Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hodgepodge Time

1. Share one way you think the world has changed for the better since you were a kid?

Technology... they have everything at their finger tips.  No more huge encyclopedia's that you have to go to the library for to look up the meaning of words that are 15 letters long... Google it & you're done...

2. How 'bout one way it's changed for the worse?

Technology ... (like how I did that).... It's made kids today so unsocial.  Oh believe me - they're SOCIAL - posting everything online... but how to be social with other people?  Yeah - not so much

3. Starlight, starfish, starling, Starbucks...your favorite 'star'?

Just look at my Instagram for the answer to this... Starbucks is a weekend habit for me now...

but come on... the real "favorite star"?

 Animated Gif on Giphy
See - everyone thinks so... maybe except for Kate Capshaw back in the corner...

4. Name a song that's overplayed, but you love it anyway?

I don't care!!!!

No.. I'm not say I don't care about the question... I'm saying that song, "I love it (I don't care" by Icono Pop

It on every time I turn on the radio ... & its stupid... & it makes no sense... but I will bounce & dance & sing & pump my arm in the air New Jersey style every time its on...


Have to use this version since its the 'clean version' ... why do all the songs have to have words I still can't say in front of my parents at 41 years old? ... & take note the dancers even do the New Jersey fist pump

5.  When did you last have home made ice cream? Your latest favorite flavor?

I haven't had home made ice cream in FOR-EV-ER!!!!

I remember we used to make it with my grandmother all the time... she's left this earthly world in 1997... so its at least been that long, plus a few years...

Now I'm trying to even remember the taste of it....

6. What do you think is the best way to inspire or motivate people?

Scream in their face & make them cry... ala Jillian Michaels style...

 Animated Gif on Giphy

NO!!!! ... though I know that works for some people...

But I think support, complimenting, encouraging... all much better routes of motivation

More of the Chris Powell style...(Anyone else just love him on Extreme Weight Loss?)

Chris Powell Introduces William Cash
See - he takes times to kiss babies... Jillian would yell at this baby for being chubby

7. When was the last time you were without power?

2 days ago... for 30 seconds... it was terrifying...

Seriously - our power blinks off & on all the time during summer

Guess when you live down a country road, if everyone cranks the AC up at the same time, chaos ensues

 Animated Gif on Giphy

8. Insert your own random thought here.

So I'm just thinking the top news story lately is not ObamaCare or Anthony Weiner (his name get me laughing like a 8 yr old kid every time) or anything else government that I don't even know what's going on anyways....

No - I'm sitting by the TV waiting to see the latest on Teresa & Joe!

 Animated Gif on Giphy
Let's hope she's not talking about ORANGE

What?  He's not even a US Citizen?  He could be shipped back to Italy?  Teresa could go to prison?  .. come on... this is the best reality TV series YET!

You know somewhere, her sister in law, Melissa, is sitting back laughing....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OH .... my eyes....

I know I've been moaning & groaning everywhere about my glasses on twitter & Facebook... & mentioned it here yesterday...

But I just need to moan & groan some more.


I know its only been one day... but I'm learning I don't have patience. 

I spend money for glasses, I want to see as soon as I put them on.... is that wrong?

& of course, I do what every normal American does when there is a problem - Google it or look up videos on the situation on YouTube.

Progressive Lens are a kick in the butt apparently for everyone...

My issue?  I don't have problems with distance, so I'm not even sure why I'm IN progressive lenses.  I just can't see close up... that's it....

Now, it is a pain to constantly put on & off reading glasses to look at price tags, or read labels, or to see what time it is...

but if it means I have to wear these things that I feel like are messing up my vision everywhere else, I'll just live with reading glasses.

I can't get used to the middle part of the glasses - the ones I'm staring through right now looking at the computer.  Its BLURRY... I can take them off & see clearer WITHOUT them...

How is this right?

Beats Me

Yes - you all saw I've already had them recheck my eyes... I just don't get these glasses.

So, do I stick with them?  See if this "middle area" clears up? 

& honestly, what is the point of a progressive bifocal when the part you read with is so miniscule at the bottom, its ridiculous.

I feel like I have to pull something to the very bottom of the glasses & then sorta squint to find that perfect line at the bottom.... stupid...

My reading glasses?  The whole lenses lets me see plain & clearly my whole page on a book - not just a line or too that's 'in the zone'...

I feel like I'm suffocating actually in these things...

 Animated Gif on Giphy
I may have thrown my glasses off a few times yesterday & did this exact thing

Glasses aren't supposed to make a life miserable, are they?

So - opinions?  Stick it out?

Anyone else have troubles getting used to progressive lines or glasses in general?

Is this all just part of getting older?

Is this messing up my distance vision that I see FINE with?

I just want to feel like I'm not suffocating in them anymore... glasses with an oxygen tank - I need to invent that.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Stopped to pick up my new glasses... HOLD UP... they are horrible.  I told them I wanted my eyes rechecked because they gave me a prescription for distance.  I have no problems with distance - only seeing things close up... I didn't get it.  So I walked out still not able to see close up & another appointment for Sunday

* This picture perfectly describes Friday now... Starbucks being in the grocery & the grocery is where I stop on my way home every Friday... it all equals a Peach Green Tea Lemonade... again...

Have you not tried it yet?... What is wrong with you?


* OH MY GOSH... this weather is INSANE!! Its beautiful!

* Went to sit outside & read my Kindle.. .but I was ate up with bugs - so went into our enclosed back porch... only to find it swarmed with spiders... I was on a mission to clean out all the Charlottes & her babies.

* Got caught up in "Comedians in cars getting coffee" with Jerry Seinfeld.  Funny stuff!  I love Sarah Silverman so she is my favorite coffee date on there :)

* Can we walk again how beautiful the day is?

So just learned my phone can do this... I'm a little behind...
Just learned my phone could do this... that's all pictures of Buffy running after a ball :)

* OK - so I thought I was happy about a night race.  I take it back.. I take it all back... it was so weird all day long trying to figure out what/how to eat for a late race.  & leaving the house at 8:30PM for a race?  Totally messed me up.  I'm old - so 8:30pm is usually when I'm taking a shower & popping in a movie to relax for the night.  It was just weird

* GLOW GO 5K ... Ricky was a good sport about wearing all his Glow-Goodies

Now if they made THESE into bifocals - that'd be cool :)

* It was a perfect night for this race.  We were anxious about registering for it 3 months ago thinking it was going to be horrible & hot in July... who knew that it would be COOL down by the river... perfect running weather!

* Love when I see my running buddies that I meet through races... always makes races better

* The race, while fun... I will say it was the most disorganized race I've been to yet.  It was fun - don't get me wrong - I think because the race itself was full of families & young kids ... but the paths weren't marked clearly (It was dark after all) & then some areas were SO FREAKING DARK... I was afraid to run fast (like I run fast).... but I was afraid I was going to trip.  You couldn't see the path in front of you at all... that had to be dangerous!  My friend later told me she tripped in that area. 

Told you it was dark....

* Another sign I'm getting old?  This 5k had a party afterwards - people could actually pay to just get into the party without running the race.  It was a PARTY CROWD... & that was our sign to get out of there.  Beer smells everywhere - ladies dancing on stage that had on very minimal clothing - people getting a tad crazy... yep, get me home to my comfy bed & go to sleep.  No Party People here.


* AGAIN?  Yep... thank you Lord - another beautiful day

Went out to get the morning paper... this girl was like, "I want to enjoy the weather too" - so she plopped her butt down in the front yard & refused to move :)

* Church... I took my part of the youth group & had our small group outside... & the kids actually said in the shade, "Its COLD"... what?  Its JULY people!  ... But I gave them 5 minutes to play on the swing set.  I always say, "you're never too old to love a swing set"

* Back to the eye doctor... & they pretty much told me I just need to get used to them & see if my eyes adjust to no line progressive bifocals.  I have a feeling I'm just going to be go back & turn them back to reading glasses.  Not worth all this headache.... literally...

* We had lunch sitting outside - sucking up the beautiful afternoon

* Weekly Target trip... I think we saw like 10 people we knew in there... thank God I had on makeup.  Usually when I see people like that, I have on yoga pants & no make up & greasy hair.

* Engagement session!!! If you haven't got the common theme here - it was a perfect night for it... & this couple - so dang cute!!!!  I thought they were like 18 yrs old... nope, they were both in their mid-20's - but such adorable baby faces.  & I loved it because they both had tattoos on them. Her's were this beautiful BLUE.. I told her my mom would probably actually get that tattoo. 

* Worst part of the session?  I got stung on my big toe by a wasp... I was in such pain... but kept pushing through like nothing was wrong... inside, I was crying like a 2 yr old

* Ricky met us up there to see if we were still taking pictures right at the end of the session... we ended up talking with Chasity until almost 10:00pm.... no one can't say we didn't stay outside every minute we could this weekend :)

So back at it... with me in these wonky glasses.... I have no patience.  I'm giving them one week.  If no improvement at all?  I'm headed back to get reading glasses.  Case closed.  Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

What is happening around here? 
its July & the high's this weekend are going to be in the 70's!
No Complaints!
Perfect weather Saturday for a night race
The Glow Go 5k
Photo: 48 more hours...... #WeRunTheNight
I was worried when we registered back a few months that a race in July would be horrible... who knew it was going to actually be COOL!
Even better about the weather?
I have an engagement session scheduled.
It was originally scheduled around the 4th of July but we had to change it.
It was rainy & close to 100 degrees the original date & I just kept praying the weather would be better on the rescheduled date.
.... it don't get better then this...
Yes... I've been in Royal Baby World & loving it
I'm from the generation that saw Diana get married
saw Diana walk out on those same steps with William
I have William & Kate's wedding STILL on my DVR
I wasn't about to miss them coming out with their little Prince George
To me - its like a fairy tale in real life
My favorite part?
William putting the baby in the back of the car & driving off with his wife & child in the back seat.
I just love them
LAUGHING MATTER photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William
Did we ever see Charles & Diana laugh like this?
I don't think so
 Animated Gif on Giphy
This is how I walk away from an explosion too...

We've been trying to find an Australian Shepherd puppy

Apparently no one around here even owns one!
What the heck!

We found a breeder in Florida that has the cutest puppies
But also a 'not so cute' price

$1500 for the puppy & then $300 to fly the puppy up

I'll just keep checking the classifieds

I love Twitter while watching TV Shows
Use a #Hashtag with that shows name & you get to talk to people around the whole world watching the same show
... & there are some FUNNY people out there...
but even cooler, sometimes the show or people on the show tweet you back

 Yes... they tweeted me!  How cool is that?

By the way, if you're not watching Hollywood Game Night
you're missing out

But I was raised on game shows & am a master of all things trivial
...not "Jeopardy" kinda trivia...
but stupid, useless, celebrity kinda trivia


TV Time!!!

Bachlorette:  Men Tell All Edition.... They spent WAY too much time on James for me.  Who cares - get over it.  I think Des only yelled at him because the "Bachlorette crew" told her exactly what to say.  Only when Ali told her that James was manipulating her did it ever occur to Des that was really happening.

I want Juan Pablo to be the next Bachelor!

 Animated Gif on Giphy

I love Zak but how awkward for Des to sit there & listen to a song about how she broke his heart... funny...

How is this going to end well - previews of EVERYONE crying

Big Brother:  Are you kidding me?  Aaryn won HOH?

America's Got Talent:  Howard Stern voted for that little girl instead of the ROCK BAND?  Not cool Howard... I wanted to see those rockin' vets go further!

I love the kid magician

Extreme Weight Loss:  I want to go live with Chris & Heidi Powell...

So You think You Can Dance:.... I've actually missed out on the past 2 episodes...I know - SHAME... Any dances I need to YouTube?


OK folks, hope you all have a Fantastic Friday... I hope it FLIES right by!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


1. July 24th is Amelia Earhart Day.  Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  What's something you've recently accomplished solo?

Cleaning my house... its the only way I can get it done.  If Ricky is in my way, it throws off my cleaning mojo...

 Animated Gif on Giphy
...THIS is cleaning mojo.....

2.  What's a product you use that never ever fails?

My scale...

it never fails to make me miserable & want to cry...

 Animated Gif on Giphy
yep... this is me every time I get off of the scale...

3. Have you found your place in this world?  Where is it?

I have a place in this world?  If its quiet & relaxing & has a maid, then ....

4. Worst movie you ever saw?

"Toys" with Robin Williams.  It was the first date Ricky & I went on... I usually like any  movie.  This was the dumbest movie I've ever seen & we both actually fell asleep in it.
Toys (1992) Poster

5. What's the last fun thing you did?

This last wedding was the most fun I've ever had shooting a session...

Anytime I get to get my groove on WHILE taking pictures?  Well, what more can a person ask for in life? :)

6. The month of July is named for Roman emperor Julius Caesar...ever been to Rome?  What's your favorite Italian dish?

Is Rome overseas?  Then the answer is & will always be NO... my butt isn't flying anywhere that is that far.

My favorite Italian dish is spinach ravioli ... oh yeah...

I would say Fettuccine Alfredo but since its like 2,490 calories, I try to stay away from it

7. What is one piece of advice you'd give new mom Kate Middleton?

Keep doing what you're doing ...

I think the girl has it all together so I need to ask HER for advice in life :)

 Animated Gif on Giphy
A princess?  With everything a girl could want?... why, yes I am....

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

WHOOP WHOOP!!!  It's Birthday celebration time!  Today is my Daddy's birthday!  I had to actually pull out the calculator to figure out how old he was today.  When I saw the number, I told him, "Whooo... you're getting up there"... just what you want to hear on a birthday.  Hey, I say, as long as you keep having birthdays, its all good!

 Animated Gif on Giphy
Keep putting those candles on! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Finish...

I got up yesterday morning, made my breakfast, got in my bar stool & had all the dogs surrounding me... they don't miss a chance for a piece of dropped food.  Its like a shark tank.  With 4 dogs, you drop one piece, its a battle to see who gets it first... or is the smallest & slinkiest - which is Zoe 9 out of 10 times. 

Note to dog owners of multiple dogs... must keep scraps of food for how many dogs you have sitting around you, or you get sad dog eyes staring at you & that's never a way to start a day.

But I started out my day reading an article in my Women's Running Magazine. 

This honestly is my favorite running magazine... mainly because I too, am a woman! Surprise! :)

Its just more of a 'relaxed' running magazine.  Good advice, good nutritional advice, but doesn't make me feel bad about being a 'slow runner'... just pats you on the back for moving.

When I opened up the magazine on this morning, I turn the page & see this article

What happens if I finish dead last? .... well, hello... this is about slow runners... & that means this article is for me.

It is the story of a lady who is in the 'sweep vehicle'... the dreaded sweep vehicle.  The one that comes behind the runners & walkers & is the time cut off.  If you're not at a certain point by a certain time, they ask you to get in the van & they'll take you to the end ... & you get a whopping DNF - Did Not Finish.  Whooomp Whooommp!

But this lady is awesome because she tends to give a little grace... she'll even get out & let her assistant drive the vehicle & she'll walk with the people & talk to them, getting to know them.

These stories brought tears to my eyes... the people at the back of the line who were struggling & just wanted to finish... no matter what the time or speed was

Stories like this one above... a 80 yr old man & how he didn't care he had traffic behind him waiting for him to get off of the course.  I love his attitude - "Life would be boring if you didn't push through the unexpected" ... how awesome is that?  Perspective is amazing if you have the right kind.

There was a story of a lady who started crying when she saw the vehicle behind her, knowing she was going slow.  The driver got out & talked with her about life, to get her mind off of the pressure of being last.  They ended up passing 11 people by the finish line :)

I've said it repeatedly, the 'back of the pack' crowd is my crowd.  Its a different world then the front runners who run this thing & head out for another 13.1mile easy run right after a race.

The back is full of heart, in my opinion...

I love how this lady summed up this article

So what happens if you come in dead last?  You finish...

YES!  That's the goal - no matter what!

I read this whole article to Ricky last night - tearing up all over again at the joy of it... & his response?  I'm going to make you read this before your next race so you don't cry over your seconds off of a time...

Point taken

Keep pressing on in your own race folks!  :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* I've made it a habit to kick my weekend off with Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade ... this is like the 4th Friday in a row I've done this... not a bad habit in my opinion

* On the way home, Ricky & I tried out a RedBox ... yes, its 2013 & we've never rented from RedBox... until NOW!  I was amazed how easy it was.  My tweet is true...

* Whose Line Is it Anyways ... back on tv!!!! I laughed the entire hour.  Those guys are the funniest!

* I was on an iPod mission... spent 3 hours updating & uploading songs...Pump up the jam


* Ricky worked... which means my house got clean.  Why can I clean the house so well when he's not around?  I don't get it

* I got up early to beat the heat & get outdoors for my run instead of the treadmill... nope.  By 8 am, the humidity was already unbearable.  To the treadmill I go...

* Saw the BEST NEWS EVER on Facebook... Steven Curtis Chapman is coming here in concert November 7th... let the countdown begin!!!!

* Got a phone call from my mom that my aunt & some of my cousins were at her house... I headed over... I have so many cousins on my mom's side, I've lost count.  So this is just a smidgen in the cousin department... but I hadn't seen some of their faces in over 10 years.  Always good to connect again

The lady standing in the back on the right - she's the first grandchild out of the many that followed
... I love her so much...

* Mother Nature must have been glad our family was getting together because it turned out to be a beautiful day... the humidity dropped - the winds were blowing... it was a great afternoon

* When you have a lot of people in a family, you have people with the same name... the picture above - there are 2 Susan's in that picture... this picture?  Both Sophia's ... We also have 2 Bobby's ... Way too many Paul's... No other Rebecca's :)

* Our Buffy isn't doing too well...she's getting old (She'll be 12 on August 1st) ... she was just lazy & you can tell, not feeling well.  Ricky & I just kept loving on her all evening long.

* We watched our Redbox movie - "Beautiful Creatures" ... this is the first time I watched the movie before reading the book... but my Kindle has all 4 of the series books ready to go.  After seeing the movie, I'm ready to dig in & see how much better the story can be


* Excited to see our friends back from vacation

* Headed to Sam's Club where I was excited to get a 3 lb bag of walnuts.  I've been obsessed about putting them on top of everything lately.

*... also found a cute pair of jean jeggings... perfect for boot season in the fall & winter

* Another Starbuck's stop for another lemonade.. I'm telling you - they're awesome!

* We met with my mother in law for a birthday dinner... she cracks me up!  & is looking good for yet another birthday!

* We all went over & walked around the Peddler's Mall after eating... I love looking through some of the stuff... but leave ready to put on hand sanitizer - all over my body - when I leave.

* Ran into the cemetery to 'see' my grandparents ... every time I see the dates, I can't believe how long its been since they've been gone

* Ended the night with some TV time & watching it lightning & hearing it thunder...

Another weekend done... ready for another week to kick in!

Let's do this!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami
Friday... whoohooo!!!!
Anyone else melting?
Geez... its miserable...
I went out to walk up & down the driveway to get my FitBit count up to 10,000 - I only needed 500 more steps.  So I was out there maybe less then 5 minutes....
my skin was slick from sweat
& I was just doing a slow walk
I didn't even know skin could get so slick in that fast of a time
My mom called me saying, "You have to change your blog"
Me:  About what?
Mom:  You have down that we had your brother in our first year of marriage... we didn't.  He came 16 months after we were married.
Me:  What difference does it make?
Mom: I don't want anyone to think I 'got around'
Me:  Mom - you were married
Mom:  I just don't want anyone thinking anything bad
So in fairness not to offend anyone or anyone get the wrong idea of my mother
She had my brother 16 MONTHS into the marriage.
Married July 1964... Brother born November 1965
Whew...everyone can sleep soundly tonight
I felt like someone on Top Chef last night
There's a one pot pasta dish that has been going around on Facebook. 
Literally throw everything into a pot & let it boil together.
& then I took it one step further
I saw a recipe to take bananas that are going bad.
Mash them with 1-minute oats & then add things if you want
Walnuts, or raisins - I added the healthy Chocolate chips
(But just ordered the actually healthy cacoa powder & will use that next time)
Mix together & bake on 350 for 15-20 minutes
Ricky even said, "How much sugar is in these - they're so sweet"
Nope - no sugar - just bananas
I'm all about a healthy, easy dessert!
But is it healthy when you eat 8 of them?
Did you know the Hallmark ornaments have started to come out?
I get giddy every year at the Disney ones.
They have a Belle ornament... though I'm not a fan of it... bummer
Ricky goes to the Super Hero ones
& we always keep an eye out for the Wizard of Oz ones for my mom
The worker saw me staring at them & then told me, "Did you know you can put those on layaway?"
I had no idea...
& then couldn't believe that was an option at a Card Store
But have you seen the prices of these ornaments lately?
The Royal Baby waited to NOT be born on Camilla's birthday
Now... its time for this crown wearing babe to come on
I'm betting a girl!
I don't know what's wrong with me...
I've obsessed with Tim McGraw/Taylor Swift & Keith Urban's song
"Highway Don't Care"

... why does that bother me?
Its country!!!... I don't do country
What's HAPPENING to me!!!?!?!?!?


Back to Rock N Roll :)

There's a huge convention coming to the area - Fantom Fest
Like every geeky thing possible will be there
Including the cast from "The Walking Dead' & all sort of Sci-Fi stars

The top billing?
Stan Lee & Gene Simmons!

Ricky's little heaven right there!

But Gene Simmons?  You have to pay extra to go to all his speaking events & pay $100 for his autograph!  $100!!!!
Even Stan Lee - the creation of all things Marvel only charges $55

The funny thing?
I bet Gene STILL has a line of people paying that $100 & all the extra costs to see him

If it was Steven Curtis Chapman, I know I would :)


TV Time

The Bachlorette:  I knew my Zak wasn't going past this point.  Des has a better connection with the others... but still sad to see him go.
Drew & his sister & family? ... so touching!  I'm anxious to see why he leaves Des.
Advice for Chris - don't ever let anyone stick anything up your nose on National TV

AGT:  I just love Howie Mandell ... period

Big Brother:  I was shocked to see Jeremy leave with such class.  I'm like Helen - if he came in with that attitude, he probably would have won the thing.

Real Housewives of Orange County:  I think Lydia is the first person to make the first year transition look so smoothly.  She gets along with everyone, doesn't she?  She just reminds me of a beautiful little fairy nymph... with a fairy tale life.

 Animated Gif on Giphy
Well... maybe not a fairy tale life... 

Drop Dead Diva:  OK... so we waited how many years for Grayson to fall in love with Jane... & when she does, she rejects him?  I am getting a tad frustrated.

Still counting down to Sunday & the "Joe's" on Real Housewives of New Jersey... Bravo, if you only show 0.7 seconds of it, I'm gonna burn Andy Cohen's book


OK everyone - hope your Friday FLIES by & its full of Fantastic Fabulousnesss

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What were you doing 49 years ago?

What were you doing 49 years ago today?


I wasn't alive...

But I know what 2 people were doing this day 49 years ago...


A big Happy 49th Anniversary to my parents! ... my mom got my dad a 50 ft water hose for his gift, just in case they didn't make it to their 50th next year... ahh, the romance <3  My parents are the most awesomest parents ever! <3 Here they are a year into their marriage when my brother came along.  So young!.... Love you momma & daddy! <3 .. & Yes I know I used an excessive amount of hearts here, but we're talking 49 years of marriage <3
here they are a year into the marriage when my brother came along... they knew they didn't get it quite right, so they had one more child & knew they couldn't do any better then that :)
Oh yeahhhhh!!!! :)

Yep... my Momma & Daddy are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today!


Neil Patrick Harris makes anything better to celebrate

I need to get a picture of my momma in her wedding gown.  Beautiful.

I used to look at their wedding album over & over again when I was growing up.

I even tried on my mom's wedding dress when I was getting married.  It had yellowed, but was still a beautiful dress...

49 years together... wow....

Yippie! Yay!
Because I will use this picture over & over... its the best...

Let's look back to 1964

Tickets to a movie was $1.25

Postage stamps $0.05

Loaf of bread $0.21 (are you kidding me?)

Gallon of gas $0.30 cents ... this is getting depressing

The most powerful earthquake in US History hits Alaska at 9.2

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize

The first Ford Mustang from Ford is made

US Surgeon General reports that smoking MAY lead to lung cancer.... they were up on things back then...

Washing DC Residents are able to vote in a presidential election for the first time... you mean they weren't allowed before?  Isn't that in America?... I'm confused

Cassius Clay wins World Heavyweight championship

The Boston Stranger is captured

Average House Price is $3,360 ... that is the price of my 3rd car...

Two awesome people went to the chapel & got married.... YEAHHHHH!!!!!

Happy Amy
I hope my mom did this dance at the reception

So let's give a big SHOUT OUT to my parents...


Next up... the big 5-0!!!!

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