedote of Leonardo da Vinci, the great painter, sculptor & inventor, about his painting, The Last Supper - one of the most copies & sold works of art in all of history. 

It took da Vinci 20 years to finish, since it was so difficult at that time to find people who could pose as models.  In fact, he had problems in starting the painting because he couldnt find a model who could represent Jesus, someone who could reflect in his face purity, nobility, & the lovliest feelings.  Also, the model needed to possess extraordinary manly beauty.  Finally, he found a young man with these characteristics, & it was the first figure of the picture he painted.

Later, he went looking for the twelve apostles, whoome he painted together, leaving Judas Iscariot's spot open, since he couldn't find a suitable model.  It had to be a person of mature age who had a face with the traces of betrayal & greed.  That is why the painting remained unfinished for a long time, until they told him of a terrible criminal who had been taken prisoner. 

Da Vinci went to see him, & he was exactly the Judas he wanted to finish his work.  So he asked the mayor to allow the prisoner to pose for him.  The mayor, knowing the master's fame, gladly accepted & ordered that the prisoner be taken to the painter's studio, chained & accompanied by two guards.

During all that time, the prisoner showed no signs of emotion for having been chosen as a model, but remained completely quiet & distant.  Finally, when da Vinci was satisfied with the rsult, he called the prisoner over & showed him the painting. 

When the prisoner saw it, he was greatly impressed & fell to his knees, crying.  Surprised, da Vinci asked why he was crying, to which the prisoner responded: "Master da Vinci, don't you remember me?"

After looking at him carefully, da Vinci answered him, "No, I have never seen you."

Crying & asking for forgiveness from God, the prisoner said to him, "Master, I am the young man you chose ninteen years ago to represent Jesus in this same painting"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Talk about a blur... I think I was home just long enough to sleep... & not even a lot of that.


* Got surprised by some roses at work... the fun part?  Getting them home.  I didnt want the water spilling all over my new seats, so I poured some of it out & then seat belted those babies in.  The weight made my front passenger side air bags turn off - it must be the same weight of a small child.. nice...

* Headed to look for a baby shower gift... freaked me out when I knew I was having a future NEPHEW & the registry had all kinds of PINK stuff... turns out Burlington isnt good with their bar codes... we were outta there

* Target!  Why didnt we just go there in the first place?  Especially because they have a Starbucks in there.  Except they were out of cups for hot drinks.  Normally, I get all things 'iced' but it was so chilly & damp, I wanted something warm.... & it got put in one of those plastic cups... my 'hot' drink was 'cold' in a few minutes anyways

* Traffic jam.... ugh!!!!

* Ricky & I got home just in time to change... it was a Youth Bonfire/Hayride event.  It had been rainy & chilly all day long so we were afraid no one would show up.... WRONG!  We had a LOAD of kids... & the rain let up for the EXACT time of our event.  Literally, at 10:00, while we were cleaning up & kids were leaving, it started raining again.  The rest of the time?  We could even see stars out... perfect!


* I love when I have time to make breakfast on Saturday morning... the only time of the week I can make a good, hearty one...

* one of my Brides came by with her mom to pick up engagement pictures... This young lady is just the cutest... I love getting to know amazing people... & their family.  Turns out her mom works at the school where my nieces go to, so she knows all about them... such a small world!

(Here she is... this is one of their engagement pictures... & this is where he proposed.... aahhh!)

* The weather was looking iffy today too & I had a senior portrait session... the mom was so nervous about it & kept calling me... I kept assuring her it was going to work out & we'd get great pictures...then I just sat on my couch with a cup of iced coffee & kept praying the weather would work out :)

* My dogs guilted me off the couch so they could relax

* That Senior portrait session?  .... Thank you Jesus... It is probably one of my all time favorites.  I'll show you some pictures when I get them posted...

* Ricky took me out to dinner for a job well done to a Japanese restaurant... yum... but I told him, "let me take a picture for my weekend wrapup" - he was like "NO!" & then took my phone.  I showed him how to pose... I was doing some great poses... he refused to take the pictures like that & made me "just smile"... so boring :)

* Headed to Kohl's with my 30% off... found a cool watch that is supposed to work as a Pedometer as well... WATCH FAIL... I got it home & tried it out - I literally walked around the house twice & it counted ZERO steps taken.  ... yeah, that's going back...


* Church time...

* This was a day of running from one place to another... I left church, got home to wrap up the Baby Shower present & Ricky wanted to make sure I ate something first... he could hear my stomach growling all through youth service... so we booked it down to Jimmy John to get me a veggie sandwich... I'm not sure I've ever ate that fast before in my life

* Baby Shower Time!!! .... The new momma looked so beautiful & cute... she said she's only gained 11 lbs so far.  I told her, that's amazing, as I've only gained 11 lbs the past few months as well :)

* I didnt get a good shot of her - DANG IT!... but did get a good shot of her cake.  Think my belly was yelling out for sugar?

I told her, how are you going to cut off Winnie the Pooh's head?  She's a pregnant woman who has cravings - let her cut off the head if she wants :)

* AAHHH - found a picture on Facebook of us all :)

(The Vincent side)

* My sister in laws are awesome... all I do around them is laugh :)

* I'm the winner! SCORE!  We started playing games & they asked if I was playing - I said, "no... I'm WINNING'.. & winning I did... even if it did take a new way of outlook to win.  You had to make 'baby item' names out of the new baby's full name... Well, I was coming up with some doozies.. .like LICE, VAN, HEAL, VEIN ... & I could explain how everyone of them would associate with a baby.  Let me tell you - I grew up going to so many baby showers, I know how to get down & dirty to win a game! :)

* Back in my car to get back to church for the Senior High Session... made it with 10 minutes before starting... whew!

* Got home at 8:45 & EXHAUSTED... but had to watch Once Upon a Time... just keeps getting better & better... I mean, come on - Belle got her library in this one!

* My wonderful hubby gave me a leg massage while I just laid on the couch & watched Revenge... now that's how you end a weekend!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday... thank God its Friday.. Friday
(there's actually a song that has those exact words... I sing it every Friday morning)
My lower back is still miserable...
But I did start running again this week
Figure if its going to hurt, I'll give it a reason to hurt
I know - my logic is unique
We're having a Youth Hayride & Bonfire tonight...
& now, they're calling for cold, rainy weather
I'm sure it'll work out though
even if we're huddled in a room playing games
Kids dont let weather bother them
I want to learn to groom dogs
Like, learn the right way...
but you have no idea how hard it is to find a class or school
Guess I'm just gonna start sheering away & see what happens
Now, which dog gets to be my first experiment?
I wish NO ONE would buy Arnold Swartenloser's book
My heart rate monitor finally bombed on me...
now, when I work out, I feel so lost
I'm addicted to knowing how fast my heart is beating & how many calories I burn
I really need it because if I have to judge myself,
I'll say I burned 1250 calories for one low impact aerobic session
OK - so what's the trick???
Look at what my hair looks like when the hair dresser straightens it & when I do
I mean, I buy the exact same products she uses
even the same straightening iron
I honestly believe Hair Dressers are magical creatures
So another Bachlorette break up
Emily & Jef
Can I admit?
I'm honestly sad about this one
It was just yesterday they were both taking little Rikki to school on Instagram
I love following reality stars on Instagram
... its like the reality show continues forever...
Yeah... really...
makes you wonder who really did think of the 'snooze button'
that thing I have a love/hate relationship with

 For a good laugh
.. if you're weird like me..

I know these make NO SENSE at all,
I know this!!!
but I honestly laugh till I have tears EVERY.STINKING.TIME!

Scooby Doo! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Horsing Around

Last night we decided to go to visit my parents...

Love its no longer a 30 minute drive to see them, but just a 5 minute hop & skip...

But we wanted to see more then just my parents... we wanted to see the new addition to my parent's barn...

Hello Spanky...

Spanky is actually my dad's horse, Cochese's brother... & dad also has their momma, Candy - so the whole family is reunited.

& Family they are... the two brothers would nip at each other & fight for attention

Things get dangerous when there are carrots around...

Or people who give neck rubs...

Here's dad's horse holding a more handsome pose for me... he didnt want his brother getting all the camera attention

(There's Momma Candy in the background... she refused to be bothered)

Once they knew that we were there with carrots, the show was on...

My dad has worked with horses his whole life & has taken the challenge that for every trick we teach our dogs, he will teach his horses...

So Spanky kept going over & ringing the bell on the gate - or would take his leg & stomp it on the ground like he was counting... & then just stare at you like, "come on, that's worth at least 2 carrots"

Cochese was showing off too - You can lift your hands up & he will jump up, lifting his front 2 legs... he'll spin in circles for you... & if you cross your legs, he'll cross his too

I told mom to get some carrots for Ricky ... he's doing a good job of crossing his legs too

So the family is together... & my dad is one happy camper... or rather, cowboy

(Spany & Cochese.... Momma Candy was taking advantage of being left alone to go chow down)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hodgepodge Time

Wednesday...I'm telling you, these days have felt forever long... just glad we've made it to half way through the week.

1. Noah Webster was born this week back in 1758...besides the online version, do you own a dictionary? Do you ever use the hardback edition or is your search for a definition strictly online these days?

I used to carry a small pocket dictionary for when I would read books & come upon a word I had no idea what it meant... now, thanks to technology & my Kindle, you can just touch the word & it gives you the meaning right there on the screen.  LOVE IT!!!

But I do have a Scrabble Dictionary that I love... but which Ricky says isnt a real dictionary.  Afterall, how many times do you say "qi" in your day?

2.  Should public schools ban Halloween celebrations? What about other holiday celebrations currently under fire?
Why would a public school ban halloween celebrations?  I know we never celebrated it in high school or even middle school.  If anyone showed up in costume, you went home.  "Big" School isnt for Halloween celebrations - but if there is a dance afterwards, who cares?

& we did celebrate it in Elementary school - but that's always just pumpkins & fun witches & ghost crafts & cookies.  Let young kids have fun...

3. What's your favorite 'dog' movie?
I LOVE this movie...Homeward Bound... The end, when you think that Shadow isnt going to make it out of the mud pit... & then when he see's "his boy"... I totally sobbed like a baby...

And another that is probably one of my favorites - that may or may not be considered a 'dog movie' ...Iron Will... Loved the relationship between Will & his dog.. "Get off my dog"!!!  I always said I would name a son if we had one William - after Ricky's dad but we would call him Will because we both loved this movie so much!!!

4. When were you last somewhere you'd describe as 'too quiet'?

Anywhere I am is never "too quiet" :)

...Ask the Hubs - he'll agree....

5.  Are you a neat cook or a messy cook? In other words, do you clean as you go or make a big mess and deal with it later?
I get anxious if the kitchen gets too messy so I'm a clean as you go kinda cook

I try to get out all the ingredients, get them measured & ready to go before I even start anything - that way all packages are already put up before I even start...

yeah, I'm that weird about it...

Even when we get take out, I'm constantly putting up the containers & bags/boxes.

6. Did you hear about Felix Baumgartner, the skydiver who broke the sound barrier via parachute. Was your first thought COOL! or was your first thought CRAZY! Are you adventurous?
I threw up some in my mouth while just watching
& then when he went into that crazy spin?  Yeah - I may have peed a little...

that tell you how adventurous I am?

How do people even think of doing something like that?

I like what Ellen said on her show, "This guy lands on his feet after jumping 24 miles from the earth & I get a bulging disk in my back from stepping off of a curb"

7. What's not a word but should be?
I feel like this is a trick question... I wont be pulled into this ridiculikonkliciousiness

8. Insert your own random thought here.
They were talking about the top songs played at a funeral... I would have bet "I can only Imagine" ... but it was "My Way" by Frank Sinatra!  Seriously - here's the whole list... is it me, or is this way off? 

1. Frank Sinatra - "My Way"

2. Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli - "Time To Say Goodbye"

3. Bette Midler - "Wind Beneath My Wings"

4. Eva Cassidy - "Over the Rainbow"

5. Robbie Williams - "Angels"

6. Westlife - "You Raise Me Up"

7. Gerry & The Pacemakers - "You'll Never Walk Alone"

8. Vera Lynn - "We'll Meet Again"

9. Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"

10. Nat King Cole - "Unforgettable"

11. Tina Turner - "The Best"

12. Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton - "I Will Always Love You"

13. Monty Python - "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

14. Luther Vandross - "Dance With My Father"

15. Louis Armstrong - "Wonderful World"

16. Daniel O'Donnell - "Danny Boy"

17. Eva Cassidy - "Fields Of Gold"

18. Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody"

19. Westlife - "Flying Without Wings"

20. Eva Cassidy - "Songbird"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Which planner is for you?

So I'm an admitted Office Supply nerd... I love all things organizing - especially calendars & planners.

& I know we live in a world where your life is on your phone or iPad... but I still like the old school way of pen or pencil jotting down on paper...

Last year I had the Erin Condren planner & loved it, but wanted to see if there was some other planners out there that would work best for me... 

So to help you out - here are 3 planners that I've gotten & a preview of them.

First - here are the 3 planners... the Erin Condren planner, a calendar from May Books & a MyAgenda planner.

(L to R:  MayBook, MyAgenda, Erin Condren)

You can see from the picture - the Erin Condren planner is the biggest... the May Book is the smallest. 

The May Book is more of a papery feel that is stiched up the center. 
The My Agenda is like a hard back book
Erin Condren has the rings & a stury plastic cover

Another view showing the sizes of the planners.

May Book

* I do like that you can create the design of your book... create a monogrammed look, or even put your name on it.  I actually created 2 other plain notebooks with my name on them.  So cute!

* I was surprised how small this was.  That may actually work for some people who want to throw it in a purse or bag.  I just need more writing room & something that feels more sturdy.  I'd just be afraid it wouldnt last through the whole year.

It does also have a weekly "to do" pages after the calendar - but you can see how small it is ... I dont have monster hands so I could pretty much lay my hand on top of the calendar & cover the whole page.

Erin Condren

* I love that each month has tabs on them to take you right to where you need to be

* I love that it has plenty of writing space in it... it has a calendar for each month & then a weekly area that is so roomy... it even comes with stickers to put on the dates to help you keep track of events & plans & birthdays...

* I also love it has a little folder in the back & a zip up bag that holds business cards, receipts, loose papers

* Love all the extra blank pages for writing notes

* I dont care for the spiral binding on it too much... it spins on me often & I have to 'refeed' it through the pages so they dont get loose.

* The biggest thing I dont like about this planner... the cost... its pricey... with shipping & handling, its about a $60 planner.  OUCH! ... but I will say, it has withheld through the year & I carry it with me every day.

My Agenda

This is actually off a site that is called MomAgenda

They have planners for Mom's that have places to keep track of each child & daily 'mom' duties... I have no little ones so I went with the MyAgenda...I LOVE IT!!!

* I love it has a calendar on the front that is double paged & lined (I'm nerdy on keeping straight lines while writing)

* I also love the weekly pages for writing...this is my favorite part... it has sections that you can make your own... I use the top part for the "to do" of the day, & then label the bottom sections for my exercise, my daily spending, what's for dinner, & my photography agenda... perfect for me!

*  It has 2 ribbons that help you keep track of both places which is nice.

* I also love that it has pages in the back for information - medical info, TONS of blank pages, vacation planner, pages to write down notes about music, movies - even areas where you can write down things for the next year. 

* Also love that it has a "My Essentials" that is like a phone directory that you can actually remove & put in your next planner that you get!

* I also like the hard back binding.  The side of the book will look fantastic on a book shelf - it has the year on it & you can get different color books every year.

* You can choose to have your name put on it as well... for some reason, I didnt do that but wish I had.

By far, My Agenda is my favorite... it works for me... & the price isnt as crazy as the Erin Condren.  & right now, the MyAgenda is 30% off... which makes me a little kooky since I bought mine right before it went on sale... Gaawwwhhh!!!

Believe me - I wish I was compensated for some of these planners - but this is just my opinion on all the planners I have purchased this year...

hope it helps someone with the decision

& if there is another planner out there - I dont want to know about it... I cant spend any more money on another one...

.. I lie... I do want to know about it... I love planners :)

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