Wednesday, June 30, 2021

What's up Wednesday (06.30.21}


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What We're Eating This Week

Anything that we dont have to turn the oven on.
That's one thing we dont need is more heat cranking in this place!

What I'm Reminiscing About
After seeing our Grands & how much they grew since we saw them last, I've been looking back at pictures & seeing them when they were so tiny.  Julie had found a video of Luke standing for the first time here & its crazy to remember them all so small & snuggly.

Seriously - where does the time go?

What I'm Loving
Still working from home.
I'm taking full advantage of sleeping in till 7am.  ... when I have to start waking up at 5:30am again, I'm going to be a grumpy, miserable old bear. Dont say I didnt warn you.

What We've Been Up To
Trying to stay cool. 
Nothing really more exciting than that.... what a fuddy-duddy we are.

What I'm Dreading
I'm going back to the endodontist again next week.  He keeps trying to see if the ligament will heal in there before doing work (AGAIN) on it... I dont know what the answer is. I've been dealing with this since March & its giving me all the anxiety.  

Plus, I have another root canal tooth that has to be redone (this was my first root canal done over 30 years ago - so this one, is kinda expected) but I'm feeling like I've had so many issues with this tooth, am I going to have more issues with this OTHER tooth? 

I'm pretty sure if I end up in hell, its just going to be non-stop dental work.

What I'm Working On
I've been doing some knitting recently! Look at me!
Yep - it still aggravates my bicep tendonitis so I can only do so much at a time.... 
& you may have seen how disheartening it was when I found THIS mess after working for a few weeks on a project. .... sigh....

If 2020 hasnt taught me anything, it showed me to move on.
I just threw it all away, didnt look back  - & grabbed another skein of yarn & started another new project.

What I'm Excited About
My new Cold Brew maker I got on Amazon Prime day.
I've  been wanting it for awhile & when it was on sale - I gave it go - in a Treat Yo Self moment.

Well now - I want another one because its awesome - & I want to have another batch 'brewing' when I get low in another pitcher.  

What I'm Watching / Reading
I'm reading Malibu Rising & really enjoying it so far. I keep reading a lot of people aren't overly thrilled with it - I'm half way through & no complaints.

As for Watching - I've been going through the Real Housewives of Potomac.
I never watched that before so started at Season 1 & now am up to Season 5.

Gizelle CRACKS ME UP... & I think Monique, the one on the end on the right  - is just the most beautiful woman! I love her relationship with her husband & her kids are so cute too.  I'm really enjoying this show & glad to be nearly caught up.

What I'm Listening To
Per usual - with my love of Real Housewives I've been all about my What What Crappens. I honestly never tire of this podcast.  

& of course, with the Bachelorette starting up - I'm all about all the recap shows on that too.
I'm basically doing nothing for my brain.

Side note... anyone else SO EXCITED Heather is coming back???

What I'm Wearing
I honestly just laughed.. like really laughed.
I'm still in comfy shorts & big tee shirts.
Living the LIFE!
When I have to put on "real" clothes on a normal basis.... my waist is going to literally cry real tears.
or sweat... one in the same.

What I'm doing this Weekend
Reading outside baby!!!!
Like - I'm looking forward to it - we're getting a break in the weather & I'm so excited to sit in the sun & not melt!!!! I may even take a walk this weekend!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
... we have no plans so nothing I can think of.

What Else is New
So... mom is back in the hospital.
Friday, before our NashFam got here, I got a call from mom's friend that she was found once again on the floor & 911 had to be called.  That's the 5th time just this year.
I'm pretty sure they see my number pop up & are ready to say, "Hey Rebecca"
Mom made it home this time for 8 days... waiting to see what the doctors have to say.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The weekend we got to FINALLY see the NashFam!


How are those faces to start a post?

Happy Monday Tuesday! 
I know I'm a day behind but I was super tired Sunday night because I didnt sleep hardly at all on Saturday evening & after the gang left, I was ready to take a bath & get in bed.  So I'm a day behind.

& let me know if you cant see pictures in this. With Google Photo making changes, I'm trying new ideas of storing pictures - I've had it before where I see pics on my end, but when others see my blog, they can't - so let me know if you see all the pics.

Regardless.... this past weekend was just crazy... we had ACTUAL PEOPLE stay at our house - HAHA. That's a new one!  It's felt like forever since we saw our NashFam & honestly, it kinda has. It was February 2020 was the last time they were up here.  Then the world shut down the next month.  I never thought it would be over a year we would see them.

They were going to come up Memorial weekend, but that's when COVID hit Julie again & got all the boys... COVID once again changing up all the plans for us.

Everyone is recovered & well & now, we have ALL had COVID - except for Julie's husband - & he's vaccinated - so we were finally good to have a visit.  

HOW MUCH HAVE THESE BOYS GREW???? It wont be long that the 2 oldest will be as tall as me.


They are such little teenagers now.  The oldest actually IS a teenager now - (GASP!!! I KNOW!)... & the middle one is right on the heels. He totally is a Pre-teen in every sense of the word.  Last time they were up, he was all about helping Pappy in the barn with the horses - this time?  He wasn't too excited to get in the barn - he'd just hang out & feed the horses treats instead.

The youngest is still about his game playing... & I love a game player. I'm here for all of the fun. I remember growing up playing games my whole life.  Its fun when I actually get to break out my old games I used to have when I was a kid - seriously, the same games from the 70's.  Sometimes hoarding is cool.

Here's the boys playing with my original Connect Four

Some serious WAR action

The youngest also has his Pappy's love for animals. All the boys do - but William, he is a dog magnet. They love him so much. It got so bad, Saturday night, William even said, "I'm so tired of playing with the dogs"  - they won. I thought for sure he'd wear the dogs out - especially Ozzie. Nope - Ozzie just played & played & played.  I was anxious to see how he was going to do with the activity - he was William's friend from the first minute he walked in the house.

William trying to escape Ozzie

William has always had a way of being so sweet with the older dogs too. Last time he was here, he was so gentle &caring of Bruno.... This time, he was Miss Zoe's little friend. Watching her & letting me know if anything seemed wrong with her or if she needed something. She usually runs from people - but she didnt mind him being around.

We're still not doing a lot of indoor activities or going around a lot of crowds, but we had wonderful weather to go sit outside to eat dinner & enjoy a breeze... & ice cream.

We had intentions of playing miniature golf, but I forgot to open the door for the dogs so we had to come home. It worked out fine anyways because we had some corn hole games going for the rest of the night.

Julie & I even got in the action after the boys got tired of the game. We did pretty good too! GIRL POWER!

It really was a relaxed visit... I enjoyed catching up with Julie & having some conversations about the past year & just relaxing & having someone to chat with besides Hubby - LOL.  We had some really nice weather where we could sit outside most of the weekend & I told her, welcome to my life - this is what I've been doing for the past year & a half. #truestory

The boys were asking when they were coming back as they were packing up & I'm keeping all the fingers crossed there's no other world crisis to keep everyone apart again. geez. Who would have ever thought.  Just glad we had the weekend together because school is starting back in a few weeks (to the moans of the boys) & we'll be back into Fall before you know it.  

Found this picture after they left...

& love that I get to capture moments of them growing up... because you blink & it happens so fast.

I wish I would have had seen the pic before & I would have switched Julie & Steve then it would have been a perfect fast forward picture.  

As Julie said, next time - they probably all wont be able to fit on that bench any longer. ... gotta go find a bigger one .

How was your weekend?

Do your kids love animals?

Do you love to sit outside & eat?

Can you see all my pics?

Friday, June 25, 2021

Friday Favorites


Click Pic for Link

Favorite Entry Organizer

There are pictures of this used in living rooms & bedrooms as organizers for clothes or blankets.
I really like the idea of using it in a bedroom to lay out clothes for the next morning - no panic dressing when trying to get out of the door.

Favorite Kid Fort

As a kid, I would have LOVED this - instead of breaking out all the blankets & tables & trays to make a fort.. & this pops up to put in the house or out in the yard. 
I think my dogs would love the tunnels too - LOL Agility training at its finest

Favorite Coffee Mug

Favorite Twist Tie

These are rubber! Perfect way to wrap up cords or keep things together without those plastic ties.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast Candle

This is in the new Princess line at Target & this one is for Belle

Favorite Shoes

I didnt know Tom's made heels!

Favorite Key Chain

Favorite Garbage can

I need this for our bathroom.  Ozzie is obsessed with getting tissue out of the garbage can & eating it. EWWW!!!  This will be a life saver... literally - for Ozzie

Favorite Funnies

... every time my dogs do something cute

.... every morning when I open up my black out curtains

... me when I finish my work week

... & of course

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thankful Thursday #316


This week I am Thankful for:

Grocery Store Reunion
I was so happy to go to the grocery & see one of my old HSM ladies working & checking me out. It was great to chat it up & hear how life has been for her over the past year.  To think the girls are SENIORS this coming year & they're driving, holding down jobs & looking at colleges - crazy!!!!

Hair Day
Never will be sad about a day to get rid of the gray!

Got Mom home
Mom had enough of the rehab center she was in & decided she would do better at home. I was able to get her home without any issues & got her back in her abode.  She is a Wizard of Oz fan so feeling the No Place Like Home like never before.

I've been loving going through old magazines & finding clippings to glue into my daily planner. It's making it so fun & beautiful - unique too. You see a lot of the same stickers in planners, but this is a whole new fun & easy way to make my planner look so fun - I need to make my post on this for next month of some of the spreads I've done.

Horse Help
On our designated days of taking care of the horses - it worked out so well when my brother said he'd do one of the days & Hubby went & did the other day without my help. I've  hurt  my lower back & I was so anxious to think how I was going to life those buckets of water.  This gives me another week to heal up.

Humidity Break
We have been feeling summer... but we got a really nice few days where it was just lovely for summer days. I took full advantage & stayed outside as much as I could & as long as I could.  Take advantage of those long summer nights.

Tell  me something good about your week

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